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Lady Eilyo Celeste Monternine

-The woman has thick, wavy, burgundy locks, reaching down to her waist.

-Her eyes are long-lashed, almond-shaped, and light mossy green.

-Her skin is pale, soft, porcelain, a single scar on her right cheek, near her jawline; a small jagged line, where the blood of the dragon Ravina grazed her.

-She stands at about five foot, seven inches, the majority of her height made up of her long, slender legs, and weighs about one hundred thirty five pounds.

-She's slender, athletic, with curves in all the right places, and has a generous bosom and bottom.

-Her face is long and slender, with full, rosy lips.

-Vampire [born a witch, sired by Thor Vlan Alucard].

-Old [2,596 years of existence, born February 3rd, undead since her nineteenth birthday]. -Immortal [cannot die of old age].

-Neutral Good [despite her race she simply cannot be evil].

-Bard, Chanteuse, skilled; Necromancer, not as skilled.

-Former Head Mistress of the Bard's Guild. [Still a member, always supporting and helping when she can.]

-Widowed / Dating the avian Laedrion. [Has finally found what she was looking for.]

-When it comes to love, gender has no meaning to the woman [neither does race].

-Is terrified of spiders and centipedes. And now the Underdark [thanks to a certain Drow and his fear magic].

-Can speak an array of languages [has a bit of an obsession with them].

-Sired only two; Solantholas Ansalon [gone, missing], Turel, the Fallen One [has since found a cure and been purged of his vampirism].


Mother- Aisling the Immortal Queen.

Father- Marcus Monternine.

Daughters- Adelle, Airane, Scarlet, Errin (through Razgriz, deceased).

Granddaughters- Breia (adopted, then put under her son Eian's care).

Sons- Eian, Mavrik (deceased), Sholl (adopted, deceased).

Siblings- Rumiko (adopted, missed), Ontor (adopted, also missed).

She also claims relation to any of Rumiko's family, and her youngest has relation to any of Razgriz's family.

My lover's got humor

She's the giggle at a funeral

Once upon a time there was a young, pretty witch in posession of an old and evil book. In her quest for power she found a demon and fell into a forbidden passion for one fateful night. It was under these circumstances that Eilyo was conceived. The witch, who would one day be known as Aisling, the Immortal Queen, parted ways with the shapeshifting demon not knowing she was carrying his child. When the gorgeous, burgundy haired baby was born, Aisling found herself loving something with all her heart for the first time in her life. The book she had was corrupting her very soul, but Eilyo, with her soft eyes and adorable features, kept the witch from becoming truly evil.

Knows everybody's disapproval

I should've worshiped her sooner

The first five years of Eilyo's life were filled with magic and wonder and love from a love-less, but gorgeous woman. For five years her father knew nothing of her existence and she was safe. Shortly after her fifth birthday all of that would change, however. Her father got word, through some means or another, and vowed to kill his unplanned and unwanted child. Aisling then got word in return of his plans and vowed to find a way to save her child. Searching that book for answers, the witch came up with a solution. She put her daughter into an ageless sleep, preserving her as she was perfectly, but keeping her technically alive as she slept, and then hid and buried her away. For five hundred years the child slept in her magic sleep, the side effects from this proving to be a very nasty thorn in her side later in her life.

If the heavens ever did speak

She's the last true mouthpiece

Marcus Monternine found out the location of his daughter, after centuries of thinking she was gone. He set out to take care of the problem he thought was eradicated centuries before, and Aisling once again found out in time before he could. (The flow of information between these two indicated one of two things, or perhaps both; there was a spy and/or magic involved.) She needed a way to hide her daughter away where she would be safe, for good, and that would never be in her world of magic and death. She found a late middle-aged, childless, farmer couple in the local village, far away from her coven of witches. It was here that Eilyo was raised and would remember as her childhood for the next many centuries, until those true memories finally made their way back into her life.

Every Sunday's getting more bleak

A fresh poison each week

It was during this time, living on that farm, on that island, that Eilyo first ever fell in love. He was the farm hand her father hired, who had worked at the farm as long as Eilyo could remember, it seemed. He was handsome and kind, and he was equally attracted to the sweet, and beautifully pale, slender, but shapely, young woman Eilyo had become. They were in love, to be wed, and all was going right in her life. How fickle life can be. This dream of a life was short lived as Kayden, the handsome and loving farmhand, ended his own life, hanging himself in the barn. Eilyo was devastated. Her love, life, all gone...and why? She turned to the bottle. She drowned in her sorrow and it was through this new life style she was to become immortal.

We were born sick

You heard them say it

A vampire, trying to make a point to his father, was on the hunt, determined to prove his power by creating a new vampire of his own. All his siblings had and his father was ready to disown him. It was for this reason Thor Vlane Alucard came across a drunken Eilyo, passed out in a field, empty bottles at her side. He tricked her, using her weakened state to his advantage, making her think he was her recently deceased lover and turned her into an immortal monster just like himself. Then he left her there to wake in the morning without an explanation. He abandoned his freshly turned thrall and did nothing to help her. She woke the next morning and after wanting to feed from her loving parents, she ran away. And ran. And ran.

My church offers no absolutes

She tells me "worship in the bedroom"

She spent the next many centuries of her long life running from place to place. Lover to lover. Away from the vampire that would be her master for years, the one who trained her to control herself, taught her how to feed, who to feed from, and all those things that it takes to be a vampire. She simply could not follow in his path of evil, and so she ran. Eventually she came across a vampire named Victoria and would become her best friend for many years. Following shortly behind one another, the two friends make their way to Hollow and it was there Eilyo would finally find her home. Even after Victoria left and was no longer a friend. Too many significant things would happen in the woman's life here that, even after a few attempts to get away, she could not leave her home.

