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ºAlvina the Human:º

Late 20's to Early 30's
Ariana Grande height
Christina Hendricks thicc (and married)
Crimson Curls
Emerald Eyes

ºLittle Miss the Magic Dog:º

Lean, swift, and grumpy as hell (#ripthicc)
Quick to bare her teeth, slow to turn fully
Accidental Bite Count: 1 unfortunate soul
Snowy Fur
Azurite Eyes

ºItems of Interestº






ºNotable Attachmentsº

     **Out of Date**

    • Aira ”Hunters are very patient creatures. I have sat in trees for days at a time waiting for prey, teaching you will be easy in comparison.”

    Elven Huntress turned foxkin by some crazy Ranok based magic or artifact. Alvina hasn't spent much time with her, but when last they met, Aira agreed to teach the bard to hunt in exchange for a custom bow crafted by Alvina.

    • Brand:  “We’ll be fine. You bake enough tarts, you will be too.” A beat. “Works for Khitti, anyway.”

    Alvina has only met Brand a time or two at most, and always by Khitti's side. She knows little about him, except how Khitti feels for him and (more recently) that he's a ship and crew to call his own.

    • Brennia ”You are breathtaking, Alvina, and you're strong and you're fierce and the list goes on… for 'infinity.”


    • Bryce:   *Incoherent shrieking *

    The heir to the Landon empire! Bryce was one of two boys born on the same day in the local Cenril hospital on 04/10/18. He is still very pudgy and squinty eyed. He was born with no hair whatsoever and Hudson's facial features. At least they think so. It's still hard to tell. 

    • Cerinii: "Mein teaching was not telling you to be made of stone - or more appropriately steel - or to be void of emotion. Just to be strong when you must, Alvina. To be your own person und summon your strength when you need it."

    Former Teacher of Alvina. Deceased. Saved her from losing her left arm by replacing it with an Ancient Avian powered prosthetic. Wise and tough, she taught Alvina the ins and outs of her craft while offering plenty of life advice along the way. She was eventually consumed by one of her inventions that was supposed to protect her. Alvina cherishes her memory and still owns her old workshop / home at the edge of Kelay Sage.

    • Chisel "I find your reactions quite entertaining. Thank you. It has been a while since I had a laugh." 

    Fate brought Alvina and the murder doll together on the edge of Larket's forest where Alvina was charged with crafting her a new body. It's not every day you meet a disembodied head that makes requests. Alvina fulfilled this demand and as a reward, Chisel offered the bard a map to her 'treasure trove'. This is where Alvina and Meri found an old Airship they mean to repurpose into a regular ship. It'll take a lot of hard work and resourcefulness. Chisel is always a gracious host and offers drinks, fresh fruit, and polite conversation whenever they should meet. After uprooting from Larket, Alvina met with her to deliver the requested 'upgrade' of a body. Chisel confessed that a lantern meant to contain a murderous demon inside her may or may not lead to Kahran's survival if he is ever 'defeated'. Her plan is to build a giant ship to place her tree on and to sail into exhile, so she will not harm any who live in Lithrydel.

    • Eleanor:  "Ah hae heard much abit ye."

    An associate of Hudson's that Alvina has only met a time or two. Alvina was previously jealous of her because she thought Hudson had a crush on her. At one point, he admitted to working with her as a way to throw Alvina off the trial of his affair with Valrae. It was a successful dodge.  Alvina knows very little about Eleanor other than the fact she has a difficult to understand accent.

    • Emilia:  “I can agree that my goal isn’t to kill people, but to heal and help the world grow. I suppose that is something not monster-like.”

    The Ice Gensai is responsible for delivering both of Alvina's twin daughters safely into this world. She saved all their lives that day. Beautiful and solemn, a marvelous mother in her own right, Alvina looks up to her immensely. Through happenstance, they came upon each other in the Winter Berry Garden. Emilia's dress was soaked in blood and Alvina fretted endlessly while offering to try constructing a replacement hand for the...uh...magic-filled scamp that formerly held the position. Emilia recently requested a replacement hand after she lost her black ice appendage. 

