RP:Two Would-be Monarchs

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Part of the Thy Kingdom Come Arc

Part of the Rise of Larket Arc

Summary: Kelovath seeks out Hildegarde to talk politics.

Rolling Hills

Kelovath had left Larket after visiting with the council and being put on his new mission. So, naturally, knowing at least one ally was near by, he went there first. There, being where ever Hildegarde was currently residing. He was not riding Cobalt this time, but instead walking beside his furry friend toward the camp. He was rather excited, Kelovath, after seeing that Hildegarde was calling her friends and allies to her camp. The paladin didn't enjoy fighting, but fighting for a good cause was something to rally behind. Hildegarde and Frostmaw were both good causes. Cobalt had seen plenty of action outside of Hollow, although it didn't look like at first glance. The weasel may as well be a large puppy based on his usual behavior. But he truly was loyal. Kelovath admired that. Once passing through the entrance to the camp, the armored man began his search for Queen Hildegarde.

Hildegarde may be a Queen, but her behaviour was certainly contrary to such a regal title. With Linn having departed with her imparted advice, she had taken to heart his question on training and sought to correct her own recent laziness. She would, after all, need every ounce of strength and every ounce of skill to reclaim Frostmaw and to claim its terrifying throne. With that in mind and not one to behave like a stereotypical Queen, the knight was engaged in what appeared to be a brutal fistfight. Her opponent was a bulky man, the same man Pilar had seen Hildegarde fight in Vailkrin. Evidently, he had followed her banner to Xalious. He lunges forward to wrap his arms around Hildegarde’s waist, his head pressed against her belly but she only roars in reply as her own fists slam against his back; his sides and then finally her knee reaches his gut and she shoves him away and down. He’s left gasping on the ground while Hildegarde stands, hunched and huffing with exertion. Her face is bloodied and bruised, but she’s otherwise unscathed. After a moment, she grins and reaches down to help the man up onto his feet, “My poor nose,” she tells him with a playful grunt, before glancing around to catch sight of Kelovath. “Kelovath!” she greets fondly, glad to see the faithful paladin.

Kelovath didn't find Hildegarde at first. He did roam about the camp for some time, exploring a decent chunk before Cobalt decided he was tired of walking. The weasel found a spot of shade and plopped right down onto the ground, kicking up a bit of dust afterward. The paladin just had to sigh at the sight and simply continued on his way. It was then that he saw just the end of the fight; the man falling to the ground. Even though Kelovath was surrounded by allies, he came very close to rushing toward Hildegarde, before realizing he wouldn't have been the only one. She wasn't in any real danger, except maybe hurting her own fist against her sparring partner. Hearing his name brought him out of his adrenaline daze. An armored hand was lifted up in a greeting, along with a smile and his movement taking him toward the pair. "Hello there, Hildegarde." His gaze shifted to the man and a simple nod was given before looking back to the Queen. "Looks like you're having a bit of fun, eh?" A few chuckles passed his lips. "Should you want, I can heal the both of you. I'll admit, it has been a while since I've healed anyone. Heh."

Hildegarde’s wrist is gripped by the fallen man, who is now pulling himself up to his feet with the help of Hildegarde’s strength. She grunts as he gets up, before patting his shoulder in a friendly manner and releasing him from her grip so she might ungracefully wipe some blood away from her nose. “A good spar is necessary if you want to keep yourself on your toes,” she told the paladin with a knowing smile; any warrior or experienced fighter knew the validity and truth of such a statement. “I think my friend here could do with more healing than I,” she commented, “for my poor nose is beyond saving!” Her nose was wickedly crooked, evidence of a bad break from long ago. “Come, let’s sit,” she says, tugging ever so gently on the arm of her battered friend-come-opponent. “So! Kelovath Khamsin, follower of Arkhen,” she flashed him a smile, “what brings you back to my camp? Surely… Surely, you’re not thinking of following Aramoth!” Ever the joker.

Kelovath did take note of Hilde's nose and knew very well there was nothing he could do to fix it. Although, maybe one day, he could hear the story of how it happened. He followed the sparring partners and waited for the man to sit before positioning himself to begin healing. Again, upon hearing his name, his gaze was brought to the Queen. "I am sure Aramoth would welcome such a loyal follower as myself, but I wouldn't want to take the spotlight away from you." He winked at Hildegarde and brought his attention back to the man. "This shouldn't hurt..." The paladin said that like he was a little unsure, which he was. He couldn't remember the last time he attempted to heal someone, but surely it wouldn't be difficult. Although Arkhen wasn't needed to heal, the paladin always said a soft prayer before healing. After doing so, armored hands were extended out toward the man, not really any place specific, and they began to glow. Soon, a wave of holy magic would cascade over the Queen's sparring partner. All of the little cuts and scrapes would heal over quite smoothly and quickly. Anything else major, would be eased somewhat to decrease any discomfort or pain. While all that was happening, the paladin spoke to Hildegarde. "I have spoken with the council of Larket. I once called that city home, before something pulled me away. It wasn't exactly a welcome home party." The paladin flashed a smile, a show of disappointment more than anything. "The fermin are attacking Larket. I've seen it. And the council is afraid. They seek aid..." He stopped there and so did the healing. The paladin stood and nodded to the man. "Should feel better now." Sighing, he looked to Hildegarde. "Larket has many allies and Frostmaw is one. An alliance Satoshi and Queen Jacklin formed what seems a lifetime ago. But, times and rulers have changed, from what I understand." He hasn't even officially asked for help, but he already had a gut-feeling what Hildegarde's reply would be.

