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“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” - Viktor Frankl

⚜️Brennia Cadenza⚜️

1B APPEARANCE.png What is Seen

"Baby, look up the sky is falling
Look up the sky is falling down
They'd rather see us crawling
So we'll stay right here and stand our ground
They'll never see us shattered
They'll never see us fall in two
They may set us on fire
So set us ablaze and make us new"

"No we make the world go 'round
Can't keep us bound
No bounds
Quintessential pound for pound
Can't keep us down"

Race: Avian
Class: Bard
Wings: An alluring darkness that reflects hues of forest greens and navy blues
Height: 6'2"
Voice: A melodic alto timbre.
Frame: Slim
Hair: What was once a dark brown has been highlighted by the sun a little.
Eyes: Teal and solid in color.

Brennia can be found with a warm smile for anyone on her face and she is usually found wearing over-sized knit sweaters and simple black leggings with soft leather boots to hide her rather slim body. She used to be quite curvaceous and healthy, but something has taken a toll on her body and she would rather deal with it alone. Zahrani is the only one that is clued in on her condition of sleeplessness and inability to indulge in culinary and alcoholic treats.

1 GENERAL.png What is Known

"You sit on the throne, we sit on the bathroom floor
Now it's time to own, you get off our throne
You sit on the bathroom floor
Baby cheer up your time is coming
Chin up your time is coming now
Our hearts as one are drumming
Now the world can't help but bang our down
They'll never see us broken
They'll never see us fall in two
The Universe has spoken and she says it's time to make our move"

Full Name: Brennia Cadenza de Vere
Prefers: Brennia or to those closest to her, Bre.
Trying to Make it Feel Like Home Again: Schezerade which houses the bard's college.
Clan: Skjoldet Doctor
Guilds: Bard's Guild member,
Caméléon‎‎ of the Rogue's Guild,
Neophyte for the Healer's Guild by sponsor of Thamalys.

(OOC: Anyone wishing to join The Bard's Guild send an hmail to Alvina the Silver Bard)

Social Status: A wanderer helping out in the House of Ara if she isn't rebuilding parts of Schezerade, but her heart keeps guiding her to Cenril to spend time with Zahrani and The Isran Collective, who have become family to the avian.
Relationship Status: Becoming increasingly entranced by an absolutely divine paladin with a blindingly beautiful soul.

(OOC NOTE: Brennia hasn't actually been openly with another person in a few years (maybe even longer idk). So this is new territory for the character and probably anyone that knows her, or of her.)

3 HISTORY.pngBefore the Absence

While recovering,Queen Reginae, left Brennia in the care of one of her best warriors, Thedez, so she wouldn’t get so badly hurt again. Thedez doesn’t speak much and when he does it’s to the point as his only order is for Brennia’s safety until she can take the floating city back. He’s probably not too thrilled about it and neither is Brennia, but she wouldn’t turn her friend’s wish down. She is going to take her home back.

Fate took on other plans...

"Know we make the word go 'round
Can't keep us bound
No bounds
Quintessential pound for pound
Can't keep us down"

It was known that the disgraced senator went on the run for some time and she did resurface here or there under a guise that was only unmasked to her close friends. Though it has been some time since anyone heard whispers of either the nefarious Flewminati or the avian bard, most probably just assume the headmistress to the bard's college fled Lithrydel entirely or continues to keep hidden.

Thedez and Brennia had taken a break from their travels to try a pub out off the beaten path. The place smelled a little odd, but with a glance of irritation to the other they pressed on within until the trap door swallowed them up and everything went dark. They do not know where they are, who they are or how long they've been gone, or what they've been doing while under the effects of a poison that is being fed to them daily.

9 RP.pngCurrently

Brennia can be found back at the bard's college in Schezerade now that her and the remaining avians have cleaned the city up from Kahran's forces. Some rebuilding still needs done, but the city is now safe once more and with the appearance of a new avian, hopefully he will bring good fortune.

"All these nights alone
You sit on the throne, we sit on the bathroom floor
Now it's time to own, you get off our throne
You sit on the bathroom floor (You sit on the bathroom floor)"

"Too many secrets are locked inside your minds, but you're all equal in life, equal in love"

"You're all building castles in the sky, dreaming of a better world"

"Look up into the heavens above"

"Can you feel it?"

"It's time to make my move."

10 OOC.pngOut of Character

This is my main and Irenic is my alt. If you’d like to plot avian/healer/bard/rogue/need for some tall brute rp with either Irenic or Brennia, shoot me a tell, hmail, or even a DM on discord Bre#0777 😊 ty! Happy rping~

OOC | Picture was commissioned by me from Rasen
OOC | Lyrics: Tanerlle's The Happening