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Name: Pilar (pronounced pee-LAR) Nae'Baer, née Solana-Mendez
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120 pounds
Race: Vampire
    Base Race: Human
Class: Illusionist
Birthday: August 23
Age: Turned at age 17, actually 21
Status: Married to Yozenra
Anniversary: January 5
Other: Romani, born in a faraway country called Granceval.

At A Glance

Physical Description

Pilar is a short woman at a mere 5 feet 3 inches tall, and is quite thin, with a small waist, a flat bottom, and not much in the way of a bust. She has a bloodless, dark ocher complexion, long, straight black hair, and large brown eyes. She often has a melancholy cast to her face, which has a straight but not particularly large nose, thin lips, and noticeable cheekbones.

Generally, Pilar likes girlish clothes but as she cannot afford more sumptuous attire, the dresses she wears are simple and have minimal ornamentation, usually a ribbon here or some lace there. She dresses most often in a yellow dress with frills on the bodice, a white blouse, white stockings, and gold-colored shoes. White flowers usually adorn her hair, which is nearly always tied up in a high ponytail.


Pilar is a soft-hearted woman. She can't stand to hurt anyone, and feels terrible if she does. She is kind and polite, but also meek and cowardly. She acknowledges these faults, along with faults she doesn't actually have, thanks to low self-esteem. She is a loving person and believes in the inherent goodness of people. The fact that her difficult life has not made her hard or angry is testament to an inner strength that she doesn't recognize. Years of mistreatment made her wary of outsiders, but finding people she could trust made her more open.



Born in a caravan, Pilar was part of a large family. Besides her parents, two brothers and three sisters, she had numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. Her people, the gitano, were nomadic, though not by choice. Everywhere they went, they were hated as outsiders, branded as brigands, and refused lodging, service, or even employment. They made do as best they could, finding honest work where they could get it and making dishonest work when they had to.

From a young age, Pilar came into contact with many types of people. Elves and dragons were the most common non-human races she met, and she quickly picked up on their languages. She learned how to play piano and how to dance, though she was never very good at either. She also learned to keep the payos (non-gitano) happy by showing them the utmost respect, so that they might make use of her family, or at least not run them out of town.

Farm work was one form of income that Pilar's family found often. It was during these days that Pilar was happiest. She loved working with the animals, for they did not judge her, and she was at peace whether out in the field training the horses or in the barn milking the cows. While her family was always forced to move on after the harvest was done, there was one farm that kept them on for an entire year, sheltering them in the winter. It was here that Pilar, at the tender age of 14, had her first taste of love. This caused her much anguish, for the object of her affections was not the farm owner's son, but their daughter. Such a dalliance would have been thrice condemned: it was same-sex, it was interracial, it was cross-class. Pilar had not the courage to act, and the day they left the farm brought her both relief and sorrow.

Circuses were another common place of employment for her family. They could pull off the fortune-telling, palm-reading schtick pretty well, and ran booths where they sold these services, along with treats and toys made by Pilar's relatives. Pilar's gift with animals came in handy here, too, as she learned to take care of more exotic creatures. Outside of circuses and carnivals, her family still sold their services and crafts, though it was always harder. The more musically talented among them would perform for tips, something Pilar still does on occasion. It was a difficult life, to be sure, but Pilar found a way to be happy, regardless.

The Turning Point

Like so many times before, her clan found work for a circus. But something was different this time. Perhaps one of the circus performers felt they were cutting in on their profits. Perhaps Pilar's sister had flirted with the wrong man. Whatever the reason, the locals' wrath was incurred and the family was set upon.

Pilar, who had been caring for the circus animals, hid in the stalls while outside, her family was slaughtered. But the mob was nothing if not thorough, and soon she was found, dragged outside, and beaten to death.

... Or at least, to near-death. When Pilar awoke many hours later, in the dead of night, the only pain she had was a stinging in her neck, despite the blood all over her clothes. Disoriented, Pilar at first didn't realize what happened. It wasn't until she started to find the bodies that she remembered, and broke down in a fit of hysteria.

When morning came, so too did onlookers. Fearing for her safety, Pilar fled, not stopping until she arrived in a village several miles away. With not a penny to her name, she was forced to sleep on the streets and dig through garbage for her next meal. No matter what she ate or drank, however, she found that nothing alleviated the hunger, not even the smallest bit. The hunger itself was unlike any she'd known before, more like a thirst, really. She grew weaker as time went on, until one day she just blacked out.

Awaking from her stupor to find herself covered in blood, with her hunger sated and a dead dog on her lap, she realized she was a vampire. How this transformation had occurred, she had no idea. But now she was doubly persecuted, feared and hated by the villagers who had tolerated her before, and combined with the trauma of losing her clan, she was forced to leave her homeland for good.


For the next year and a half, Pilar stayed on the move, never settling in one place for longer than a week. She had frequent blackouts, caused by her foolish aversion to feeding. Upon awakening, she would remember nothing, but her thirst would be sated and there would be some sort of dead animal in her presence. It wasn't hard to figure out what she'd done.

Pilar's pitiful half-existence came to a head when, during one of her episodes, she sought out a different form of prey. Again, she remembered nothing of her actions, but this time there would be consequences. For this time, she had fed upon a human. It was an elderly man, known as a bit of an eccentric among the villagers, but well-liked for his kindness all the same. He had allowed Pilar to spent a rainy night in his cellar, and she had repaid him with violence, or so the villagers believed. She awoke to the screams of his wife and found his lifeless body in a pool of blood before her. Reeling from what she'd done, Pilar fled, with a mob hot on her heels.

Despite her horror and guilt, Pilar's survival instinct was strong. She kept ahead of her pursuers and fed on animals as often as she could bear to. Eventually, with nothing but bloodied rags upon her back and a longing for a new life, Pilar crossed one last border...

Arrival In Hollow

20 months after being turned, Pilar ended up in the land of Hollow. Here, she began to make the first real friends she'd had since... that night. A scholarly pixie named Irthos gifted her with a multi-language dictionary, which she still clings to as a sort of security blanket, even as her Common improves. An exuberant magician named Johnny took it upon himself to act as a sort of guardian, and the vampire Larewen offered her refuge in her home.

But Pilar's stay in Hollow hasn't been all fun and games. While wandering Vailkrin, she was attacked by a fanatically hateful undead. The undead woman rose a dragon from its grave and its fiery breath reduced Pilar to a catatonic wreck. Johnny managed to intervene and the two made a hasty getaway. Pilar made the decision to study magic so that she may protect herself and her friends in the future.

Recent Events

  • Took over Chartsend Clinic operations
  • Made Healer's Guild Master of Chartsend
  • Engaged to Yozenra
  • Married Yozenra

OOC Information

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