    • Emily"You have a tendency to try and save everyone. Like, you make it your job to take on the troubles of other people, because it makes you feel more worthy of the good things you have. "

    Blonde hair, blue eyes, sunkissed skin. Formerly vanished friend of Hudson and Alvina. Her husband was caught cheating on her with an old flame. She is a massage therapist who loves yoga, beer, giving advice, and sometimes other women. She's a free spirit and one of Alvina's closests confidant. Emily claims Alvina to be her best friend while Alvina still thinks of Josleen as hers.  Emily is no longer occupying their house. Not that it isn't nice to have guests's also nice to not have guests. 

    • Harper:  "Daddy let me try his beer." "I let her lick my finger. " "It tasted so GROSS." 

    The oldest of the two twins born 02/27/2017. Officially one!  She looks exactly like her mother; crimson hair that's normally pulled back into a ponytail or under a ball cap and sharp green eyes. She, like her father, is obsessed with all things baseball and supports the Cenril cubs with all her heart. She still has lengthy debates with her schoolmate Greg (also a Cubbies fan), who previously promised her World Series ticket behind home plate. Spoiler Alert; He does not have those tickets. Known to get into fights with boys, putting loose peanuts in her backpack, and tattling on everyone in the family. Still carries around her ratty giraffe (just not at school). Affectionately called 'Monkey' by both parents. Hudson somehow managed to snag the famous Kris Bryant to sign baseballs for their birthday party.  All the mom's at the party appreciated this visit. 

    • Hildegarde:  " You seem a friendly and kind soul, m'lady. A good fit for the right companion,"

    Queen of Frostmaw, Leader of the Eyrie. Alvina has high respect for the Dragoness and would throw herself in front of flaming arrow or falling star to protect her. She harbors faith in her combat prowess and fine leadership. Alvina had a hand in re-building her heart along with a fine team of other individuals. It saved Hildegarde's life after the Yule Ball in 2015 when Hildegarde destroyed her own heart to save everyone else. She doesn't know how to feel about Hildegarde's dislike of Josleen's son. Why shouldn't Josleen have the right to have children, just like any other woman?

    • Hudson:  He brings Alvina a stick, an act which the wolf feels represents love and devotion and which Hudson feels is mildly embarrassing.

    Alchemist, Mobster (Real Estate Developer), husband, and father of four little werewolf children. Married June 30th, 2017. Former Cenril Kickball player. Baseball / grilling enthusiast.  They destroyed the Witch Detector in Larket in an unplanned explosion. Trust rebuilds slowly (even with help from truth serum confessions), but between Hudson's patience and Alvina's passion, there's nothing they can't solve together.  He enjoys wearing dad polo shirts and hanging out with their neighbors - Kam and Kanze East. Sometimes he is a magical dog and sometimes he is a blood thirsty werewolf. He finally let Alvina pet the magical dog version of him, on the heels of a full Lycan reveal. They discovered a bomb on the Landon premises and he's  investigating to find out who or what tried to come after him and his family.  No leads so far. He's pulling the strings of the Cenril elites, including the Mayor Uma Abelin (NPC). Hudson turned Alvina into a werewolf, leaving a small scar on her back. 

    • Josleen: “Sometimes love doesn’t feel like enough. I understand that.”

    Long before becoming Queen of Larket, Alvina and Josleen became fast friends. They've gone through many adventures together and supported each other through difficult life circumstances. Josleen's quick wit and brutal honesty often give Alvina a boost to do the right thing. It's almost impossible for Alvina to say no to any request of Josleen's and she's quick to defend her decisions. Alvina isn't particularly fond of Josleen's Husband, Macon, but she is still cordial and supportive as long as Jos is happy. Maid of Honor at Alvina's wedding, can read Alvina like a book. Wrote a Propaganda play that continues to blame witches for the child growth epidemic with the hope of turning the eyes of the people towards the righteous (and totally not evil) God of Death. 

    • Khitti: "...Zhere’s a theory about soulmates zhat I’ve read: Not all of zhem last forever. Some people zhere’s an immediate spark vith and only lasts moments. Some months. Others could last for years before the spark is dead, whether it’s as friends or something more. But, zhere’s always zhat one soulmate--zhe one zhat really feels like home and gives your heart zhat certain, undying fire-.”

