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Disclaimer: The existence of the Rogue's Guild and the roster is discrete, and we ask players within the community to respect that. Please do not use information from this page In-Character unless you have permission or legit reason to do so.

Joining the Guild


  • There are no specific class or race restrictions, as it is customary and even encouraged to play the 'two-sided coin' role.
  • If you are interested in the Guild, make yourself known through appropriate roleplay. You may send the RP or wiki link by HMail, so that you may receive a more focused notice and speedier offer of membership.
  • The Guild will come to you to offer membership once you've made yourself known in some way. Show us why we would want you as a part of the Guild; we'll take care of the rest.
  • A test is required for entry to the Guild and will vary depending on your character's skills and areas of expertise. This can consist of hours worth the work or smaller tasks until a decision is made. If you must duel a guild member, you don't have to win to gain entry. We are merely appraising your abilities and getting a feel for your character.
  • There is no entry fee to join the Guild. But a profitable job might be a good start.


Upon successfully becoming a member of the Rogue's Guild, the character will comply with the following:

  • A meeting with leaders to decide on a division and acquire a complete understanding of duty.
  • A code name to conceal their real name. (This can be discussed and agreed upon together OOC or developed in-character)
  • A shadow-laced disguise, hiding within a plain disclike medallion.
  • Gold and Custom Items may be rewarded as jobs/rogue related RPs are completed.
  • Known betrayal will result in punishment, including exile from the Guild and blocklisted from affiliate organizations.
  • Extreme betrayal as decided by a vote of Guild peers could result in lethal retribution.


The Rogue's Guild consists of divisions, and each is assigned a Division Leader. The purpose of this is not a separation of the people, but more commonly, work together in teams with appropriate members of each group to complete the job or task. In addition, your character may belong to more than one division to justify that a 'Rogue' can be diverse in abilities.

Guild Leader: Leoxander
Deputy Leader: Lita

The Crow

Crows are known as fearless. Along with their excellent memory and ability to use tools, they are masters at stealing food and trinkets and moving their treasures from place to place, precisely remembering where they hid them. In addition to this, they rarely forget a face.

Sneaks in the dark. Cheats and sharks. To be a crow is to know their art. For some this means learning how to discern the silent symphonies of a lock's tumbler, or to see those overlooked avenues to better trespass. Others are less subtle in their artistry, enticing marks into games and gambles- performances meant to capture their attention as readily as their wealth. And there are others still, deaf to the lure of picked pockets, and marked cards- whom seek to elevate their into theater, crafting elaborate confidence schemes that can divest a mark of their resources, or even destroy them.

(Sub-Classes include: Thief, Con Artist, Bandit, Gambler, Lockpick, and similar fields of experience.)

Division Leader: "Tail"

The Kingfisher

The elusive Kingfisher. It does not have a song but only a shrill whistle for a call. Though adults pair briefly, they retain separate territories until the necessary merge. They fly at one pace: fast and straight. But they can hover while watching their prey.

The Kingfisher represents the spy, the informant. The undercover agent dressed in feathers to blend in with the flock. The courier delivers a message swiftly and deliberately. They fish skillfully for information, details, location and are most common to lead double lives easily. The expectation of this division is perhaps the most demanding. They are the first sent into a mission and, at times, the last to leave.

(Sub-Classes include: Spy, Stalker, Informant, Mole, Courier, and similar fields of experience.)

Division Leader: "Inks"

The Shrike

Shrike: The Predatory Songbird. They have a habit of destroying more than they can feed upon. The species name of the Northern Shrike, Lanius excubitor, means "Butcher watchman."

This division is devised of the deadly. Killers, Guards, and Interrogators. As the assault and defense, they are expected to have thorough training in combat, be it physical, mental, or magical. Although it is not uncommon for a Shrike to work alone, they will also cover their fellow members when needed.

(Sub-Classes include: Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Bodyguard, Warden, Executioner, and similar fields of experience.)

Division Leader: "Silver"

The Crane

The symbolism of Cranes is too often a prelude to balance. Cranes are territorial by nature, whether to a community or city, and fiercely loyal.

Whether owner or entrepreneur, legitimate business or a front for more illicit proclivities, the shops kept and tended to by Cranes are far more than meet the eye. Apart from peddling wares and facilitating trade routes for found goods, they offer safe haven and sanctuary for those who might be seeking a place to lie low. They are an alibi for the law and credibility when operating on trades and deliveries within other cities. If goods or money changes hands, you can bet a Crane had their hand in the deal someplace. Often working with other members of the flock to obtain the things they want or are hired to procure, Cranes may also serve as an intermediary between the law-abiding members of the public and the world existing beyond the shadows. If a Crane can't get you what you want, they'll surely know someone who can.

