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Adventurer's Guild Roles

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  • Guild Leader: The glue that keeps the group together, the members from killing each other, and the genius behind planning most of the adventures. The guild leader is responsible for the safety of fellow guildmates, managing the funds for each quest as well as distributing everyone's share of their rewards, and opening lines of communication amongst other guilds in the realm. They are well-equipped in leading all advanced areas of the guild.
  • Deputy: The deputy is the second in command, should the leader be sick, injured, or away from the lands, and unable to go on a quest with the guild. They are the 'voice' of the leader during her absence, and are extremely trustworthy and gifted in various areas regarding adventuring.

  • Recruiter: Everyone that has reached the rank of adventurer or above can assist with the recruitment process. Spreading the words of this group is vital in order for it to continue. The more, the merrier, and the best chance for survival on the more threatening tasks.

Are you a current or prospective Adventurer’s Guild member and feel your character does not fall into any of the roles listed beneath any of our three branches, then please reach out the guild leader. This list can be easily expanded so that every character has a role fitting to their skillset.

Please note that several characters may belong to one role. It makes perfect sense for the guild to have more than one healer, for example.

Tactical Division

Guild members who are apart of the Tactical Division are responsible for helping to support the technical aspects of our adventures, from transportation to most suitable weaponry to bring for a mission. Roles that fall under this branch include, but are not limited to, combat trainer, weapons expert. navigator and more.

  • Combat Trainer: Those who take on this role are experts in combat, that is superior in hand-to-hand attacks, self-defense techniques, and has the strength, discipline, and willingness to train others in a respectful environment.
  • Navigator: Navigators are adept at mapping the most direct routes to and from desired locations. They have connections for securing ships, mounts, and supplies, that are needed for adventures both near and far. They may have experience manning ships and granting safe passage through a variety of terrain, even in the most treacherous of occasions.
  • Weapons Expert: This role is for those that are skilled with the safety, maintenance, and use, of a variety of weapons, along with any enchantments that may be placed on the item. An expert often knows the best armor for a given situation, and offers training to those that wish to learn archery, fencing techniques, picking locks, and some stealth skills.

Intelligence Unit

Those who are apart of the Intelligence Unit work to supply the Adventurer's Guild with information related to whatever projects they are working on. If they are traveling to an unknown land? These are the people that are helping to shed light on where the guild may be going. Fighting a creature? They will hopefully be able to tell us weaknesses. Sometimes while pawing through their precious books, they find new adventures for the guild to embark on! Roles that fall under this branch include, but are not limited to, spiritualist, researcher, translator, and more.

  • Researcher: This is the go-to person if one needs anything researched about a person, place, or relic. Those who take on the role of researcher enjoy having their nose in a book, and tend to have a curious personality. They are necessary for every adventure, so the guild knows what they are getting themselves into.
  • Spiritualist: This key role belongs to a high-ranking member of society, who had faced both light and darkness in their days, and who is both a survivor and an educator of that which we cannot see. They is the one to speak with if you find yourself questioning your morals, or if there is a questionable item with a unique curse attached. An expert in various religions, and knowing much about the deities of the land, they comes in handy when traveling to unknown territory.
  • Translator: A skilled linguist is vital to a successful adventure, as each in race, tribe, and foreign location, speaks a different tongue. They are a master at comprehending strong dialects, researching the people and places and the languages they speak before heading on a journey, and for translating what needs to be said to the group. One wrong word could mean death, and speaking more than the common tongue, they are a valuable asset.

Auxiliary Services

Guild members who have a skill set that may not fit into the Tactical Division or the Intelligence Unit will likely find themselves placed here. Their talents are equally valued in the guild. Roles that fall under this branch include, healer, the guild mascot, museum docent, and more.

  • Healer: The healer is a member that is trustworthy, has superior healing skills, and is willing to go to work on a whim, as one never knows when an injury or illness may occur. They are a liaision for the Healer's Guild, as well as a supplier of medical supplies, and can heal someone with or without the use of magic.
  • Mascot: Circinus, a wrinkly mastiff that is excellent at tracking, and often accompanies the guild on their many adventures.
  • Museum Curator: The museum curator is responsible for the care of all items housed within the museum. It is this person that selects what artifacts, objects, or collections will be put on display for the enjoyment of those visiting the museum. They have a sound understanding of the history of close to, if not every, item in the museum's care. Theft prevention is also one of their top concerns.
  • Museum Docent: This position would be filled by someone who enjoys learning everything there is to know about an item or historical event, and would enjoy education the public. This person would have to give tours of the museum, as often as possible, and make sure that aren't any thefts, and that everything is kept in order.

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