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Artia Drudic witch Lover of Larket's Back Story The Donor

Artia mother was nothing more than a human that could make potions; she was the low level witch. All she could do was conjure up some bubbly bubble potions. No spells, nothing special she was plain. But she wanted the best of them all for her mate. The strongest, most powerful with wealth male in their town! Why not trick him into drinking a love potion? Why not make him cheat on his wife to give her the child that she knew would be a better witch, not plain worthless witch like her! People in this town saw her as nothing but plan! Plan brown eyes, plan dull hair, nothing special. So how would a pathetic witch cast him into her arms? Easy, a potions to make her desirable, a potion to make her beautiful even if for a few hours! So Artia’s mother did such!

“You don't know that I know you watch me every night. And I just can't resist the urge to stand here in the light You're greedy eyes upon me and then I come undone And I could close the curtains but this too much fun.”

The plan witch tricked him like she wanted, she had loved him or was it the wealth he had she loved? They both took in greed in eachothers eyes! Greed! Such sin! Such a sin to curse the offspring with red eyes like a devil! She cursed her child! Cursed her self!

“They can't tame us! If you're a freak like me, wave your flag, It's our time now to let it all hang out. So shout if you're a freak like me, you were born to burn,This is no disease, you don't need a cure. But you don't know but you can't see. It's what you forgive out here for me,”

Hours later he awoke to find the demon beside him, wart covered face was revealed from the deep of her soul. Seeing her for the horrid creator he just gave his seed too! The monster he allowed to trick him! She should be seen to be burned! Die like a witch she was! Witches are not humans they are monsters!

“I give you what you want but nothing is for free. It's a give and take, kind of life we make. When your line is crossed I get off

The Burning

He didn’t believe he done it, he didn’t want to see her belly evolve and stretch holding the seed of his sin! Why would he! Such sin caused his wife to slash open her throat! He begged and offered up all his gold and wealth to see the witch burn! The towns folk govenor’s wife took it all, but refused to watch the wicked burn until the child was born.

”You made a mistake on the day that you met me and lost your way. You saw all the signs but you let it go.

After the child was born the town gasped at the curse the mother place on the child! Damning its soul! No she had no soul! How could someone with red eyes and red lips from the day she was born?! He pleaded for them to kill the child, but once again the wicked wife saw a way.

I'll tear you down, I'll make you bleed eternally. Can't help myself from hurting you when it's hurting me I don't have wings, to fly with me won't be easy.

It was a year, he was done with seeing the child grow forced to watch it from the alley ways while the child lived under a roof, he broke in and tried to kill the child. Once the child stared at him in the eyes it was over, he wanted to make it die then! The demon offspring, the seed of sin would die! With his dagger he aimed to slice her neck, the wicked wife stepped in picking the toddler up only for him to blind one of her eyes.

I know what you must be thinking, you're not right You should know I'm not your baby, not tonight (I never was)

Anger filled the toddler, jerking her hands up towards him the man went flying out the window, crushing pile of bones to the pebbled street below. She was a cursed, sin, demon, devil! Put to slavery within the home! Used to kill those that wronged the governor tried to take his place, the wicked wife demanded to stay on her throne!

(I never was) The kinda girl who's good at playing house. You want it, you need it. I tell you but you don't believe it. What were you expecting? Another lullaby? Are you kidding? You must be high, you must be high.

The escape to hollow.

The cursed teen was done with the blood on her hands, she had learned way much and was powerful, not plan like the mother. She was strong, and done with this life. Artia fled to the underground fled deeper till she was in the underdark where she hid in holes from the drow. Learning about the creatures of the land, she hide, she hide in the shadows in the dirt the mud. Growing old enough and stronger enough Artia ventured into the world above. Here is the demon she was once called.

Drink the wine, my darling, you said Take your time, and consume all of it

After coming to these lands, Artia met a man that had taken over for Larket. He was looking for someone to help him in healing the people. He was impressed with Artia’s skills and took her in, giving her a purpose to her life.