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Official Merchant's Guild Sigil


The Merchant's Guild is an organization devoted to those who attempt to earn a living by buying and selling items, goods and services to the other people of Hollow.


How to Join

The Guildmaster is Iintahquohae, so please reach out to her to inquire about admission into the guild. There is no guild fee. An RP will be required with Iintahquohae to make your current wares or services known.

Rules of Membership

  • If for any reason you have voluntarily have chosen to leave the guild, the guild items you’ve received must be returned.
  • By joining, you also agree to the rules, codes and guidelines, set forth by Hollow's administrative staff.

Guild Items

  • Merchant's Guild Signet Ring
  • Unrestricted Trade Charters
  • Ring of Merchant Mastery

Guild Locations


Merchants and Service Providers

Guild Master


  • Leone - Glass blower
  • Lita - Tattoo Artist
  • Meri - Artist/Tattoo Artist


Equipment Enchanters




Musical Performers

  • Kanna - (traditional Japanese music / soft ballads
  • Khitti - (metal band)

Former Members

Cyllarus Sophie Milly Morvious
Kwen Oosutin Sanmichel Mitzi
Alexandros Wolfe Rowen Ginger
Aston Aranhil Gale Lothar
Alred Kita Dyzz Arcos

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