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Name: Tiberius Lowell
Age: 28
Race: Lycan
Class: Ranger and Thief
Height: 6'0"
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Amber
Guild(s): Adventurer's Guild

Brief Background

Tiberius Lowery

Lowery was the human surname name that he inherited when he was a boy. Tiberius was born in within the simplistic Lowery family in Catal. His mother was a school teacher while his father worked at a clinic as a male nurse. Everything was right in the world, well, until the destruction of Catal. Most know how that story went, so details will be spared (talk to the character Lionel for specifics). Tiberius was only 12 at the time the masquer happened, and with luck he escaped with an elderly gentlemen on the streets while walking home from school.

After the fall, the 12 year old ended up in the city of Venturil. The boy never found his parents. The old man settled Tiber within an orphanage due to the lack of caretaking the old man could provide. Tiberius was left alone in the orphanage with the other children. Because of Tiber's age, he was not a child wanted for a family: older boys were never wanted. Tiberius began to harden into a shallow shell for four years.

Venturil and The Basement

The orphanage in Venturil was a pleasant facility on the main floors. Children of all ages were in the walls of the orphanage - Tiber being one of them. After the wreckage of Catal, Tiberius began to rot and grow older within the thin-papered walls. No guardian wanted to adopt an adolescent boy. They were too much trouble according to the whispers Tiberius could hear through the hallways.

Time passed, and Tiberius grew older from 12 years old to 16 years old. The boy was stuck inside the facility for years. It was rare to see older kids within the facility, when older teens vanished, it was as if they were just adopted or just non-existent. Little did Tiberius know is that once he was 16 years of age, it was time for him to be the new test subject. Within the orphanage, there was a basement, and inside The Basement rested a laboratory with other late teenagers that had vanished over the years.

Experiment XIII were the numbers that were branded on his inner-wrist when they brought him down to the basement. The boy was shackled inside a cage with a cot and a bucket for bathroom use. The orphanage caretakers were kidnapping the teenagers and experimenting with them. Some teens were sired into vampires and they were taking injections to possibly take away their curse, some teens were victims of the necromancy being brung back from their death state, and some were fallen victims to lycanthrope by different animal venom. Tiberius was a victim of werewolf venom.

The boy had fallen under the lycanthrope curse and he was poked and prodded for years to figure out a cure for the depth settlement of the curse. It was easy to cure a scratch, but was it easy to cure once the boy turned? That was the mission of The Basement.

Eventually, when Tiberius was 18, the boy was let go of the facility. However, the man was swiped of his memory of The Basement, and he was convinced he lived a normal life in the orphanage. The only memory is him in the orphanage and the knowledge that no one came to adopt him. The Basement also planted a memory of Tiber getting bit by the lycan while playing kickball outside in the field.