The only heaven I'll be sent to

Is when I'm alone with you

Love was something that was always very important to the woman. It was what wanted. Truly a lover, not a fighter, the woman would have many over her life, of any race or gender. This is how she ended up with a total of four living children and one more that died shortly after birth. They've all grown and moved on with their lives, living the woman alone in the large mansion she inherited through her only marriage. Razgriz Argeneau was the only lover that ever managed to stay around long enough to actually marry the woman, the marriage ending when he tragically got trapped inside a portrait. He also fathered her youngest daughter, the girl in possession of a special choker with a stone allowing her to visit her father's world at her leisure.

I was born sick, but I love it

Command me to be well

One of the biggest thorns in her side, leading to many problems in her life and the conception of her oldest child, was the other half of her personality. As a side effect of the magic sleep her mother once put her under, Eilyo's mind split in two, becoming two completely separate people at once, one all of the pureness and goodness of her soul, the other all the hatred and evil. She first showed up when Eilyo was still but a young thrall of a vampire, training under her master. From that moment on would show up in times of great emotional or physical distress, and cause mischief in Eilyo's life. Celeste, as the other personality went by, created chaos in Eilyo's life for so long before she was finally, permanently, merged back together with the other half, leaving Eilyo finally whole again after so long.

If I'm a pagan of the good times

My lover's the sunlight

The woman once dabbled in necromancy, in an attempt to bring back her first lover, which would end in bitter disappointment. She got excited, jumped the gun, and tried too early in her training to properly revive a person. Her natural affinity with magic led her to believe she was special enough to pull off a miracle. This was not the case for Eilyo. It was a grotesque and gory failure, breaking the woman far more effectively than his death alone had. Instead she focused her studies on potions and poisons, and would become quite adept at making those, though it would not be her occupation of choice, as another talent called to her.

To keep the goddess on my side

She demands a sacrifice

The vampire's true calling would instead be the song. Her own naturally musical qualities made her a natural for learning bard magic and in these lessons she flourished. She has been able to learn to play any instrument she touches, and through all of her years of training, she knows many spells controlled by her song. Most recently in her life she was the Head Mistress of the Bard's Guild, dedicating herself to trying to restore the guild to it's former glory. She has since decided to step down as the leader, finding she no longer has the means or ability to provide the sort of dedication the Guild requires in it's current state. She will forever be a member and help whenever she could, however. She also quite a skilled dancer, and could be quite a convincing actor.

Drain the whole sea

Get something shiny

She's worked as a bartender a few times in her life, most notably for The Hanging Corpse and Kelay Tavern. The woman even has plans tucked away for her own tavern, hoping one day she can have her own business. She enjoyed bar-tending work. Meeting new people, hearing all the interesting stories, and not to mention the tips were nice. Most recently she's been focusing on music and the Bard's Guild, and she has been considering offering to become a music tutor; but that's only a thought still at this point.

Something meaty for the main course

That's a fine looking high horse

She had a patch of bad luck with her lovers, all her relationships ending in tragedy or betrayal. She gave up on love. Apparently it wasn't meant for her. And then she went and fell in love with a rock of a man; Ranok. The odd blacksmith caught her fancy and for so long she couldn't move past him, despite his refusal to give the woman what she wanted. He would share her bed and affection, but never would he fully give her his heart. The only way Eilyo was able to move past this heartache black hole she found herself in was upon meeting the avian Laedrion. He fell into her life, literally, and she found herself unable to look back at what would never be.

What you got in the stable?

We've a lot of starving faithful

Through this new found love Eilyo is finding strength. The vampire, who until she met Laedrion, would never feed from a person unless she was forced into it, has been feeding on a regular basis. The avian is more than happy to provide his love what she require0.0s to reach her full potential. In return Eilyo keeps the man healthy, keeping health potions and healing songs on stand by, and keeping her mansion stocked with healthy foods. Through her recent proper diet the woman finds herself doing things she had lost the ability to do so, like eat and drink regular food. During her point of life on a strict animal blood diet, the vampire found regular food turning to ash in her mouth. It was a disappointing point in her life, where even though she was depressed and longed for the numbing power of alcohol, she couldn't drink any of it. Not a drop. For years she was lonely, depressed, and sober. Funny what the power of love can do. Now the woman is happy, practically glowing as she wonders about Hollow now-a-days. Her smile finally reaches her eyes again, and her true potential is finally being realized.

That looks tasty

That looks plenty

This is hungry work

The woman holds many more secrets, stories, and surprises, too many to tell them all here. She's had so many friends and experiences, so many losses, and so many loves. She's not hard to find, often seen haunting the local taverns, especially the Corpse and Kelay in particular, and through her many years living here, she's not exactly unknown either. She's always up for a conversation, even if she seems wary at first. Eilyo, the chanteuse. The vampire that refuses to kill, and chooses instead to heal. The lover, not the fighter...except to defend what she loves. The beautiful woman, who was far wiser than her slender form would indicate, not looking a day over nineteen. Living every day as a monster she hates, wanting nothing more then to be her human self again, knowing it would never be. This is Eilyo Celeste Monternine.

No masters or kings when the ritual begins

There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin

In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene

Only then I am human

Only then I am clean

Take me to church

I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies

I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

Offer me that deathless death

Good God, let me give you my life