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Warlock Profile

Combat Style: Pact Magic/Eldritch Magic
Combat Rating: Undefinable, though usually mainly magical in nature.
Magic Style: Pact-Based
Magic Rating: Mystical
Preferred Races: Any Race can be one.
Allowed Races: Any Race that dabbles is willing to make a pact with an eldritch creature
Preferred Alignment: Any alignment, usually chaotic
Preferred Weapon(s): Usually influenced by the Patron they now serve.
Skills: Varies based on the pact made.
Opposite(s):None really, Warlocks are rather unique.
Related/Similar Classes:Mage, Priest , Paladin

Warlock Description

Warlocks are a select group of mortal beings that have made a pact with a creature of great, and often very old, magic in exchange for something. This something is usually service sworn for an agreed-upon amount of time, or an agreement to do something that is often life-endangering and nearly impossible.

Once a pact is made, be it in any kind of form ranging from verbal to an actual signing of a contract, the pact is made and thus sealed by a bond now shared between Patron and Warlock.

Warlock Fighting Style

A warlock is almost always empowered by Eldritch magic, meaning a very old form of magical energy that is similar but different to arcane. It is more raw, wild, and harder to fully control for normal mortal beings, and it is mainly almost exclusive to ancient beings that were here long before the mortal races started to appear. These ancient beings can vary from a Fey Lord deep in the forests that litter the land, or primordial elemental lords like who once ruled over the lands before the reign of the pantheon of gods we have now. Thus, a warlock's fighting style and abilities will vary based on the nature and domain of the patron in which they make their pact. Unlike bookish wizards, warlocks supplement their magic with some facility at hand-to-hand combat. They are comfortable in light armor and know how to use simple weapons.

Pact Magic

Pact Magic is the lifeblood of a warlock's power and is only severed by the one who controls the contract/pact in which this union is made. This form of ritualistic magic is an ancient practice that was nearly made obsolete by the rise in arcane magic's practice throughout the realm. It is created when a powerful creature imbues another creature with parts of its own power. Pact magic is not the same as divine or arcane magic/power. A paladin or priest gets power channeled through them, but it never belongs to them, they are not given a part of the God, just used as a medium on this plane in which the God channels their own divine might through. Mages use the arcane energies that flow about the realm to twist and create their own power. Whereas a Warlock is imbued with a portion of their patron's own power, that comes with access to them being able to use Eldritch magic as well as abilities associated with their patron's domain. The magic bestowed on a warlock ranges from minor but lasting alterations to the warlock’s being (such as the ability to see in darkness or to read any language) to access to powerful spells.

An example is if a mortal were to make a pact with an ancient air primordial, they would have access to Eldritch magic, but also have air-like abilities due to the air primordial being who they got their power from. When mortal kind started showing more and more aptitude towards the mystical arts, and with the rise in service to the Gods of the realm, there were fewer and fewer pacts being made. Making it a dying art that seemed to fade as the years passed.

Pact Masters

Those creatures that can enact a pact with a (presumably) willing warlock, vary to a great degree- such as ancient wyrms who have existed since the avian wars, or Fey who have tricked their way beyond the mortal coil.

And yet, those are often insufficient to the power hunger that defines most warlocks- leading them to seek out the most dangerous avenues for power. In these cases, it's often entities which exist on the periphery of existence which hold the greatest appeal- legends whose power might have once rivaled the gods.

Notably, warlocks have emerged touting bonds with the Hungering God that presides over Gamorg, entities like The Primordials, or The Great Ouroboros. And yet, such bonds frequently carry grave costs, often eclipsing and extinguishing the lives of those who forge them. A process which often consigns lesser known entities to oblivion as they consume their scattered followers.

(OOC Note: Greater pacts -do- need Admin Approval, given the raw power associated with the prospective patron. A well fleshed out guideline of what the pact would provide/entail, drawbacks associated to it, the overarching relationship between pact holder & Pact Master, as well as penalties that may be suffered for not following through with the contract should be presented to the admins.)

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