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  • Name Emilia Rose Leteir
  • Nicknames Emi, Farm girl, Kiddo, Clumsy, Rose and Mom.
  • Age Twenty-something
  • Race Ice Genasi
  • Class Cryomancer
  • Sub class Farmer
  • Status More alone than anything these days.
  • The Triplets
  • Xaileo (Leo) is the eldest of the triplets my a mere six minutes, is the identical twin of Zeiliam. Since the boys are nearly impossible to tell apart, Emilia has taken to dressing Xaileo in shades of blue. The babe's clothing is not the only thing to inherit a blue coloring from his mother, his eyes also possess the icy, cerulean hue found in the farmgirl's. The azure orbs stand out starkly against the little boy's fine black hair, which sticks up in feathery tufts all over his head. Notably similar to his father in rudimentary build and general facial structure, the eldest boy even shares Xersom's leathery, forest green wings and scaled tail. The most alert of the trio, Xaileo watches visitors to the farm with a preternatural intelligence that is far beyond his young age.
  • Zeiliam (Liam) is the middle child, and was born a scant two minutes before his sister Kiilynn. Precisely matched to his twin, Zeiliam also possesses the straight, sable hair, arctic blue eyes, and fir green wings and tail of his parental heritage. Emilia has dedicated the color green to her second son, always dressing and adorning the boy with shades reminiscent of his father's natural coloring. Wiley and cunning beyond ken, Zeiliam displays a startling, inherent charisma that allows him to charm others with but a look. Friends and family are prone to coo over the middle baby, often absolving him of any (and all) mischief that happens at the homestead.
  • Kiilynn (Lynn) is the youngest of the triplets, and the only girl. An odd yet enchanting amalgam of her parents' features, the little girl maintains the familial jet black hair, though hers falls in perfectly toussled ringlets reminiscent of Emilia's white tresses. Two small bumps protrude from the flesh and bone just inside of Kiilynn's hairline, indicating that she is growing horns. A case of heterochromia is stunningly apparent in the youngest child, with one eye a frosty blue while the other is a vibrant viridian. Already, whispers of the girl's otherworldly sight have begun to circulate, many rumors claiming that the child is capable of seeing into the spirit realm. Like her brothers and father, Kiilynn possesses dark green wings and a scaly tail. The most reserved of the three children, the baby girl is shy and markedly quiet around strangers.


With frosted curls of stark-white tangles the Ice Genasi* stands roughly five feet three inches. Hidden behind those pesky locks framed by long lashes are bright crystalline blue eyes nearly always alight with life and curiosity. The woman is naught more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. Like the icicles that hang off the buildings in winter she appears as if the wind might snap her tiny frame. The everchilled porcelain flesh of her is covered in a dusting of faint silvery-blue freckles, especially on those cheeks of hers, and scars that we shows off without a care in the world. Inked onto her right hip is a raven, the chest a white rose where the petals fade into the grey feathers of the bird, with its wings spread to her thigh and side done by herself and mostly Meri. Inked onto her left wrist is a tribal outline of a rose done by her own hand. Inked into her right palm with enchanted white ink is a compass that always points North so the woman is never lost, the tattoo is nearly invisible in her snow-white flesh.


If she could go without clothing, she would, but alas society isn't approving and the husband would smite the world for staring. As such, she has adjusted to wearing as little clothing as possible to combat the effects of heat such items provide. Commonly the farmer can be found in a pair of cut off all too-short demin shorts with a shirt tied up between her breasts, the sleeves rolled to the elbows or simply cut off. Should the woman be found enjoying a moment of free time then it is a simple summer gown. Only in the most dire of moments does the Genasi wear anything upon her feet and then it is a pair of worn leather boots. On her person she carries a well crafted dark wood bow, a gift from the silver-haired warrior that is not related to her common to rumors whispered.


Venturil: A farm on a hill (due to heat the home remains empty of the Genasi, but loaned out to friends) Gualon: A farm north-east of the Gardens (resides here more often than not, pretty frozen on the inside, more bearable than Venturil) Frostmaw: A greenhouse North of the mines (tended to weekly by herself and then more has an employee watching it aswell) Larket: Rebuilding the old childhood home by the edge of the woods (Really does fancy this spot for some reason) Cenril: Has a Safe-haven that she spent a good few months working on in the cliff side. (Select few know where it is) Xalious area: Bard's place, however her dear friend seems to have vanished again she still has key to her cabin and stays there on long travels.

Emilia A History

A curse in time:

There once was a woman happily married to a man. The couple had four children already, all boys, but they wanted a little girl. Days of discussing eventually lead them the seeking the aide of a local witch in town to help them ensure that their last child would be a girl. The witch decided to help out the poor family with their desire. She gave them a seed coated in her blood and tainted with a curse along with a set of instructions that they would need to carefully follow. If this was done right in nine months from the upcoming full moon they would be holding a precious baby girl in their arms. Taking the seed with them back to their farm they waited until the night of the full moon. There on the side of the house just before the moon was at its highest point in the dark sky the couple dug a place to plant it. Before they did each of them slit their palm to squeeze out exactly two droplets of blood each onto the seed. Covering it with the dirt they then went into the barn where they would make love with one another. As the seed grew so did the woman’s belly. Until one night when the flower finally burst into bloom. At this moment she went into labor. Hours later a healthy baby girl was born, though she looked nothing like the family of six who were all brown hair and brown eyed. This baby had little tuffs of blonde with bright blue eyes. They named her Emilia Rose.

Sudden illness:

Emilia was a healthy baby. She progressed faster than the others that were of the same age as her in the town. She never crawled, just got up and walked. Happy and perfectly healthy until a week before her fourth birthday. She awoke that morning with a cough. It was nothing alarming. A cup of tea before bed that night to sooth her throat. The next day the small blonde did not wake before the sun like the rest of the family. Instead, she slept in. That cough had gotten worse overnight. By that evening the child was coughing so hard little droplets of blood were present. Worried now the father set off into the night to find the doctor. Returning to the home with the doc Emilia got an at home check-up. Shaking his head the man looked to the family, “She is ill. I don’t expect her to make it to her birthday. Enjoy her while you have her,” were his grim words before heading back home to his own family. As the days went past the little blonde got sicker and sicker by the moment. When she was at the point that she couldn’t move any part of her body without help and the whites of her eyes were yellow the family had given up hope. Their little girl wasn’t going to make it. The oldest boy had noticed that while his baby sister was getting sick that strange flower planted on the side of the house was wilting away and dying. It was strange to him, but while his parents were tending to his sister he left off to find the witch that initially granted them a sister. A dark curse was a play. Blood magic and the spell was fading. Wanting nothing but a life for his sister he gave the witch his blood to renew the curse so that she could get better. He didn’t realize what he was doing, but when he got home it was a miracle and his sister was starting to get well. Little did he know that those twenty drops of blood he gave would extend her life that much longer.

<more to come in time...be patient.>

This Page has been marked as a Character Profile.