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Kiilynn, aka Lynn, was born on the 3rd of March along with her two older brothers. The young teen looks reminiscent of her mother when she was a youthful girl with pale flesh that is dusted in a sprinkle of freckles over her nose and cheeks and wild untamed curls. Unlike her parent the curls that bounce around Lynn’s face are jet black, a trait from her biological father, with short horns protruding from just inside the hairline. A case of heterochromia is stunningly apparent, with her left eye a frosty blue while the other is a vibrant emerald. Traits of both parents melded into a mix of results for female triplet. Similar to her brothers she has dark green wings and a scaly tail. With training from time with her father she has learned to hide away both in the form of tattoos on her flesh letting them out only when she needs or wants to expose them. She dressed in black clothing with her favorite being a black cotton shirt and black fitted pants with a pair of black heeled boots all underneath a set of black hooded robes. Her weapon of choice at present is a scythe with a black handle.

Lynn is a fan of the color back, graveyards, nighttime, reading, and communicating with the dead. Over the years it has become known that the teenager is able to see into both the world of the living and the world of the spirits, often with the spirit overlapping the living. She has possessed the ability to communicate telepathically since birth. As a result of this ability the girl does not speak aloud, but rather projects her voice into the minds of those around her or projects it upon a whisper. She can speak aloud but only chooses to use her voice in the most dire of circumstances. With more time spent in the company of her mother the darker nature of hers has shifted slightly. Given time and practice she has learned how to not only speak with those trapped between life and death, but to also leave her mortal body behind to walk in death with the spirits. With the healing arts taught by her mother Lynn has learned how to mend spirits so they can pass through into the final gates of death. As such, she has become passionate in helping the spirits more than the living.