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This page is an OFFICIAL CLASS page.

It contains important info about this class.

Official Classes Unofficial Classes

Combat Style: Melee
Combat Rating: Very Strong
Magic Style: None
Magic Rating: Inept
Preferred Races: Human
Preferred Alignment: Any Neutral
Allowed Races: Race-Class Table
Preferred Weapon(s): Sword, Lance
Skills: Beserk, Stunning Blow, Concentrated Blow
Skill Weapon: Melee
Skill Centers: Warrior's Training Grounds


Knights are another variation of the warrior class. More noble and disciplined than the average warrior, Knights very often begin service to their Kingdom at a young age, progressing from a page, to squire, and finally to an expert Knight. Knights are unyielding in their allegiance and will fight to the last breath for whomever they have chosen to serve. All knights are lawful, but whether that is good or evil is dependent upon both the individual and the Kingdom they devote their lives to.

Fighting Style

Knights, much like warriors, spend countless years honing their battle craft. Beginning at a young age as mere page boys running errands and doing odd jobs around the castles of their home kingdoms, they are they chosen as squires under a veteran Knight until they are deemed ready for service. During this time, they become intimately familiar with many devices of death, including but not limited to swords, spears, halberds, axes and the more exotic weapons such as the spine-chilling morning star. Blending together strength and prowess, they make forceful, clean blows to disarm and destroy enemies of the empires they serve. Many Knights are known to ride into battle upon warhorses, often needing only a single blow to maim or kill an enemy soldier as they pass. Almost all Knights wear armor, be it chainmail or sturdy plate, sacrificing agility to take a strike against their armor and deliver a crushing counterblow.

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