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    Sabrina's Description:


Sometimes, when a spell goes horribly wrong, it leaves a stain on the caster. Before there was a standard of practice the affliction was common enough but now casters should know better than to try something so risky- especially on themselves. Sabrina's Ardentism is the effect of a heart bonding gone wrong between her and the half-breed known as Rohk. He should have died, she should have died, but with half of her heart to make his whole it leaves the wound open until both of them meet their doom. One can not survive without the other, it is a love hate relationship they have been dealing with for nearly 600 hundred years; since she found him there in the ashes of his dead mother- his life forfeit at the cause of his unnatural breed. She made a choice to save him, though she did not know the price and it was high. Now, anyone who touches her feels what she feels, tenfold. Dependent on the ability of the victim it can range from a trickle to an overpowering and overwhelming flood; be it fear, anger, love. She has since learned to control it, to a point, but lets face it- emotions are sneaky and honest. The damage can be life altering, and some have learned the hard way, she prefer not to be touched at all. Still, it has its uses, but the downfall far outweighs the good. With the help of time, practice and now Ranok she has learned to control it, manipulate it, and even enhance its effects- Ranok's contribution lies in a set of Bangles that neutralize its effects but in wearing these devices it has also improved its potency when she does not. At this point she can manufacture artificial feelings, and that is some cool ass sh!tt. Historically few have showed much resilience to it, few she would be interested in anyway. (Preklek, Dwarf, Orc, and Gnomes are immune since they lack the emotional range to encourage any real effect. Avian, Dragon,Drow, High Elf, Elf and halfbreeds can usually build a tolerance over time. Also, those with high magical ability should be able to carry out all sorts of blocks.) As far as the healing bit goes, she can not 'heal' Vampires or the Undead through her ability for obvious reasons. She deals in life energy, although, if you would like to feel the pain of life she has been known to inflict a heartbeat or two on the overzealous creatures of the dark

“Where am I from…?” She shifts uncomfortably in her chair. “Its difficult to say, really.
They call it Nuduin, but it doesn’t really tell you much, I suppose…Nuduin is 3 Docks East of
the Rynvale Port of Iggrisas.”
“Three docks east. What does that mean?”
Sabrina pulls lengthy black trusses around to her front and fiddles with her hair, a nervous
habit she took to during lecture when she was unsure of what to say. “It means what it means,
Three Docks East… Does it really matter?”


Iggrisas is an Elf-made island of sorts, made of broken ships, some of which had been expanded into 56 sturdy docks numbered 1-57 (skipping dock 13.) Though smaller than what one could consider a real city there are many things to see, and even more things only to be seen by deserving eyes. Iggrisas’ broken ships are said to reach the ocean floor, with decks and quarters still intact in most regions. Each city has its own designated port, and each port has its own collection of Unguilded Merchants, Captains, Smugglers, and Riffraff. The Rynvale Port of Iggrisas (Dock Five-Four) is owned and operated by Kirikae, Captain of the Starchaser. Dock Five-Four is embellished with exceptional glittering-stone carvings procured long ago when the Dwarfs cleared out boulders in Xalious Mountains, making this dock appear to have a wider berth than those surrounding it.

Iggrisas is owned by the ship dwellers of Cairbara, and therefore Iggrisas is more commonly known as Cairbara, or The Broken City of Cairbara. Cairbarians were once violent pirates brought together by a collective to create a free-port to pass goods between travelers, and of course take their cut with little to no effort. The organization of these Pirates is unmatched, and so it should be when a bit of gold is to be had. On any given day hundreds of thousands of varied gold pieces exchange hands as deals are made and product is shipped out with its merchants. Though tax-free the protection of this place is provided by Cairbarians, which is the same as paying taxes… but when you say it like that it seems more liberal.

Nuduin was created by the High Elves of Nuduin.All that is recorded was that one day there was vast ocean past Port Five-Six, and a New Day. Thus, the city was born; Nuduin Port Five-Seven.

The downward dock stretches to the seafloor, constructed with obvious magical means by the highest class Hydromancers in Hollow for that time. Down the slope one may travel by foot or boat, but all who do are in awe, gazing mindlessly upward to the bright and shining ceiling cluttered with shadows of passing ocean life. As travelers enter Nuduin they are surprised to see a very plain, but elegant city; if not for the watery walls and fluttering ceiling stretching high above one would not note the difference between this city and one above ground. Nuduin was built by elementalists, and many elementalists study here to become great and powerful Hydromancers. Sabrina was not one of them…

    ===Family: ===
Mother: Galadriel Linnéa Nivera Skaði of Nuduin 
(Hydromancer/ Healer/Artist)
Father: Aelron Rûdol Vantauré Skaði of Nuduin 
Ñame: Sabrina Galadriel Linnéa Skaði of Nuduin 
Âge: Looks early to mid 700's (Late 20's early 30's))
Race: River Elf, tries not to be racist about it 
Hair: Mid-thigh length, thick and §traight, §tark black, §hiny like wet ink.
Eye§: Varying §hade§of green 
§kin: Porcelain Pale, §mooth, Flawle§§.
Frame: Elven, §mall, Delicate. 
Affiliations:Healer's Guild, Larket, Skjoldet

Height: Fifteen and a half hands. (Really just fifteen, and that is with the boots)

Always appears neat and flawlessly clean.

Sometimes accompanied by Rohk


Cotton blended Captains style coat with high Mongolian collar and short tails. Fitted cotton pants, tucked into militaristic style boots. Her hair is usually half-up in intricate elvish braids unless she is hunting, and from the very top button of her coat to the fine seams of supple gloves there is not a sliver of skin to be seen... unless, again, she has been hunting. Been doing a lot of that lately, for a healer.

Nature bow, for defensive purposes. While she is not a crack-shot, her arsenal of summoned energies do not require a bullseye target. If she does travel about while packin' its generally the nature bow and a dozen or so scalpel sized throwing projectiles.

There are few she considers friends and even then one should use the term lightly. She travels all of Hollow helping injured citizens along the way and healing through the Ardent's touch. Those seeking a position in the Healer's Guild are bound to cross paths and begin taking the first steps to becoming a master in the art. Area leaders are more than welcome to send a raven to the House of Ara in Larket to request a healer be appointed in their region, usually under an apprenticeship at their local healer's shops. If she seems to not like your character this is her character and is in no way linked to an ooc opinion of you as a person.''''''


Rohk (Lower Hellhound, for lack of a better description)

Age: Early 600's

Height: Fifteen hands (Fifteen actual hands at the shoulder)

Weight: Two tons, give or take (Can't swim, but can hold breath for hours if need be)

Color: Dull grey (calm)Amber glow (keeping Sabrina warm, or warning of danger) Full Blazing Flame (Pissed off, Fighting, or boasting)

Demeanor: Proud and self aware.

Negative Feedback: Insane flatulence Loyalty can be bought with food, most times unless Sabrina's life is threatened Doesn't like anyone after having received said food. Likes making Sabrina the butt end of a joke. .... snores.

--Sabrina 23:22, 2 November 2011 (UTC)Bree