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“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” - Viktor Frankl

⚜️Brennia Cadenza⚜️

1B APPEARANCE.png What is Seen

"Baby, look up the sky is falling
Look up the sky is falling down
They'd rather see us crawling
So we'll stay right here and stand our ground
They'll never see us shattered
They'll never see us fall in two
They may set us on fire
So set us ablaze and make us new"

"No we make the world go 'round
Can't keep us bound
No bounds
Quintessential pound for pound
Can't keep us down"

Race: Avian
Class: Bard
Wings: An alluring darkness that reflects hues of forest greens and navy blues
Height: 6'2"
Voice: A melodic alto timbre.
Frame: Slender
Hair: A rich dark brown.
Eyes: Teal and solid in color.

Brennia can be found with a warm smile for anyone on her face and she is usually wearing oversized knit sweaters and simple black leggings with soft leather boots. Lately she prefers the comfortable over fashionable.

1 GENERAL.png What is Known

"You sit on the throne, we sit on the bathroom floor
Now it's time to own, you get off our throne
You sit on the bathroom floor
Baby cheer up your time is coming
Chin up your time is coming now
Our hearts as one are drumming
Now the world can't help but bang our down
They'll never see us broken
They'll never see us fall in two
The Universe has spoken and she says it's time to make our move"

Full Name: Brennia Cadenza de Vere
Prefers: Brennia or to those closest to her, Bre.
Home: Schezerade which houses the bard's college(virtual tour, go here).
Clan: Skjoldet Doctor
Guilds: Bard's Guild member,
Caméléon‎‎ of the Rogue's Guild,
Neophyte for the Healer's Guild by sponsor of Thamalys.

(OOC: Anyone wishing to join The Bard's Guild send an hmail to Brennia)

Social Status: A wanderer helping out in the House of Ara if she isn't tending to her duties in Schezerade, but her heart keeps guiding her to Cenril to spend time with Zahrani and The Isran Collective, who have become family to the avian.
Relationship Status: Hopelessly in love with an absolutely divine paladin with a blindingly beautiful soul.

"Know we make the word go 'round
Can't keep us bound
No bounds
Quintessential pound for pound
Can't keep us down"

A secret society with their own high ranking member placed in a seat of power along with countless others. Brennia didn’t have a chance in the race for senator. It was rigged from the beginning and by the time everyone found it, it was too late. Of those that remain in Schezerade, there is no current recognized leader, but there is a counsel that meets to vote on matters of the city. Now that their resident leader of the bard college is recovered, there has been whispers of hope and a lighter feeling in the air. Maybe she won’t outright campaign to become the senator again, but she will always keep the interests of Schezerade and it’s people in her highest priorities.

There is a lot to mend in Schezerade and not just physically. The citizens and their trust of the government is fragile at this moment. People they thought were neighbors, good friends and even family members have unmasked their allegiance to this cult-like secret society, but who will get down to the truth? Has this secret society really been disbanded and run off?

9 RP.pngCurrently

Brennia is in the full swing of good health once more and is back at the bard's college in Schezerade now that the remaining avians along with herself have cleaned the city up. Some rebuilding still needs done, but the city is now safe for the time being and with the appearance of a new avian, hopefully he will bring good fortune.

"All these nights alone
You sit on the throne, we sit on the bathroom floor
Now it's time to own, you get off our throne
You sit on the bathroom floor (You sit on the bathroom floor)"
"Too many secrets are locked inside your minds, but you're all equal in life, equal in love"
"You're all building castles in the sky, dreaming of a better world"
"Look up into the heavens above"
"Can you feel it?"
"It's time to make my move."

10 OOC.pngOut of Character

This is my main and Irenic is my alt. If you’d like to plot avian/healer/bard/rogue/need for some tall brute rp with either Irenic or Brennia, shoot me a tell, hmail, or even a DM on discord Bre#0777 😊 ty & talk to ya soon~

OOC | Picture was made by me using Picrew
Other artworks: 
-First Commission piece
-Sims 4 & PicsArt made piece for old campaigning days
-Sketch made by Valrae that I thought looked like Brennia (Rae) at the time
-Another more recent Sims 4 & PicsArt creation.
OOC | Lyrics: Tanerlle's The Happening