Duel:Atrox v Larwyn

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Duelists: Atrox vs. Larwyn
Duel: Traditional 3 posts each, with final defense. 15 minute posting limit.
Stakes: 7K Gold and a Custom.
Judges: Kovl, Alphonz

Atrox walks into the area, a grin of grins on his face. And I mean - what a grin! The man looks to be the happiest of campers, if a camper he was of course... Why is he so happy you ask? Well! The fellow has found the most lovely hive of honey bees! Ah, the sweet honey he is certain to soon be feasting upon! The hive hangs from the hook on the hermit's fishing pole and swings back and forth as he walks. He whistles a tune as he saunters along, practically skipping with delight. Ah, yes, skipping with delight! This is an act most dangerous it turns out, especially when one is walking through the forest with a hive of bees... Not paying attention, the man's bare foot is hooked by one of the out-jutting branches that decorate the woodland floor. With wide eyes and a loud cry, the hermit finds himself careening to the dirty forest ground - though dirt is the last worry of this particular fellow, for it certainly appears as though he hasn't bathed in days, perhaps if ever. No, dirt is of little worry - but the bees! Oh my god! The bees! Yes, the bees are certainly a worry, as the hive crashes to the floor and the swarm rises into the air like a stinging cloud of painful death! Oh help us all! The bees initially charge toward the hermit and as he opens his mouth to scream, a group of the insects fly into his mouth. "No! He screams! Not the bees! They're getting in my mouth!" But this is only the half of it, of half the bees that is, for deciding that the man's mouth can hold no more of their stinging death, the creatures then swarm towards the next-nearest person - Larwyn! Oh! The bees! They speed through the air, stingers ready, malicious intent harnessed within their little bee-faces. The swarm nears the woman as the hermit tries to get to his feet. It would be quite a sight hilarious if the man's screams were not so piercing... Already his face has swollen up, as if he has gone twelve rounds with the champ himself. Readying his fishing pole, the hermit swings the tool over his head, casting the line forward. The hive itself flies toward the women, following closely behind its prior inhabitants. The hermit carefully treads as he moves now - lightfooted-like - for he has already been stung by bees, so now he will float like a butterfly... Indeed!

Larwyn made her way, her footsteps light through the forest while her tainted red hues look about the area, Larwyn halts her continuing nature as she hears the human's steps coming a bit closer into range. A slight irritated expression passing over her face as she finally sees the human, she was trying to avoid her break of diet and obtain from consuming human blood but the fact was she was kind of hungry… As she continued to observe the human her brow slightly lifted in pure amazement at the attack from the bees on the man, his words slightly alarming but overall leaving the vampiric elf wondering the intelligence of the human. "What are yo-" She begins to say but is cut off as she realizes that the bees had not only taken target on the man but herself as well. While several bees make their way towards her, few actually reach her and piercing her skin with their stingers. Small flinches are all that take place since her blood lay cold and still inside her. Larwyn lets out a rather angry growl while taking notice of the hive coming towards her, walking towards the oncoming bullet of a have, she spreads her sharpened claws and tears through the hives, honey sticking to her nails and hand. Trampling off from the diminished pieces of a hive she finds herself closer to the human, her annoyance quite clear towards him for his reckless behavior. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Larwyn asked through gritted teeth, her fangs bearing themselves at the human as she took aggressive several steps towards him. She grabbed him rather violently but the nape of his shirt and shook him quite outrageously while screaming obscenities at him, her nails digging into the man neck, her lack of attention sure to pierce through a sever artery if she were to continue for much longer.

Atrox is wide-eyed and in clear shock from the craziness of the bees! The creatures continue to sting his mouth-hole, a feeling most terrible, as only you can imagine. Oh the bees! Still dazed, and severely swollen, the man hardly notices the vampiress approach him, and before he can respond, he feels the sharp pain of claws upon his neck! 'Oh no!' the hermit thinks, 'This is certain to be a fate far worse than mouth-bees!' The woman continues to shake him, demanding answers, but the fact of the matter is that the man's bee-stings have made it quite impossible for him to speak! Opening his mouth to speak, the hermit only produces guttural noises, and as he does so, bees fly from his mouth. These mouth-bees pour forth, like a plague upon the air, and as Larwyn is the first thing seen as they are produced from the wet dark cavern in which they only moments inhabited, the aim their attack at the woman's face! Oh no! Face bees! This is not the only happening produced by the hermit's agitated state - oh no! For the family of spiders living within the man's beard can feel his panick, and as such, pour from out the matted hair, and as they do so it appears they grow in size, scurrying down his chinny-chin-chin and unto the woman's hands which rest upon his frame. This lady best watch out! For the spiders have begun to bare their fangs, and they begin their attempt at attack! Are they poisonous? Probably! Bees and spiders oh my! Watch out, here comes the pain... Literally a pain in the neck, as the woodland fellow has begun to bleed from those claws which press into his skin. Can his arachnid and insectiod friends save him? Only time will tell!

