Syndicate of Shadows

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"We came here to smash fascists and awaken chaos gods..And we're all out of chaos gods.."

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

The Syndicate of Shadows is a highly trained clan of anarchists who are prepared to work within a group system in order to challenge the establishment or further their own cause/plans. They also believe it is their duty to stir things up and make things more interesting, which can, of course, have serious ramifications for everybody. The members of The Syndicate of Shadows do not throw their clan name out in the open very often, preferring to act in secrecy or behind the masks of others just as a puppeteer pulls the strings of a marionette.

The Syndicate of Shadows used to be a clan of Hollow's leaders and their designated agents, representatives, diplomats, and/or advisors for each jurisdiction of the realm. Each member was directly affiliated with a specific territory and its politics. Their purpose was to maintain a cooperative sense of stability within Hollow.

However, the members of The Syndicate began to disappear slowly from the realm, leaving only one in their ranks and elaborate, but abandoned, headquarters. After finally seizing his opportunity, Magikrios Lyastri D'Chath has begun to reshape the organization to suit his, perhaps chaotic, purposes and recruit like minded agents and provocateurs to the cause.

Too much of the world's politics have been determined by powerful figures in backroom deals. Too much of society and common lives have been directed by powerful special interests and nepotism. Too many of the figureheads, who the denizens have entrusted with their well-being and the allocation of their taxes, have been absent from or corrupted by their positions of power. The Syndicate of Shadows, reborn in the umbra by an insurrection of its own, sees the commonfolk forsaken, down-trodden, and exploited. They see rays of the dawn of a new era, an era that can only be heralded by a cathartic dose of anarchy and rebellion. And so, by subtle and some not-so-subtle means, this repurposed Syndicate has begun to pluck at the web long spun over the people's heads. It is time for the curtains to fall, and a new stage to be set. By provoking the public to rattle their cages and arise, they seek to usher in an age without kings or masters. Of course, the road to such utopia must certainly be stained with blood, and no doubt the people will need their shepherds: the figureheads and masters of The Syndicate of Shadows' choosing.


Willingness to RP at least once per month.
Minimum character age of 2 months.
Follow Hollow’s Rules of Behavior


If interested in joining the clan, get in contact with any unmarked member OOCly. A roleplay should have taken place with at least one member that would attract the SoS’ attention. Your character will then be “marked" and notified that someone will be in contact to make better use of their abilities, and a follow-up roleplay will occur.

Member Rankings

Advancement through the ranks is granted at the Shadows' discretion.

The Marked

An event has taken place that has warranted the Syndicate's focus on you. A member will be reaching out to you regarding making better use of your skills.

The Whispers

You have keen enough senses to watch the Syndicate operate and assist with missions.

The Owls

You have proven yourself trustworthy and capable of keeping up with higher ranking members. Instructions of missions come through whispers in dark corners and notes that seem to disappear the moment you look away. You may lead these missions with the Whispers.

The Ravens

You are adept at weaving your way through even the most paranoid of faction safe-houses, and may initiate missions.

The Shadows

Those who the shadows themselves fear.

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