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Duel:Batair v Ginger

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Setting: Gildrain's Barbers and Dentistry practice

Judge: Warren


Batair notices the massive blood stained chair and realizes that he has no idea why this would be a good idea. At first glimpse he expected this small chamber was a chaotic hell hole filled with random acts of gratuitous violence, but a seconds notice he confirmed this was a place of torture. His light grey hues dance with caution for each furthering step the Werewolf takes, the more it reminds him of the those scary fictional tomes he read as a child. It was dark, too dark for him to see beyond the single flicker of the amber glow of the one candle. Sweat beads from his brow as anxiety begins to span within the ever shifting movements of the unknown dwelling creature or creatures .It is this moment he decides it would be a good idea to unsheathe his thin broad sword. It wasn't the best blade in the world but if attacked it would render effective. You would think that this room would be silent, however that wasn't the case. If it was silent then it wouldn't be as creepy. He kept reminding himself. "What is the that god awful sound?" He mutter nervously under his breath. The sound was of eerie quality and resembled a humming nature, much like a bee or hummingbird. This was enough to cause mania within the human formed were. The noise flooded his mind causing it to play tricks on location. Quickly he cocks his blade in upward motion. "Show yourself!" He pleaded with the darkness. With swift frantic swings he juts the blade to from clanking it on floor, then the wall, then a metal table causing sparks to light the room for a fraction of a second. It is only then when he sees it. The Sprite like creature of in the abysmal visage. " You!" the only word he could muster as Warrior charges the small creature his blade hanging over his head in an battlesk way. When he get close enough he attempt to bat the sprite in hopes of rendering it unconscious or death.

Ginger had planned to simply take T'ots to get his first haircut, and have her tooth looked at. Obviously, this place was the best choice. The razor for trimming beards would be perfect for trimming the young, badly battered boy, as well as digging at the ivory roots in Ginger's mouth. Her entry yielded the expected reactions: screams from the last "patient" and a sigh of relief from Gildrain. Seldom does a patient show up on time for an appointment. T'ots struggled to get free, not liking the place one bit. Ginger tosses him into the chair, and holds him down. A spark from another area of the room draws her attantion long enough for T'ots to renew his struggles, the ugly green pixie shoves him to force him down and close with the furry assailant. The child falls into the candle, knocking it into the half empty flagon of Fertangle's best. The conflagration is negligible for now. Our favorite pixie protagonist is busy launching herself at her opponent. She stops, and allows Batair to finish his lunge, but darts to the side at the last moment. The blade passes just inches from her small body, but it might as well have been miles. Her tiny fist darts for the wolf's eye with tight procision. Her shout of, "Punch him face. . ." is followed close behind by T'ots throwing the now blaring bottle away from himself, conveniently toward the fighting duo.

Batair had no choice to come back to his senses for he was now being tag teamed by two creatures. He had to selectively choose his focus. The child or the faye? He instantly ruled in the favor of Ginger,beside he wasn't going to hit a child,especially if it wasn't his. The dart like pixie that was racing towards his eye was priority though now that she was visible he smirked. "Afraid of a pixie, I'll be." The were now smirk with a growing amount of confidence, even though he realized he could be in potential trouble. Expeditiously he erects his Dented tower, Mooting the little winged beast would surpass the simple defense. It is only then a clank of a bottle strikes the side of his helm. Glass shards explode like a fire work on national Hind day causing the large statured man to buckle to his knees. " You little grunt!" He scolded harshly to the small child. " I've killed for less!" Now glaring at the child. It was clear this so called T'ots was a factor once again. The Were pushes himself back to his feet and attempts to round house the child letting all this morals and ethics leave with his sanity. If the child would happen to be struck by this heavy blow it could do some damage. It he missed The attack would just embarrass the Warrior more.

Ginger slams into the shield, knocking herself silly. As her focus blurs, so does T'ots, obviously. The fist goes through the misty form of the imaginary boy. Ginger shifts her attack to a more brutal one, less physical. "T'ots. . .bite'im!!" The child forms into a goblin-face and closes his point face-mouth on the man's arm, intent on munching and crunching. A very concussed Ginger staggers closer to her opponent, not wanting T'ots to be hurt. . .unless she's the one doing the hurting. Gildrain's smiles begins to fade. Looks like this appointment would be late as well. Ginger leaps onto Batair's back and climbs fast, like a male minotaur running from a dairy farmer. The small pixie flips herelf onto the warrior's shoulder and grabs his ear, intent on biting. The flames from the makeshift molotov cocktail follow the two soaked combatants, chasing the drips of hard whiskey. The temperature is rising. Passersby begin shouting, "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire." Panic spreads, and chaos ensues.

Batair whelps in pain as the razor sharp snaggle tooth burrows into his flesh. A few gospel words of profanity escape the lycan's mouth as the the child now latched to his arm like a small dog. He rattles his the limb desperately trying to rid himself of the leech. It still remains ineffective. This was now not the only problem in his arsenal of mishaps. The pixie latches on his ear and gnarls at it like it was a pork rind. Not only was he being chewed on by a family of freaks the place was now engulfed in flames. His grey optics role in disappointment of his life. Was he really to die in the maelstrom of chaos? The answer was no, or so at least he thought to himself. His plan was more morbid then anticipated,but if he could pull it off, it would be devastating to both the child and the mother. Batair drops his sword causing a minor clank on the ground. Now with a free hand he inches toward his boot where a more crude and sinister weapon lays. Teeth grind more and more causing blood to seep from both wounds. He would be luck to make out of this with and ear. Finally his finger get to the implement he hopes can free him of this mauling. A rusty old dagger. His hopes if done well is to remove the child's head and hit ginger with the headless corpse. What could be more horrific to the mother then the loss of her child. With ever once of strength left in the Man he plunges the knife downward at the child's neck and mutters "Here we go!"

Ginger doesn't even miss a beat. She ignores the flames, and releases the ear, dropping herself into the raging inferno that now engulfed the dentist's office. The green pixie jumps into the chair and grabs the body of her only child, the one who escaped the dinner plate. Yes, Ginger ate all the children, except T'ots. T'ots was now being used as a bludgeoning weapon. Ginger grins malevolently, despite the flames covering her blistering and bubbling skin. "Just like old times, eh, T'ots?" The pixie holds the decapitated corpse over her head and beats at Batair, hopefully hard enough that he goes away. Somewhere along the line she yells to Gildrain, "You still gotta give him a haircut, I already paid." The head is retrieved by the Barber and Dentist, carefully so as not to be hit himself. The crowd outside debates whether to put out the fire. Fortunately, former "patients" disuade everyone. "We don't need no water, let the Barber/Dentist burn. Burn, Barber/Dentist!!! Burn!!!"

Batair simply watches as the child body slams into his face like a ham to chef Buala Rean, the naga from Cenril. It made contact knocking him on to his back The sound not easily described as pleasant but more bittersweet. The were was free and need to escape before the place collapsed. "There's no shame in fleeing with me." He spoke regretfully to the childless mother. Makes his way through the flumes of thick black smoke crawling towards the only visible exit.

Ginger sits in the chair, waiting for Gildrain to finish the haircut. "Don't forget, I need my tooth fixed, too." Gildrain runs out of the building, shouting, "Mad woman!! Mad woman!!" The crowd quickly close on him and maul him good. Ginger demands a refund.