Hildegarde’s sparring partner was evidently a little more suspicious of the supernatural healing, given his rigid posture and confused expression. Yet he sat still and welcomed the assistance all the same. If Hildegarde trusted Kelovath, then evidently there was no reason for him not to. Hildegarde, as if to provide further evidence for her basic beginnings and unqueenly grace, chortled at Kelovath’s joke. Her laugh was the goofy sort, not the titter of an amused ladyship but the chortle and goofy snorting of woman of the world. “Best not tempt Aramoth with such words,” she replied before watching the paladin work with intrigued silence. She had seen paladins heal before. Aela and Eliason, both paladins of Arkehn, had healed allies and herself before. Their methods were much the same: the whispered prayer, the glowing of hands, the divine aura. Yet it doesn’t take long for Kelovath to get to the point of his visit. Politics. While politics bored some, they only intrigued Hildegarde. Not a big political player due to her blunt and honest nature, but intrigued by the human culture that was politics. “Thank you for healing my friend,” she thanked him, before turning to the topic of alliances and friendship. “Yes, Larket and Frostmaw did have an alliance,” her sole eye looks to his face, perhaps trying to read an expression there or simply making polite eye contact, “but that alliance was broken, when Larket reneged on its promise,” her tone of voice is tinged with sadness, as if truly remorseful that Larket had failed to keep its word. “Just as Chartsend did, though one can argue which of the two were the worst in terms of betrayal. But perhaps that is not the best word for what occurred, hm?” It was a strong word, after all, and Hildegarde did not want to cause any undue tension but neither did she wish to ignore history. “I have heard about the fermin and Larket. A man by the name of Jesen came to me with an army, offering to assist Frostmaw. I told him to seek those in true need, namely the people of Larket,” so while she was hurt by the betrayal of an alliance; she was not so unkind or ignoble as to deny aid to those who needed it.

Kelovath wasn't exactly surprised by Hildegarde's response to his unasked request. Hearing about troops being sent to Larket was rather reassuring and there is the possibility that the council will think that Kelo had something to do with it. Both positive notes, but hearing of the failed alliance was news to him. He really had been gone for too long and knew very little of what happened during his absence. "Betrayal may be...Inaccurate. But, I do not know the details. What I do know, is that I, and the council, believe our Queen and King are gone. Whether dead or abandoned, they are gone. Larket seeks to move on and re-shape, from my understanding. There are members of that council who think I should no longer be welcomed back into Larket...I plan to prove otherwise." Adjusting his stance to be a bit more professional, he continued. "I was sent to ask for aid, Hildegarde. You are fighting a war. I know where your attention lies and I will not pull from that." He actually felt a bit awkward talking about these things with the sparring partner so close, but if Hilde trusted him, Kelo would too. "Between you and me, I seek the throne of Larket. She is in need of a leader and should you win your war, I hope we can reunite Frostmaw and Larket. Until then, I do seek to give you my aid in your war, to prove that I want this alliance to work."

Hildegarde’s sparring partner waited for a few moments before dismissing himself from the company of both Kelovath and Hildegarde. Politics may have intrigued Hildegarde, but it bored him terribly. “Will you allow me to detail the events for you or would you prefer to leave the past where it is?” she asked the question politely, making it evident that she had no care for it go either way; that the choice was purely Kelovath’s and an optional sort of conversation. “I went to Larket before. I made it no secret that I was there in search of aid and allies, but… well, none would see me. I cannot help where I am not wanted,” she said with a small frown, “though where I am not wanted, I can send others as I send Jesen’s offered men to you. He had a company of just short of a hundred men. I took two from the company and himself and have bade him to take the rest to Larket. Whether or not he does so, well, that is down to him.” When Kelovath announces his intention of claiming the throne, the knight straightens her posture slightly and emits a thoughtful ‘hm’. “King Kelovath,” she said thoughtfully. “It has a ring to it, doesn’t it? Much better than Queen Hildegarde too!” she grinned. “A paladin for a king, a knight for a Queen.” An odd combination, but perhaps it was for the best. “These are dark times in this world. Dark times, indeed. Friends and allies are in short supply, it would be foolish to shirk them.”

Kelovath shook his head at the mention of the details. He knew there would be a time for such a thing, although he did want to know. "I will seek Jesen, when given the opportunity to do so. Whether aid was sent or not, I do have other places to visit. Kind of dreading some more than others." He smiled a bit, thinking of Enchantment, then a frown, when Trist'oth came to mind. "Dreading one in particular, actually." He shook his head yet again and brought the smile back to his features. "Thank you, Hildegarde. I was very...Unsure how this meeting would go. I have much to think about and I'll have to attempt to get 'King Kelovath' out of my head." Another set of chuckles passed his lips and it was at about that time Cobalt wondered into view and made his way toward the paladin. Kelovath looked at his friend, then back to Hildegarde, "Looks like ol' Cobalt here is ready to move on to our next destination." Probably because he hear his name, the weasel nudged Kelo a bit, confirming that he was right. "I'll be close by, Queen Hildegarde. Should you need anything, let me know. I'll fight for you in your war." Kelovath and Cobalt head out, side-by-side.