Duel:Azlue v Kasyr

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Azlues Judge: Rumiko

Mid: Ardan

Kasyrs Judge: Cuki

Gualon/ Arena Room Description:The scent of sweat mixed with blood wafts through the air, filling your nostrils with a stench so overpowering that you stop in your tracks. The flooring is made of a loose compound of crushed rock and sand, an easy mixture to make and cover up whatever horrors lie beneath it as you notice you walk up a slight incline every few feet. The high spiked walls surrounding this enclosed arena are stained with crimson, azure, and other various tones from all the diverse creatures that have met their death or lost a limb or two. Ragged clothing, blemished with drips of blood hang from a random spike as cowardly foes tried to escape, only to meet their end in a gruesome fashion from unruly crowds. A mysterious orb is locked within a crystal ball atop a single pillar to the extreme north, its effects known as you remember seeing a plaque upon your entrance: No Magic Allowed. In a cage to the north, you notice a creature gripping onto a barred door, eagerly waiting to escape though appearing as if he could do so at anytime. To the south lay a similar enclosure, but with a different monster letting out a repulsive cry as it waits for battle. This is the arena. Victors and losers are born here. Turn back, or step up to the challenge

20:15, 20 November 2007 (CST)20:15, 20 November 2007 (CST)20:15, 20 November 2007 (CST)~~ Azlue sits with in one of the chairs, of the empty arena. The vampire holding his sword in his hand as he pulls a clinder from his mouth, a cloud of smoke escaping his lips as he throws down the rolled tabaco leaf down. Upon seeing the other combatent enter, the vampire leaps from his chair. Landing a good few distance from the human. His sword allready in his hand the illusionist points it directy at his throat " Good luck rebel" The vampire turns the blade so that it is pointing down tward the ground below. With a powerfull push the vampire thrusts the sword into the soil below. Moments pass as the ground begins to rumble seconds later a pillar of flame shoots up near the entrence to the arena. As the pillar falls the ground begins to shake quite violently this time as 12 more pillars of flame shoot up. The first 6 creating a small circle around Kasyr. The remaining 5 shooting up in various locations inside the ring of fire, while the last shoots up inches from male.

Kasyr || Drama was lost on the tiefling for the most part, his entrance into the arena having been without any noticeable bit of glamour or fanfare- his purpose being distinctly his own- only barely aligned with that of the tourney in all reality. Still, once Azlues theatrics had begun and the veritable attack commenced, he wasn't exactly thankful. The first pillar of flame is noted, causing the tieflings attention to veer away from his foe- apparently, the device which disabled magic had apparently been rigged. Leave it to the empire to fix a match. That observation didn't consume his attention however, the rumbling within his vicinity noted with the realisation that something quite akin to that little display was about to occur. And occur it did a veritable prison of flame forming about him and leaving him very little choice when a secondary tremor denoted more to invariably be called forth and roast him alive. Thus, with all haste did he crouch forth, tucking his head down and drawing armoured trenchcoat about his body before the invariable leap -into- the wall of flame, taking the damage that the subsiding flames would do with nary more than an almost feral growl- his dive turning quite hastily into a roll to beat up what flames which had decided to cling to his clothes. Fingers loosely grasping at the mixture of rock and stone that littered the arena, he pushed himself to his feet, staggering only momentary before what could only be described as a lunatic dash commenced. Hunched forth, he ran straight forth towards Azlue, no weapon drawn, only hands clenched at other side as the distance 'twixt the two became rapidly inexistant by which point his left hand was lashed forth, and the dust formerly held in his hand was tossed towards the vampires eyes, a nuisance to be sure, as well as a distraction for when he carried forth with the motion, effectively jutting his elbow towards the mans face. All that was then left to do was lock his arm in position by clasping his hands together, and he simply would move into an improvised body check, hopefully bashing the fiend down and granting himself the time to slip both hands into the sleeves of his trenchcoat.

Azlue watches as the man jumps though the ring he had set up. A slight mocking "Awww" left his lips as the ground extinguished the flames. As the human began to charge toward the vampire. He quickly draws the sword from the ground below as crumbles of dirt fall from the blade. A slight chuckle leaves his mouth as he takes stance to be charge lowering his sword in attempt to swipe up. As the dirt is thrown into his eyes. The vampire quickly drops the blade bringing his hands up to his eyes wiping dirt from his vision. Only to catch the sight of an elbow closing in. The illusionists eyes in fact cross before impact as the elbow comes into contact with the vampires nose. The vampires head is thrown back as his neck makes slight cracking noise. Re-adjusting his head the vampire wipes his nose again; his blood shot, and tear-filled eyes glare at the knight in front of him. With out even thinking the vampire balls his right hand into a fist as he pulls his arm back. Then with a slight bit of rage the Vampire thrusts his fist forward in hopes of damaging the humans nose.