(Sub-Classes include: Merchant, Bookie, Distributor, Transporter, Marketing, Record Keeping, and similar fields of experience.)

Division Leader: "Jackal"
"Seven" "The Book Keeper"

The Swan

Swans are known for their beauty, grace, and elegance, and they usually mate for life. They are fiercely aggressive if their loved ones are in danger, and they are agile on both land and on water. They are highly intelligent, have excellent hearing, and impeccable vision.

The Swan represents the ‘bait’ of the organization, as they aren’t afraid to use their good looks and charm to get what they want from a target, be they a man or a woman. They are the social butterflies that will attend most events, and while they may be dancing and mingling, they are also collecting data for further use. It’s their prerogative to plant themselves in the lives of their mark,to become noticed and desired, attempting to woo them into a relationship, or simply luring them into a trap with the aid of spells and potions. Swans easily swindle others into believing that they are sweet and innocent, often beguiling a target with their beauty. But, in truth, they have a dark side that revels in the naivete of others. This division is not to be confused with the Kingfisher, as a Swan’s job is to distract and be the center focus of a chosen target, whereas the Kingfisher blends in and focuses on the operation as a whole.

(Sub-Classes include: Honeypot, Charmer, Enchanter, Siren, Fortune Teller, Damsel, Charlatan, and similar fields of experience.)

Division Leader: "Minx"

The Mockingbird

(Members who work outside divisions, have not chosen, or are in association with the guild.)



Guild-Recognized Recruits have made themselves known to the Guild Leader(s) and/or have been recommended to the Guild Leader(s) by a Guild Member ranking as a Division Leader or higher. Guild-Recognized Recruits have not received any Custom Guild Items and are not considered Full Guild Members. Code Names will be discussed and decided. The '(?)' beside a name means inconclusive, by way of absence or lack of communication.


From Gualon Grogshop Recall:

'The Cellar': 1S, 2E, 1S, 1D

The Rogue's Den: 1S, 2E, 1S, 1D, 1S (Requires Shadow-Laced Disguise)

The Crow's Nest: 1S, 2E, 1S, 1D, 1S, 1E (Requires Shadow-Laced Disguise)

Reminder: Some locations may only be available to guild members via the guild key.

Guild Items

Item Name Availability Slot Description
Shadow-Laced Disguise All Guildmembers Leashed Pet Hung from a chain, this simple disc-like medallion is smooth on both sides with glints of silvery-gold veneer.
However, once worn by certain people, others also wearing the pendant see four black birds embossed on its surface, each flying outward, wingtips touching. When the pendant is activated, the wearer becomes enveloped in camouflaging shadows, allowing them to sneak through the darkness undetected.
Vials of Untraceable Poison Division Leaders; Honored Members Waist Slot Three impenetrable glass vials in a pouch. Each containing a mysterious liquid of various ingredients. The poisons’ origins are impossible to pinpoint, each additive from locations all over Lithrydel. Depending on the vial absorbed, one causes sudden disorientation/drowsiness, possibly a temporary coma. The second contains a truth serum, which enables accurate interrogations. The third incapacitates the victim by attacking the nervous system, which affects their ability to speak, hear, or even move a muscle, but remain aware.
Blackguard Emblem Guild Leader; Guild Deputy Hands Slot A leather strapped hand cover with plated steel knuckles. Concealed inside the palm is a mark of two crossed daggers.

Code of Conduct


The Rogue's Code

You are expected to defend other members to the best of your abilities but are not obligated to should it compromise your mission or life. We do not desire to lose more members than is necessary, and we would like to keep all members alive if possible.

Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Accepting gold from another source for information/counter-contract on a client equals Guild betrayal and will be dealt with accordingly. Clients must know that the Guildmembers can be trusted to carry out the contract and not fear retaliation because the target has a larger purse. As it stands, should one member possess a Contract to kill the client of another member, implicated members must come to the Guild Leader, Deputy, and/or Division Leader before carrying out any orders.

Secrecy. We are members of the Guild of Shadows; we should reflect that element's aspects in everything we do. The Guild's existence is kept hidden, but rumors of our escapades are encouraged to coax clients to us. Our headquarters must never be disclosed to non-members under any circumstances; this is a form of betrayal and will be dealt with accordingly.


NO godmoding/forced roleplay is tolerated. A warning will be issued, but the repeated offense will result in termination from the Guild.

It is typically required to contact any persons, OOC, associated with the story to gain necessary permission or give information if they are a target or involved.

If you agree to become a member, there is an automatic agreement to RP actions' consequences.

Code Names are typically only known to fellow Rogues, unless that information has been disclosed through RP.

Past Director & Board Members of the Assassin's Guild

OOC note: The guild overhaul is still under construction. Things will be added, deleted, and changed as it develops.