Battle:Thy Will Be Done

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Part of the Thy Kingdom Come Arc

How Does This Work?

For the final battle in Thy Kingdom Come, we'll be using the battle system devised during the Surface Tension arc.

To learn how the battle system works, click here.

Story Stakes

The stakes listed below are for story. Although some stakes may say "and allies dies" or "and people get pushed off a cliff" assume those are NPCs. Damage to characters is determined by the players themselves. If you want your character mortally wounded, go for it, regardless of outcome of the duel.

Format for Thy Kingdom Come Battle System

  • The Rules in the Battle System for Arcs page linked above.
  • Traditional 3 attacks, 3 defense, with final defense format described here in Dueling 101

Duel 1

Xzavior, Pilar, and Sykule make a mad dash for The Eyrie's spire to free the chained Eyrie mounts.

Xzavior, Sykule, Pilar v Harg
The Eyrie's Tower
Chained animals are freed and unharmed, spire remains structurally intact. The Eyrie's bestiary air force joins the battle! 50% of the tower itself collapses, harming 50% of the imprisoned Eyrie mounts inside.

Pilar, Sykule, and Xzavior freed the animals and saved the spire! Read duel here.

Duel 2

Kelovath and Laezila (along with others?) run to the prisoner cages to release some high profile allies, but the giants saw that little stunt coming. IT'S A TRAP! Two giants astride mammoths with snow plows tied to their tusks to shove the prisoners and rescuers off the execution drop-off cliff.

Kelovath and Laezila v Odrøre and Vör
Prisoner Cages
Mammoths stopped. Good guys get plowed. By mammoths. ;)

Kelovath and Laezila failed and were chucked over the cliffside! Read duel here.

Duel 3

During battle, Dominic is informed of the old throne's centaur allies in the Queoldian Outpost. He rushes to the outpost to see what became of these old allies and friends.

Dominic v Gorim
Queoldian Outpost
Dominic succeeds in freeing the imprisoned centaurs, and they join Hildegarde's forces immediately. To arms! During the fog of war, Hildegarde's forces accidentally kill a significant portion of the imprisoned centaurs, a genuine case of devastating friendly fire. It ruins future relations between Frostmaw and the Queoldian centaurs.

Dominic was successful in fending off the frost giant guard and freed the centaurs, protecting future relations and gaining more allies for the Silver's campaign! Read duel here.

Duel 4

Orikahn smells and senses a great evil in the Winter Berry Garden, where the sole queen of the enchanted snow bees of the greater forest lives. He takes it upon himself to investigate.

Orikahn v Mihael
Winter Berry Garden
Snow bees' queen is protected, and Frostmaw's delicate ecosystem preserved. Snow bees' queen hive trampled in battle, she dies. The entire forest ecosystem harmed by the loss of the bees, which will take time to recover.

Orikahn protected the bees! Read the duel here.

Duel 5

Rumors of slavery in the Frostmaw mines had reached some of Hildegarde's army, and they rush to the mines to deliver justice.

Khitti and Linn v Oddløg
Frostmaw Mines
Non-giant (elves, humans, felines) slave labor freed. Majority of slave labor killed in a tunnel collapse.

Linn and Khitti defeated Oddløg and freed the slaves! Read duel here.

Duel 6

Gilwen sees some of Balgruuf's soldiers run to the bank, and investigates what treachery is afoot.

Gilwen v Karstaas
Frostmaw Bank
Gilwen finds Brynjar, Balgruuf's deformed son, who has been hidden in the bank vaults to manage his father's treasury. Brynjar is rescued and pleads Hildegarde to spare his father's life. Brynjar is not discovered (dies?), and Balgruuf's embarrassment, by hiding his deformed son, costs him his life as there is no one left to plea for mercy on his behalf.

Gilwen defeated Karstaas and found Brynjar! Read duel here.

Duel 7

Kasyr makes a beeline for the fort, invested in protecting the seat of power.

Kasyr v Kang
Frostmaw Fort
Kasyr succeeds in killing one of Balgruuf's generals, sending the army into disarray without direction. Balgruuf's general believes that the battle is lost, and to spite the victors razes 80% of the fort, save the enchanted throne room and war council chamber.

Kasyr defeats Kang and deals a severe blow to Balgruuf's army! Read duel here.

Duel 8

Revan and Emerus are pushed by the tide of battle to the merchant plaza where one of Balgruuf's cronies protects her master's precious mercantile wares by holding hostage his competitors. She threatens to burn his hostages alive if the mercantile business is threatened.

Revan and Emerus v Helga
Merchant Plaza
Hostages saved and Balgruuf's business destroyed too. The crony burns the hostages, thereby eliminating Balgruuf's competition--brilliant twofer.

Emerus turns traitor and the hostages are killed. Read the duel here.

Duel 9

To spite Hildegarde, one of Balgruuf's lieutenants decides to blow up a huge section of the wall. Desparrow, in a surprise twist, defends the city.

Desparrow v Grimmrath
The wall remains intact. Enemy giants blast a huge hole in the wall, and the falling stones kill many of Hildegarde's army.

Balgruuf's men blow a hole in the wall! Read duel here.