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The Merchant's Guild is an organization devoted to those who attempt to earn a living by buying and selling items, goods and services to the other people of Hollow. Due to the similarities the Merchant's Guild is now allowing people who want to provide a service to belong in it's ranks. Look below to see who is selling items (armor, food, herbs, clothing, etc.) And who is selling a service (hair, tattoos, potion making, etc.)

Merchant's Guild Sale List


How to join

Contact the Guildmaster with a description of your business plan. The Guildmaster will work with you on your idea, until both feel that all the potential problems have been covered and taken care of. The reason for this is that players who put a lot of thought and planning into it are less likely to give up if something goes wrong, and will also have a fair idea of how much work might be needed. There is now a fee of 500 gold to join. This gold will go towards events that will be held throughout the year. If a merchant does not have sufficient funds they may speak with the Guildmaster and plans can be made accordingly.

Benefits of joining

  • The support of the Guild in your business. We are more likely to share information among ourselves than to the public, and might offer discounts as well.
  • Part of the Guildmaster's job is to find other ways to provide benefits to Guild members. Such benefits that are known are chances to sell merchandise or services in fairs that will be held around Hollow.

Rules of membership

  • A Merchant's word is their bond. If a Merchant makes a deal, the Merchant should honor it. By setting this rule and sticking to it, it means that our customers can trust us, and are not afraid to give us the money or the item first. If word gets to the Guildmaster that a Merchant has not kept his word the Merchant can get subjected to a fine.
  • The Merchant should always wear a Merchant's Guild ring openly.
  • Merchant Guild items should not be given to non-members.
  • Merchant Guild secrets will be kept in the guild.

If the Guildmaster finds out that secrets have been given out she/he does have the right to fine or disband a Merchant.


Service Merchant

  • Service Merchants are people who provide a service for profit.
  • Service Merchants must follow the rules of the Guild and still pay the admission fee and any fee's for event's.
  • Service Merchants:


Apprentice Merchant

  • For 30 days after joining, a Merchant is known as an Apprentice Merchant. Other than the title, there is no real difference between Apprentices and full Merchants.
  • Apprentice Merchants:



  • Merchants:

Master Merchant

  • Master Merchants are those who have done well enough with their business to become fairly well off and can purchase a grade advancement.
  • Master Merchants:


  • The Guildmaster manages the Guild.
    • Recruitment and working with the recruits to make sure that they are ready and capable of becoming good merchants.
    • Seeking additional benefits to provide to the members.
    • Working with the membership to set and enforce the Guild rules.
    • Working with the other Guilds as necessary.
    • Set's up fairs and other events throughout Hollow.
    • The Guildmaster holds and wears the Merchant-Guildmaster Signet-Ring.
  • Guildmasters:

Former Members

Guild Master Master Merchant Merchant Apprentice Merchant Associate Merchant
  • Cyllarus
  • Sophie
  • Milly
  • Morvious
  • Kwen
  • Oosutin
  • Sanmichel
  • Mitzi
  • Alexandros
  • Wolfe
  • Rowen
  • Ginger
  • Aston
  • Aranhil
  • Gale
  • Lothar
  • Aldred
  • Kita

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