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Name: Locke Abigail
Age: Young; exact age unknown
Race: Halfling
Class: Ranger
Eyes: Bright green
Hair: Ruffled brown
Skin: Light-skinned; sports a tribal tattoo on his right cheek
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Clan Status: Unaffiliated
Guild Status: Unaffiliated

At A Glance Inquisitive yet reserved. Sports a ritualistic tattoo on his right cheek. Frequently dresses in bright green cloth slashed with earthy browns. Carries a pair of finely-crafted knives with no discernible ornamentation as well as a simple but sturdy wooden bow. Charts his landscape with an oaken staff which appears to have originally served as a mage’s weapon.

The Journey So Far Spry and youthful, Locke Abigail is not yet wise to the ways of the world. He is as devoted to studying the harmonies of nature as he is disinterested in the social politics of the kingdoms he has crossed. Wars do not concern the lad, save for their tragic impact on the flora and fauna which inhabit the lands ravaged by avarice. And though he is keenly aware he cannot hope to stop whole armies from marching, he has hunted poachers and slain slavers who have made the mistake of turning their backs on him in forest deeps.

In this respect, Locke demonstrates the cunning of a half-elf who spent his childhood traveling with the rangers of faraway Splitriver Sound. Yet by that same token, he has shown a stubborn lack of self-preservation, at times taking on three or even four armed men and women simultaneously. Were it not for his deftness and decency at archery, he would surely be dead. Even still, luck has factored into his survival more than once.

Despite his cruelty to those who have betrayed the land, Locke is generally soft-spoken and serene. Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge excite the lad, but only insofar as the humanities are concerned. He loves to learn the customs of the peoples he meets, and enjoys emulating them to the best of his limited ability. He's fascinated by ancient histories, and takes seriously the myths and legends of bygone eras which most disregard as flights of fancy.

There is little else to be said regarding Locke Abigail at this venture. His great adventures, his trials and tribulations, his triumphs and mistakes, mostly lay ahead of him. For now he is merely a young man content to spend his days and eves in the wilds, albeit occasionally by point of blade or nock of arrow.