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The Bastard Prince

Unlike the song, Son of a Bard, Gil's history is a complex thing of a darker nature than the light-hearted tavern song he performs for eager patrons. The history of this bard's life goes back some 203 years. His mother, Amaris Isindril, was an elven Princess of Eliamdur, a large elven city beyond the oceans of Lithrydel. As most stories go, one fateful night led her to a tavern known through the lands as hosting the greatest bards the world-over. It was there, that night, that she met Farron Lavellen, a bard of some renown in the lands. She fell in love with him and quickly began to make her interest known. Farron fell for Amaris in turn, but their coupling was forbidden by Amaris' father, who would not allow the marriage of his daughter to a commoner. Farron left the lands, as the story goes, but in truth, he was killed by the king's royal guard, a secret kept from his daughter, Amaris. Their affair resulted in the birth of a Gilemdar, who was brought up as a true prince and instructed from a young age on swordplay, riding, education, archery and the like. At the tender age of 84 (the human equivalent of 12), Amaris' father arranged for her to marry a prince from another kingdom, who would assume the title of King of Eliamdur after her father's death. Amaris' new husband hated Gilemdar because he stood in line to the throne, ahead of any heirs that he and Amaris might produce. One night, he plotted with the royal guard to have Gilemdar killed. If not for the kindness of the King's Bard, Gilemdar would have surely died. The bard, wary of the princess' husband, learned of the plot and rescued the young prince. They fled to the forests, where the bard took up parenthood of Gil, teaching him the ways of a bard and furthering the rest of his education. At the age of 119 (the human equivalent of 17) the new king, Amaris' husband, finally located Gilemdar's whereabouts and sent a raiding party to dispatch him and the bard. Once again, if not for the kindness of the bard, Gilemdar surely would have perished. The bard died in the struggle, but not before he earned Gil enough time to flee into the surrounding woods. With no place to go and nobody to guide him, Gil found himself living among the streets of his birthplace of Eliamdur. Gil was homeless, struggling each and every day to find a meal, stave off ruthless street thugs and live to see the next day. He was beaten, bloodied and worse time and time again, until he decided to fight back. He garnered the attention of some other street thugs who ran in a notorious gang. They jumped Gil in shortly thereafter and he worked alongside them, as brothers, for years. In the evening, he would ply his trade as a bard, lull the customers into a false sense of security, and then rob, beat and do worse to them in the night. Their gang eventually surpassed any others and they began taking on contracts from wealthy nobles and businessman - mostly theft, beatings, and the like, with the occasional murder. Gil became adept at murder. By the age of 168 (the human equivalent of 24) Gil entered the castle of Eliamdur under the guise of a travelling bard. He went unrecognized by either King or Queen, his mother, and played myriad songs for them through the evening. That night, he crept in the cover of dark to the royal chambers and murdered the king while he slept next to his mother, Queen Amaris. Her cries rang out in his ears as he burst through the chamber doors, fleeing the royal quarters. It took a great deal of effort to escape, but with his learned skills, he managed to make it back to the forest and to the old cabin he shared with the bard who raised him. He spent the night there trying to decide what his next plan of action was, now that he had killed the king. Did he want to return to claim the crown, or leave it all behind and start anew? So much blood covered his hands, mostly innocent blood. Could he truly start over? In a few weeks, he managed to acquire a ship at a port city, and set sail. During this time, he met more heartache, adventure, and success. By the age of 203 (the human equivalent of 29) Gil found himself in Lithrydel, a land of much promise.

Songs Written

  1. Son of a Bard
  2. A Lovely Maiden