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The Basics


Class: Spell Blade
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195
Age: Unknown
Race: Vampire Fledgling Sired by Lady Dragana
Known Aliases: Eli, Mr. E, Sandman

"Everyone sees who you appear to be, few experience what you really are."

Basic Description

What you see standing before you is naught but the empty husk of a man, a shell filled with something far more sinister. He was once human and now… Vampiric in all of it's blood riddled gloriousness. Elioyahazers chiseled frame draws up to a height of six foot and three inches. The desert born is generally dressed in aged black leather armor , with a cloak wrapped around his shoulders like a scarf, which creates an ominous shadow where dangerous eyes loom out from. The former spellblade prefers mobility, and a plain bastard sword which clings to his back. Of note is an interesting aura, which fills a very small area around him, of murder. Though even that description does not do justice, for the aura twinges upon insanity and more than likely represents something akin to slaughter.

Recent Events

  1. Betrayed by his own Butler.
  2. Lost his love to insanity.
  3. Hunted down Larewen for a job. Got sired instead.
  4. Fought Larewen over a bounty. (To fool people into believing they are enemies. Only Eli didn't tell her before hand.)
  5. Larewens corrupted bloodlines and corruption is twisting Elioyahazers nature.
  6. Joined House Nasar under false pretenses. ( His loyalty still belongs to Larewen, and Nasar starts to fall for his schemes).
  7. Fought Larewens forces and pushed her out of the city. (To further gain House Nasars trust).
  8. Cast off his birth given surname and has appointed himself, Elioyahazer Jalal, leaving behind his mortal legacy.
  9. Has gained fame as the final line of defense against the madwoman in Vailkrin.
  10. Rejoined the Adventurers Guild as a veteran adventurer, Weapons Expert.
  11. His abilities with Arcane magic of any kind are dwindling away. (Over several rps).
  12. Troops, casters and civilians are swearing fealty to Elioyahazer. He's begun to amass his own army.
  13. Working with House Nasar to increase their chances of winning the war. (This is a trap).
  14. Is the self proclaimed Mr. E who acts as house Nasars representative for a major upcoming masquerade.

Duels, Fights or Spars

  1. Elioyahazer vs Larewen