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*Name~ Agoyoanye Tear DeSange

*Age~ Eh 24 is her sired age. She has been this way for almost 75 years.

*Job~ A doctor *Non-Magical*

*Looks~ Agoyoanye is not like most of the vampires running around with a slim build. No this vampire is well in doubt a chubbier woman. Her long black locks fall framing her pale chubby cheeks. Her crimson eyes are filled with wisdom of many years of experience. Her darkly painted lips are usually broke into a smile when she is enjoying the company she is with. Agoyoanye is a human who was turned vampire... She has freckles sprinkled across the apples of her cheeks... And eyes that burn as bright as the flames.. Her hair is charcoal colored curls, that is most of the time in her way... The unique thing about Agoyoanye is she is a "plus-size" charry!

*Personality~ Agoyoanye is not like the vampires you come across daily. Since she works with all types of public she has came accustom to wanting to drink blood from vials not necks. Personality wise Ago is not like most blood thirsty vampires. She has fought her cravings to her advantages. Now what seemed to be a curse helps her use her non-magical healing powers.

OOC Information

Hello All! If you haven't RPed with me please contact me! I love to make new friends and experience RP's of all levels!

I live in the Tar Heel State... All though I am a Duke fan...

I have a 2 year old dictator... I luffles him bunches!

I have played Hollow for almost 13 years.... Yeah I started as a noob and sometimes still RP like a noob.