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The History of the Naga Race

Please see Naga species page for more information. I encourage you to brush up on their beliefs and customs! I also encourage you to give them a try. ;)

  • Things to remember when dealing with Nagas
    • Crafty, Cunning, and most notably they suffer from a superiority complex
    • They are sort of xenophobic jerks, but don't be discouraged. That doesn't mean I am!
    • Shape-shifters, what could be more fun?!
    • Ruled by a queen, matron of the race. Gender plays a big role in their society.
    • Aramoth is their god, and they worship him alone
    • Q’na is responsible for freezing them in time, and his apprentice, Vuryal, is responsible for their reappearance in the time flow.
    • Currently, there has only been one naga to attempt to reunify the race under her matronly rule, Jaize. While vaguely successful, her disappearance has led to a downward spiral of the culture, placing the race almost exactly back to it's previous position in history; nearly forgotten.

Reginae's Reflection

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IC picture belongs to the below artist, respectfully.

- from Yaichino: thanks for the request :3 and yes, you can use this art, when you give the full credits ;D ♥

Image Name: Naga | Artist: Yaichino

Background for Regi

Reginae was not bred to be anything. She was but an understudy for the matron rule of her groomed sister, Jaize. This family relationship is not well known because of Regi's deliberate nonexistence in the public eye. While her sister's name was but second nature on the breath of their race, Reginae was not recognized as having any connection with the Royal family. She was instructed mostly in the illusion and mage arts by well-taught and practiced scholars...the finest instructors of the court, who would reveal their secrets and methods, but would never utter her name, not even to her. She was only known as "The Other" by all castle personnel and so took the title and wove around it her own crest and house-hood. During this time, her personal symbol and signature became a ouroboros-like naga silhouetted, forefront to a field of stars.

The female took it upon herself to make nobler goals than his sister, who wished only to be well known and loved by the rabble of their race and to influence further cultural advancements that might lead them out of their brutish existed into a renaissance of sorts. Regi's thought steered more towards re-awakening the primal motives and drives of their creator and further furnishing their skills as a race in battle and magics. While Jaize learned to weave beautiful shape-shifting illusions, Reginae practiced herbal treatments for wounded soilders and developed advancement in Telemancy *admin approval pending, currently developing story arch* with her mage prowess and obvious spare time.

-Quick Facts about this Character (ICly/OOCly)-

  • She is my first Naga, but I do have a history of working with and loving this race
  • Shape. Shifter. Shape. Shifter. Shape. Shifter.
  • While my charry is level-headed and willing to compromise to a point, I am all about compromise and promoting some rp craziness.
  • Trained in old magics, akin to races of elf's, dwarfs and dragon's. Naga's are an OLD society so they know some things.
  • I do not try to step on admin toes, but do try to seek approval for what I claim. If I haven't yet, I'll happily note or take it down. I just want to build a story, yo.
  • I am not a new player in Hollow. I am not attempting to God mod the Naga scene. I just think some revamping and community involvement would be lovely :3
  • I'm always open to ideas and random rps. Please never be afraid to send me an hmail or tell or just poke me when you're walking by.

Current Events

- Castor drew me a snail <3

- Reginae has rescued a snail in the depths of Alithrya and named it a rather comical Reginald Slugginton III for her own amusement. The slug does not respond to any stimuli and does not seem to be aware that it has been captured and named, but Reginae will fawn over it regardless. Snails are adorable and a definite weakness of hers.

- She has met with one of the twin leaders of Vailkrin and is hoping to secure herself as the liason between the two realms. He did, of course, suggest forging an alliance with Frostmaw's Queen. This is her next goal.

- Fond of a dryad she had a very brief encounter with. [ Cressida ] She's also fond of Kasyr's cat, Casper, with whom she lost a very intense staring match.

- Working with Satoshi on Frostmaw Alliance and possibly hosting a match for the Frostmaw Tourney. Alithrya was featured in the Titans of Winter Tournament 2014! Our realm offered a prize of a Naga Fang-Lined Bracer to the winner in our area. Excitement ^w^

- Has met with another Naga, Savrix, and willing to meet with more, to get a more unified idea of those returning to the time flow and in what direction they would like to see the city rebuilt. For now, she is focusing her efforts on personal strength and training to better aid the ruined city of Alithrya. There have been postings requesting information on the city and it's revived residents, so feel free to respond to this with an hmail if you want to keep the rp strictly IC.

- Both Satoshi and Kasyr are MIA from their leadership posts, leaving Reginae back to square one in terms of forming political alliances. She has, however, met with both Hildegarde and Larewen in hopes of completing this goal.

- During a rally in Xalious, an attack by The Dark Imp and her minion causes Regi to reveal her true form to all present. Hildegarde promised Reginae a Frostmaw / Alithrya Alliance if she kept Ansel from killing the Imp's accomplice. The mage was delivered for interigation and the Naga will seek The Stewardess in Frostmaw to make arrangements for the promised Political Union. [Agitation / Savage Queen Arc]

- Pilar becomes Reginae's student in the art of Illusion.

- Reginald Slugginton III was killed after he was turned into a vicious monster in Xalious by the black ooze, while Reginae was forced to kill the seven headed Lemming King, Lemmiwinks. [Agitation / Savage Queen Arc]

- Current Known Naga list now includes Xzavior and Muzo! Reginae also just found out that Hildegarde has been killed as a result of The Lich's attack on Frostmaw during the Yule Ball. [Agitation / Savage Queen Arc]

- Another Naga appears, Amber, who is looking for her step sister (that is also naga!)

- Working with Artia, Xzavior, and Muzo in Larket. There have been several cases of Fermin attacks via Poisoning. [Rise of Larket Arc]

- Xzavior has told Regi that Hildegarde has been revived and is seeking council with the naga. Reginae is forced to decide if she will go to Frostmaw directly to find Pilar or if she will search for the Ice Dragon herself in Xalious. [Thy Kingdom Come Arc]

- Pilar is no longer Reginae student because she has lost her illusionist abilities. </3


[ These are Naga's I know of / have seen. If we haven't rp'd, can we please? If you are a naga ( or hey, even if you aren't), shoot me an hmail so we can write together! ]