Kasyr hadn't much choice or chance to have made any motion to pull back from the start of what could have been a decisive slash, so it was a damn good thing his ploy had functioned so well. Now left with but an oncoming fist, he quite simply did the first thing that popped into his head- which was using it. Ducking his body down slightly, he quite abruptly lunged his head forth- effectively butting his skull into the fist with all intentions of breaking it- whether that worked or not, he would be left with a rather nasty ringing in his head, not to mention the now bleeding gash which was threatening to seep into his eyes. Rather then waste the time to wipe it away however, priorly hidden hands finally make themselves seen, the cacophonous hissing of his cursed blade bringing attention to his weapon as fingers of his left tightened upon the hilt and drew it forth in a sudden blur of black; using the rapidly growing gap caused by his own backwards shuffling (away from the fist he'd banged his head on) to slash upwards and hopefully gut Azlue like a turkey - something which was rather appropriately followed by an awkward stumble forth, sword then heaved forth to plunge into the vampires gut and stuff him like aforementioned poultry.

Azlue pulls his arm back quickly, as he feels the colision of his fist and something. Unsure as to what the vampire lunghes his fist foward once again though only stiking air. The illusionists eyes open wide as he attempts to find his oponent. Un able to see anything the vampire brings his hands up to his eyes once again wipeing away the build up of tears. The thrusts his right hand down removing remaining water. Opening his eyes he see's the oncomming slice and in hopes of evaiding it backs away quickly. Tears still blocking his vision makeing him unable to see the oncomming plunge. Which hits a direct target piercing the vampires skin. Takeing a quick gasp of air the vampire reaches around to his back and pulls out a dagger from behind him. With a wild swing he brings the dagger out to his far right, as an unkown pain causes him to open his hand dropping the dagger to the arena floor still commited the vamipire swings his open hand holding no weapon. In the same fasion as if the blade was still in his hand and he attempted to cut open the humans throat.

Kasyr's offkilter stance did nothing to spare him from everything that was happening- and the unforunate lack of depth perception formed by his own blood seeping into one eye and forcing him into a furious set of blinking effectively all but set him up for Azlue's slash; which had seemingly turned into something of a chop of the hand. Unable to predict the impact either way, the tiefling simply did as impulse told him, the as of yet unaccounted for right hand finally rising to interpose his sheathe just to the side of his head, effectively intercepting the strike of hand with nary more than a sore welt by his own scabbard bouncing off his head. No further attacks coming his way however, the Sheathe was then discarded, relinquished immediately so he could lash his right arm out and promptly grab at Azlues wrist, rather abruptly tugging that arm towards him whilst taking a step back, to see if he can force the vampire into stumbling towards him. If it all functioned, he'd abruptly make one more pull upon an already stumbling foe, before abruptly dashing past him (and effectively wrenching his sword free of the mans flesh with a twist), with every intention to pivot upon a heel and slam Gospel through the vampires back, along where the mans spine was, in all truth. "I never did forget, tu where the one who mocked when Terra was sent to hell- Found out who tu were, and everything."

Azlue begins to stumble forward in an almost drunken manner. The vampire lets out a small grunt as the sword is pulled from his newly created wound, a small bit of blood begins to trickle out of the vampires mask, perhaps from the shot to the nose earlier, the vampires sense of direction kicks. He hears the words coming from his opponent then turns his head, a small bit of laughter leaving his mouth, "Oh really, did she also tell you about the farmer that died at her hands?" Obviously lying, the vampires words go interrupted as the blade pierces though his skin. The vampire falling to the ground below as a large amount of blood begins to stain his cloths, some leaking out from the tear created by the sword

((Ooc Notice: Cue Fatality)) Kasyr's eyes narrowed noticeably upon the vampires final words, barely wasting any time after the man had collapsed to the ground to take a last few steps towards him. Placing his left foot unto the fallen creatures back, he simply took in one deep breath before abruptly settling all his weight on that foot and slamming his right into the Azlue's ribs repeatedly, pausing only once, when hands shot up to clutch at him. "Lying Bastard!" Fury, righteous indignation- it didn't matter what the rage he was feeling carried as a name, all that mattered was that he gave into it, those hands which clutched upon him knocked aside with ease; so great the wrath he felt. Stepping back, one final kick to Azlues ribs was given, enough force that a resounding crack was heard and the man was rolled onto his back. "...Long Live the Ascendi-be-damned empire! May Vuryal Meet up with you in Hell." Then he was moving forth, ramming Gospel into the mans shoulder so that he was stilled long enough for one booted foot to be lifted up and crushed down onto the vampires face; crushing it in a mess of gore, bone and grey matter. "..And I do believe- this covers something left unfinished since my days with Kanos, et all."

~Winner, Kasyr

((Second ooc notice: Cue massive gold and item drop...no exp though, damnit! Wheres the traditional rpesque drop of loot?))

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