Larwyn grows even more exasperated from the oncoming events, first bees and now spiders? Did this man ever bathe?! As the bees made their way towards her face, she released one hand to be free from gripping into the man's neck in order to swat the bees away. Although swiping them away did not exactly make the bees happy but more excitable towards wanting to attack her. Taking several blows to the face and neck region, Larwyn finally dropped the human completely, landing him on the ground in front of her while she now tackled spiders as well as bees. While the bees were dying off from the stings killing themselves, swollen areas began to arise on her somewhat pale skin- only somewhat due to the smashing of spider against her skin. While some spiders may have sunk their fangs into her skin, their poison swelling underneath the bites marks, most were destroyed by the pounding of her fist against them, her whacks against herself also leaving marks. The bees continued to swarm around them as she lowered herself to the ground, closer towards the human, thwacking more insects off of her while doing so… she started pulled the human back towards her. The poison from the insects taking a slight toll on her and aggravating her senses. Her eyes quickly found the main artery on the man's neck and thought of a sure way to boost her healing and sensitivity. Larwyn reached towards the man, coming from behind, while her fanged showed themselves again and brought themselves down for hopeful contact against skin.

Atrox drops to the ground in a dust cloud - it is difficult to tell if the ground was indeed this dusty, or if some of the dust produced emanates from the man himself. Coughing due to the agitating cloud, the man forces the last of the bees from his mouth as he sits on the ground rather dazed. His face is real horror-show now, it is hard to tell what part is which, all swollen like it is. In fact, only one eye can see much at all. Blinking this eye, a tear rolling down his cheek, the man attempts to scurry to his feet and prepare himself for the woman's second onslaught. Another tear rolls down the hermit's face, and though it first seems as if the man is crying from pain, it becomes clear that it is instead a sorrow created by the woman's smashing of his beloved spiders. "They are only children!" the hermit attempts to yell, but this words come out as ugly sounds, his tongue far too swollen to form any sort of syllable. Before he can ready himself or attempt to flee, the man is once again grabbed by the huntress, and soon her breath his felt near his neck. The man shivers, and as he does so, bits of leaves and dirt fall from his matted hair and beard... perhaps not only dirt and leaves... white debris falls from the man's dirty hair as well... Is that... Bird poop? Oh, the horror! The poop descends upon the woman... Will it land within her opened mouth!? For the love of mouths! This is certainly a bad day for said orifice... The poop is not the only thing charging at the woman however, for from the forest comes the sound of stamping hooves. Ah! The savior as come!--though, the creature is certainly not the clean, white-shining savior most think of when they think of said archetype... Nor is it really of the image one would think when they think of majestic unicorns... But it is, it is indeed a unicorn folks, a unicorn as dirty as its hermit-companion. Tyler charges toward the two combatants, his horn protruding forward, a wicked lance of doom aimed straight toward the woman's stomach. Oh yeah - stuff just got real. Oh what gore will follow?!

Larwyn 's hands feel grimy as she holds the human close her, she heard the ridiculous words coming from his swollen mouth or at least some of the words. Children? Has this man lost all of his sanity? Larwyn eyes did remain open during her assumed attack; she did however take notice of the disgusting while fluid dripping towards his neck, before the substance touch her lips the vampiress pushed the grubby man a few feet from her. While what would be a marvelous scene of a unicorn appeared only to shock her: which was clearly the ugly cousin of such wonderful creature. Where did these revolting creatures come from? Larwyn was able to stand in time to meet a few inches from the attacking unicorn, just in time to grab the beast's head, yanking it sideways as the horn attached to its head made a rather clean rip into her side. A pained grunt came from her and she forced the unicorn's head down shoving the body away long enough to find some steady ground. While catching a moment of clean air away from the grungy man, she analyzes the situation for a brief moment, while her hand stuck to her wound to cover it from bleeding even more. Making her way towards the man once more she looks as though she is coming off as an attacker but merely looking for a suitable shield. Ducking quickly behind the human, she picks him up by his rugged waist and shoulders, holding in him front of the beast if it were to attack it would surely hurt the human before herself.

Atrox lets out a deformed yell as he again falls to the forest floor. Running his swollen tongue over now-gargantuan lips, the man blinks the only eye he can see out of. With his head spinning, likely from his most recent fall--for when he tumbled his head did strike a rock--the man hardly has time to recover before he is lifted from the ground. Still confused as to where he is, the man attempts to let out another shout, which is little but effective. In the meanwhile, Tyler lets out a guttural horse-sound followed by a deep grunt from coming to crash on the forest floor. For a moment, it almost seems that the unicorn has been incapacitated, for it lays upon the ground long enough for the woman to make her way toward the reeling hermit. The dirt-crusted, matted-maned beast stirs from its place upon the forest floor, a unicorn rage enkindled within his equine eyes. Letting out a brutal snort, the horse shakes his head as if shaking off the seeing of stars, and without a second wasted charges toward the vampire and her victim. At first it appears as though the unicorn is going to impale both combatants, but at the last moment, the swollen hermit lets out a cry and forces himself from the chick's grip. The horse leaps into the air and a majestic mount is made. When the creature's hooves again find the ground, the hermit sits hunched over its dirty back. This sight is short-lived however, for the hermit promptly falls from the unicorn to the ground below, clearly exhausted from these recent happenings. He still breaths however! Thank the gods!