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This is a list of all the Duels currently loaded. A duel is a judged combat between individual fighters, usually, but not always, one-on-one.

To provide some standardization, the naming convention for pages should be: Duel:Name1 v Name2

Name1 should be the alphabetically lower name. Put a ', #' after the end if there is more than one fight between these two characters. So a sample page would be: Duel:Alpha v Gamma, and the second fight between these two would be Duel:Alpha v Gamma, 2

If the duel is a Death Duel, put (DD) at the end of the page name.

Other RPs could be in these categories:

  • Battle Logs - for large-scale battles using NPC armies or troops.
  • Fight Logs - for non-duel fights, including spars and brawls.
  • RP Logs - for non-combat RPs of any sort.


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