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This Page has been marked as a Character Profile.
This page describes a character who is permanently dead.

Notes on my character:

  • He was around for nearly 20 days.
  • Was on his way to being named Orc Chief in Gualon
  • Won 5 ic duel(of those 3 were death duels and one wasnt posted), lost 1(death duel).
  • Killed by Sanlig at the Larket Arena
  • More info further down on page.


Name: Kurlurk
Age: 127
Born in: Gualon
Race: Orc
Class: Thief
Subclass: Arena Brawler(Admin Approved)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Skin: Dark
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 237.94lbs
Marital Status: Single
Alignment: Neutral Evil


Kurlurk stands at five foot three inches to the crown of his head. He has brown eyes, black hair, and dark grey-ish Brown skin. He wears on his body mostly the remnants of what may have once been fine clothing. Many new scars cover his body, his legs are ripped though recovering, a couple new nicks on his head from the direct hit of arrows, the right side of his face badly burnt and his eye beyond healing. His arms and left side have bad scars in them as well now. His uniform as of now is as follows:


Two Hand Axe
Acid Bite Pike
Berserkers Steel Spiked Knuckles


  • Mithril Armours: Like the real metal titanium, it is silvery and stronger than steel but much lighter in weight. This naturally caught the Orc's attention and he immediately traded some of his shiny coins for such wears.
  • DragonScale Armours: Gathered from the corpse of Naith after his death in Gualon Arena.
Shield: Spell Resistant Sphere
Head: Blue Dragonscale Warding Bandana
Left Ear:
Right Ear:
Shoulders: Black Dragonscale Trenchcoat
Body: Mithril Breastplate
Left Arm: Mithril Armband
Right Arm: Mithril Armband
Left Wrist:
Right Wrist:
Right Finger:
Left Finger:
Pants: Mithril Shinguards


Band of Orc Raiders
Pair of Orc Shaman
Sniveling Cave Imp

With him always is the Sniveling Cave Imp, a fairy like creature that happened upon the Orc one day and never left. He constantly taunts the Orc, obviously the Orc is of a lesser intelligence even if only slightly.


Raised in the Orc City known as Gualon. Kurlurk always had dreams of great battle against every race he could find. Battling each of them in the Arena of his homeland where he would make a name for himself, become the best of the best in the Arena.

He left Gualon in search of this dream, shortly after he became a Raider. Now as he raids the lands people he also seeks out the other races, he stores his gold and takings back in Gualon in a secret nook with a hidden enchantment that would only open should his blood approach.


Current RP

  • Kurlurk met a dwarf whose name he never received. The dwarf had given the Orc 2000 gold pieces as well as a weapon Acid Bite Pike. The Orc has come to call this dwarf the "Shiny Giver."
  • Kurlurk joined The Larket Fighting Association on Feb 2, 2010. He entered the Light Heavyweight division and his first match has been declared against Nortengaal. The winner will receive 3k gold and a spot in the finals for Light Heavyweight Belt! The battle shall be posted below in the Battles area of my wiki page.
  • A new marking appears on the Orc thanks to the two Shaman that follow Kurlurk. It is a rune meaning expel in the ancient tongue, its a powerful rune that will save the Orc's life on more than one occasion in the future. But what does it do?
  • During the early hours of Feb 3rd, A challenger arrives at Gualon arena and is struck down with a mighty blow from Kurlurk's axe. The Human flees the Arena, his life intact.
  • On the morn of Feb 4,Kurlurk battles and defeats Nortengaal in a LFA sanctioned event. The total of three thousand gold pieces is given to Kurlurk. The next battle has been announced already as well. Kain vs Kurlurk for the division title and a larger pay day.
  • On the eve of Feb 4 a challenger is killed in Gualon arena. The Bad luck Mage known as Heyx is no more than simple Orc dung.
  • The Arena Brawler takes leave from the lands to heal his wounds from the four battles in the last few days. The most severe damage was given to him by that of a woman whose name was Heyx, the right side of his face along with his eye are severely burnt, the eye may never return to its formal state. Although, before he left, he had a long visit with the Orc Shamans. What could they have done?
  • On the eve of Feb 9 Kurlurk would kill one of the would be warriors after the bounty on his head. The Silver Wyrm known as Naith is now no more than furniture on the wall of the Gualon Arena.
  • Kurlurk battles Kain for the LFA Light Heavyweight Belt. The winner is being debated by the judges.



Score 5 Wins, 0 Draws, 1 Loss

Death Duel: Kurlurk vs Heyx
Death Duel: Kurlurk vs Naith
IC Duel: Kurlurk vs Kain
IC Duel: Kurlurk vs Nortengaal
IC Duel: Sanlig vs Kurlurk
IC Duel: Kurlurk vs Saren
OOC Duel: Kurlurk vs Kain


Ooc Spar: Kurlurk vs Mathias
Ooc Spar: Kurlurk vs Riotka