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About Info

Full Name: Penelope LeAnne Halifax
Alias: Nel, Pen, Penny
Race: Ardelian Human
Class: Druid
Residence: Kelay-Sage Area
Origin: Ardelia - a distant tribal village that rests between lush mountains
Occupation: Healer of Kelay-Sage under Yerrel
Guild(s): Healer's Guild: Clinical Healer; Warrior's Guild: Triage Squad Sergeant
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Recent follower of Hind

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Age: 29
Hair: Chestnut brown with a frizzy and curly texture
Eyes: Moss green
Skin: Sun-kissed; lightly freckled
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 125
Stature: Hourglass; athletic - she is actually pretty quick on her feet
• Left forearm: a jagged scar that is on her forearm covered with a heather tattoo to symbolize protection
• Left shoulder-blade: a scar on her shoulder-blade with a lilium tattooed over it
• Left wrist: a northern star tattoo--her twin brother shares a matching one
• Stomach: a stab wound - no tattoo

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Personality (Strengths/Weaknesses)


  • Honest: Often too blunt when it is something she disagrees with, but can be a white-liar at times (mostly with distant memories from her past). Although most times, people are faced with the stubborn girl who tends to word-vomit.
  • Patient: Patience is a virtue. One that has always stuck with her throughout her life. Calm in most strenuous situations, especially while helping another.
  • Witty: Quick with her humor. Seriousness can make her uncomfortable and can make her catch her breath before she can ground herself in the situation. She also has some quirky characteristics like hugging trees or talking to frogs or... herself.
  • Graceful: Her movements are normally fluid, gentle, and composed. She is often respectful and considerate, and when trying, can be careful with her words. There is a sense of inner peace within the ups and downs in life. Shows humility within failure.
  • Girly: A wearer of pretty things. A fan of fashion and tea dates. Is it a strength? Maybe...? Probably not.
  • Smart: A book-nerd and a quick-wit when given the focus.
  • Brave: She has tried and failed multiple times, but she is also a girl who will not back down in the face of doing what's right (even if she is confused in the moment).


  • Trust: Easily able to trust someone, which results in her being easily blindsided.
  • Strength: Poor muscle, which results in weakness in combat. Good with an arrow, and quick on her feet, but absolutely terrible with a punch or self-defense, hence the scars.
  • Surface-Level: She tends to not let people delve too much in her personal life. She only lets people in so far to know the truth. Normally this leads to fickle tendencies or changing the subject to focus on the other person in contact.
  • Workaholic: Finding the Ardelian outside of work is a rare sighting, to say the least.
  • Control-Freak: She has a hard time letting go underneath the peaceful surface. She likes plans and has an orderly nature, hence the honesty and stubbornness about her.
  • Nosy: A snoop and an eavesdropper. Probably not the best quality, but she likes to know the hot gossip.