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All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts...
As You Like It (2.7.142-145)


About the Bard's Guild

Come one come all! Nestle your creative hearts in the welcome arms of the Bard's Guild, where we will help you reach your full potential and broaden your preconceived notions on what a bard can actually do. Don't be fooled! Bards can be more than entertainment while you swish down some slosh at ye local Tavern.

We work with areas in need of our specially crafted skill set on all manner of stages, from Master of Ceremonies at the most recent match of fisty cuffs to the pleasant melodic backdrop to high end galas. Please contact Alvina the Silver Bard or any other member of the bard's guild to express your interest in our services.

Members, we encourage you to tag all your bard's guild rps with {{Guild|Bard's|RPs}} & {{Guild:Bard's|RP}} so others might read record of our achievements and crafts.

Join Us

All are welcome here at The Bard's Guild! Even if you aren't much of lute player, we've got a place for you. Maybe you write a funny limerick or simply paint the stage with drama. We do not judge here! We only wish to see each of our members succeed in spreading their passion and growing in the arts. To apply, please reach out to any member of the guild and perform or explain your particular skill!

The bard's guild is not a place of military levels. We do not compete against each other for superior 'rankings'. With such a wide variety of services, combat included, it's impossible to quantify our individual strengths or weaknesses. Instead, we boast different areas of expertise. That's not to say we are limited to one only 'title' either, many of our members fall into several categories.


Our guild room is located off the Avenue of the Guilds, Southern End.
Directions from Recall Vailkrin (Vailkrin City Road): 3 w, 3 n, 1 w, 1 d, 2 w, 1 s, 1 e

Feel free to post on the bulletin board for assistance or advice from your other guild members!

Areas of Aptitude

As stated before there are many wonders of the Bardic powers that many have yet to discover or unlock. In this Guild, there are some basic starting points but you are always encouraged to stretch your wings and try something new.


These Bards specialize in healing aspects, be it physical, mental, or emotional. Schedule some time with our lovely Therapists and they will liven your spirits, mend your broken heart (results may vary), or tend to that nasty infection. Payment for services rendered is at the full discretion of the member providing the service.

- Dean Cadenza


Thespians are the life of the party! They act in popular plays or put on marvelous performances. Bards exploring this category will have the opportunity to work closely with the consulting costumer designer {and Fashion Mogul}, Kreekitaka. These bards will also work closely with the guild leaders to come up with play ideas, concerts, and other performance opportunities.

- Eilyo

- Graham


Wordsmiths are those gifted with the ability to spin a tale, tame it, then print it onto parchment. This area houses poets, play rights, lyricists, you name it (or write it). It is legend that some bards have been able to unlock the way of the word with simple spelled calligraphy, but we have yet to see this fabled phenomenon.

- Alvina The Silver


These are the 'combative' of the Bard's Guild. Guardians have found a way to use song to bend the elements around them to do their bidding. This area also encompasses the fusion of musical instruments and modern weaponry. This area is still under development and experimental.
[Example: Will ]


The Preliminaries have the special task of testing theories and the bounds of the power of the bard. With enough dedication, experiments and studies we may uncover new ways in which to use bardic magics. Most frequently, these candidates can fuse their magic into topical balms and potions. It is up to those enthralled in the ways of the bard to discover the secrets and unlock mysteries. These bards are the scientists of the field, their attempts to expand on Bardic Magics are vital to the future.
[Example: Raphaline ]

Rules of the Guild

Give as freely as you have received, be a pillar for the world in trying times - wordsmith, warrior, or healer.
Honor the past, Treasure the Present, Look forward to the Future.

Current Members

Alvina The Silver, Dean Cadenza, Eilyo, Larewen - Banshee/Deathsinger, Graham The Puppetmaster

Past / Missing Members

Blanchette, Ocano, Raziel, Artia, Coral, Tiphin, Pilar, Dyzz, Alan, Alex, Celandine, Kanna, Bastion, Odhranos, Lanara, Raphaline, Will, Vlontyrr