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This Page has been marked as a Character Profile.
Name: Larewen Dragana
Race: Elder Vampire
Class: Necromancer
Alignment: Evil
Religion: Vakmatharas
Marital Status: Single
Age: 400-500 Years Old
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: Dark Bistre
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Home: The Dark Forest
Birthplace: Idel, a distant city of another land.


Clothes: Despite what's listed as the character's armor, Larewen is most commonly found clad in green, hence the nickname given to her by Shishi and his children. Her bodice and bustle skirt both bear the verdant pigment, as do her sleeves and the shawl she sometimes wears. Her gloves, heeled boots, fedora, and veil are all black. Her wrists, throat, and ears are all adorned with black diamonds.

Affiliations: Larewen is an Arcane Steward of the Mage's Guild, a Provectus Malus of the Necromancer's Guild, and a member of Decadence.

Character History

Birth, Childhood, and Adolescence

Born to Lady Iseng and Lord Baelian Dragana, both of whom had abandoned the comfort and safety of their forest homes to take up residence in the human-elf city of Idel. For the two brilliant elves, the rise to nobility had been quick and rather effortless on their part; they were naturals at performing magic and Lady Iseng's knack for chronicling history was a priceless boon to Idel's historical archives. Though Lord Baelian secretly longed to return to his home in Silvermyst, it was for the happiness of his wife that he sacrificed his own dreams. Eventually, the two bore a single child, whom they named Larewen Iseng Dragana. For her, this life of forced propriety was painful; she was raised in the very same manner as a human child might and though there was no sense of inequality among her and the other noble children, Larewen felt disgust. Her early days were filled mostly with studying and training in magic until she took it upon herself to run away.

The Betrayal

Her family was clueless as to why she left and for years after her departure, whispers of rumors ran rampant. Scandal followed, undoubtedly fueled on by information that the young Larewen traded to one of Lady Iseng's colleagues at the Idelryan Historical Society in exchange for the quick travel one is afforded by a portal. That information, though eventually discovered to be false, hinted at the idea that Lady Iseng and her husband sought to tear down the leadership of Idel and, having progressed enough in her magical training, Larewen had been able to provide seemingly authentic rolls of parchment that appeared to be penned in her mother's hand. This effectively ruined the family's noble status for years to come and lead to the immediate disowning of their daughter. Whether or not her parents went on to produce more children, while shamefully hiding the acts of their daughter, is unknown to this day.

A New Family

That portal's destination was a strange and foreign land that Larewen would soon come to know as Lithrydel. Being still quite young for an elf, the sorceress quickly garnered the attention of a giant by the name of Shasto and was adopted by him, for her behavior and mentality reflected the equivalent of a human teenager. By proxy, that brought her into the family of Nico and his then-wife. The family was exceptionally large and had much more to offer the young elf, in the sense of belonging. (This is where Larewen's relation to Celestrial, Zondo, and Cuki is grounded, for despite Shasto's abandonment, she was still considered part of their family.)


The happiness brought on by belonging to a family that cared for her was fleeting at best. Shortly after receiving a gift of diamond earrings from her adoptive father, Larewen was abandoned. There was no reason for Shasto's actions, only the cold goodbye and the refusal to ever look at her again. To this day, there are times when Larewen wonders what she might have done. Affection was sought in other things, namely briefly lived romances. She would soon meet Sabon, who at the time was married to Roelstra. Despite the latter's warnings, Larewen pursued a short lived relationship with him.

Love and Happiness

Her relationship with Saben was also short lived and soon after, the young elf met a vampire by the name of Shishi. The two would eventually be wed and, upon the night of their wedding, Shishi sired her so that the two could live together in eternal bliss - a bliss that would only last as long as Larewen could be bothered to stick around. During this time, Larewen adopted a young werewolf, Endrin; however, she is entirely unaware of what happened to him and his future mate, Jess.

The Eldritch Cabal

Though Larewen's time with the Cabal was fleeting, she found there a second family among its members and in Tenebrae. To this day, the dark sorceress still harbors a fondness for the necromancer, though their time spent together is always very, very short. That friendship is, perhaps, one of the few things from that period of time that the woman can look upon fondly, for her actions during that time period still haunt her. It was Larewen that tore open a rift into the Obsidian Pool so that Castellian and Leoxander could go after Tenebrae. That was the last time that Larewen saw the two of them alive. Though both survived the encounter, she never crossed paths with them again. (See RP:The Second Wave.)

Sacrificing a Friend

Learning what Larewen had done, Schalk took it upon himself to make another request of her. Again, Larewen found herself casting a spell that cost her yet another friend. She will never forget how it felt to plunge a spear into the elvergast's side, nor will she forget watching his life drain out of him. Whether his attempt to find Castellian and Leoxander within the Obsidian Pool was successful, Larewen never learned. (See RP:Schalk's Sacrifice.)

The Death of Celestrial and Nyterath's Daughter

Eventually, Larewen was tasked with the care of Illondria, the young daughter of Celestrial and Nyterath. Nyterath's loss of memory and subsequent abandonment of his fiancé and daughter resulted in the slow decline of Celestrial's mentality. The woman became forgetful and negligent. Although Syadon often helped the purple-haired elf care for Illondria, even adopting a fondness for the girl, ultimately she fell into the hands of her aunt.

When Larewen left Lithrydel and abandoned her husband, she took the young Illondria with her. For years, the two traveled together until one night, whether in a fit of rage or loss of control, Larewen brutally murdered her own niece. The elven sorceress did not have the courtesy of providing the murdered child with a proper burial, instead leaving her dismembered body parts to the will of nature - undoubtedly to be plucked clean by wild animals. Now and then, she swears she sees the girl out of the corner of her eyes, however she's grown accustomed to it.

Present Day

Over the years, Larewen would come and go. Shishi, naturally, remarried and though the two often found themselves in one another's arms, there was the instance of at least one other man in Larewen's life - Ivellios. Whatever romance the two had, it was short lived for Ivellios's heart always pined for Pappy. Larewen's most recent return to Lithrydel found her once more betrothed to her ex-husband. Unsurprisingly, that engagement would later break as the woman's alliances switched and she found favor with the dragon, Gheneroc.

Kyperion's Request

Shortly after her return, Kyperion happened across Larewen while she poured over scrolls in the Hanging Corpse. Intrigued by her interest in the pursuit of knowledge, the man made a proposal regarding the Nathali Death Cult. This marked Larewen's first interest in Vakmatharas and his followers. In lieu of this meeting, Kyperion provided Larewen with a death-cult soul-pendant and the Scrolls of Natha. (See RP:Conversations In the Hanging Corpse.)

A Taste of Corruption

Balancing her studies and her returned "love-life", Larewen found herself seeking the approval of Shishi's children. While his daughter was quite agreeable, the sorceress and his son did not see eye to eye. Prone to running away, it was only natural that Larewen would seek to prevent this. One day, employing her magic to prevent his fleeing, Larewen quickly found herself on the receiving end of the darkness that possessed the young boy. That darkness took on the form of a wolf and bit her, tainting her own blood and magic. Despite the darkening of her veins and the inability to compress the darkness of her magic, Larewen continued on with daily life to the best of her abilities.

The Body Snatcher

As the corrupted sorceress continued to study the pendant, she accidentally released whatever was inside it, which quickly possessed her body. She became violent, irrational, and turned on those she cared about. Her first victim was her fiancé, whom she nearly killed in a desperate bid to further understand the Obsidian Pool. Shishi had found her outside the Eldritch Headquarters, even after Tenebrae's warnings that she not return to that place.

The second person to find themselves at an unsavory end of Larewen's bitterness and hatred was Nowfaleena. Fortunately for the feline, Larewen also, soon after their encounter, assaulted Kasyr. The King of Vailkrin did not put an end to the dark sorceress's life. Instead, he freed her of the possession by frying her extra-crispy, for lack of a better word. (See RP:The Purging of a Body Snatcher.)

An Unlikely Daughter

Shortly after her encounter with Kasyr's cooking prowess, Larewen met a dark, corrupted dryad. Out of loneliness and the sheer desperation brought on by it, the dark sorceress claimed the dryad, known as Pyoshia, as her own daughter. Pyoshia has been known to refer to Larewen as Matron Mother Corrupt and is rather fond of gnawing on Larewen's arms.

Recent Events

  • Crossed paths with Styx and learned to control her corrupted magic, rather than struggle to maintain hold of herself.
  • Met the ancient stone dragon Gheneroc and swore allegiance to him and only him.
  • Assaulted Ember and tasted of her delicious blood; was subsequently injured by holyfire.
  • Chosen to be Gheneroc's eyes, ears, and voice among his followers; became dragon-marked by the stone dragon's chains of domination.
  • By chance, discovered Nasada's present incarnation.
  • Approached Xersom with the intent to betray her master, Gheneroc, in hopes of becoming his apprentice.
  • Rekindled a romance with Ivellios.
  • Met Daath and was tasked with a mission to earn her way into the Necromancer and Mage Guilds.
  • Confronted Gheneroc to break her binding to the stone dragon.
  • The second binding to Gheneroc was removed by Daath.
  • Met Grailan, who drew the remnants of the Chain of Domination from her body, once more leaving her skin flawless.
  • Since the end of the War, Larewen has focused largely on her own personal gains.
  • Raised Trajek from the dead.
  • Lost Emrith as a result of her darker nature returning.
  • Taken leadership of the Necromancer's Guild.
  • Became engaged to Shishi once again.
  • Quite literally ripped her heart from her chest and gave it to Emrith.
  • Trajek attacked Larewen with the Basilisk Blade, then tortured her. Using dragon's blood, he carved necromantic runes into her flesh that glow when *activated and inflict pain upon her.
  • Ended the engagement with Shishi.
  • Drew Corruption from Jarith and trapped it in a golem under her control.
  • Her heart was returned to her.
  • Sired Artia.


Many of my past RPs were not saved, because of this, I've had to recall from memory. As is natural when recalling from memory, some of these events may be slightly out of order.