    Before Alvina met Khitti, she'd crafted a black ice bow for her at Hildegarde's request. The vampiress won Alvina's heart with strawberry tarts and secret sharing in Frostmaw towers. Alvina gave Khitti her mother's wedding ring at her wedding, where Khitti was one of her bridesmaids. With Khitti's memories back,  the two bards find their way back to each other through happenstance on the Cenril shores. There she tells Alvina what's happened; the lies, the secrets, and the truth. Most recently  Khitti commissioned a custom bow for Meri, a shared connection.

    • Krice: " Hug your children. Kiss your husband. Each day has the potential to be your last."

    The two met in Cenril where Alvina regarded him as a hero and vowed to compose a song to memorialize his deeds. They've had a variety of interactions ranging from casual run-ins on the road to escaping dangerous sky beasts on rocky ledges.  They'd learned to read each other extraordinarily well. She tried to make up for his lack of conversation with her own crazy puns and frivolous topics. They are no longer speaking.

    • Lanara: " Quote "


    • Linn: "I -will- owe you for this if we get to pull it off. Though I think you know I'd prefer to pay you back by making more crazy things."

    Fellow mischief maker and enchanter, Linn never fails to remind Alvina why she became interested in Engineering! He rekindles her love of adventure and strange magics by posing new and interesting tasks when he rolls through town. There's never a dull moment when they are in the same place. They witness a glimmer of old Archmosia and the Time Lord's magics in Rynvale, where Linn encouraged Alvina -not- to run through a rip in time-space. She's probably lucky someone had the mindset to warn her. He's the official Engineer of Frostmaw! So they should have plenty of opportunities to work together in the future.

    • Lita:  "We learn from our mistakes when we make them. Doesn't mean we won't screw up again but I think it's how we stumble through life. Maybe we're always just chasing something good. Who's to say we ever really get there though?"

    Tattoo Artist and friend of Meri's and Hudson's. Alvina and Lita didn't have the best first impression. Slowly, they are warming up to each other, even though tensions are running  high. More Hudson's friend than Alvina's but she hopes to change that.

    • Loravelle:  " Quote "


    • Luna "Mommy," Luna said, cupping both of Alvina's cheeks with chubby chalked hands. "You gotta do it right."

    The younger, more fragile of the two twins born 02/27/2017. She shares her mother's looks in the same way; crimson hair, emerald eyes. Unlike her tattletale sister, Luna is sensitive and quick to upset. She is a picky eater that will become physically ill out of sympathy if anyone mentions being sick. She whines, is shy and loves cats. When she was younger, she had a stuffed cat she always carried. It now stays home with Harper's giraffe. She prefers playing with blocks and overseeing large chalk drawings on the patio to sports discussions. Likes to wear her hair in pigtails or pretty braids. Affectionately called 'Bear'.  She insisted on having Katie Pury perform at their birthday party, as well as meeting Queen Josleen (an impersonator that does face paint / doubles as an adult performer). Alvina is of the opinion that all queen impersonations should pretty much be illegal at this point. 

    • Meadow:   *wolf sounds?*

    The most recent addition to the Landon brood of children. Born 10/30/2019, she's preferred a 'wolf' form for most of her life. She did turn human for Meri and has since shifted a few more times for occasions such as school and social gatherings. Much like children that abhor pants, she would much rather not be. It is clear that she is the most feral of the children.

    • Meri:  "Just for the record, Alvina, when you get hitched I am not wearing a dress to your wedding. Sorry. It's just. Not going to happen."

    Associate of Hudson's before Alvina's, the two of them met in Frostmaw where Alvina uncomfortably haggled with a shopkeeper to purchase Meri an enchanted black cape to fight the Frostmaw cold. Since then, Meri has been a bridesmaid at Alvina's wedding and a confidant in coffee hours. They read the letter Khitti sent to them before her passing and they grieved her death together. At Khitti's request, Alvina is also responsible for Meri's bow though the bard isn't sure if Meri's granted it a name. Now aware that Alvina was the white wolf who accidentally turned her, Meri was still kind enough to testify in defense of Alvina when an anonymous tip resulted in Mrs.Landon's arrest.

    • Orikahn His tail swings around to bat at her arm and shoulder, smacking her with ticklish fluff. "I'll still eat you someday, if you tempt me too sorely.”

    Neither friend nor foe, just some grumpy sabercat that almost killed her once. Lucky for her it didn't come to pass. She did get to meet the huntress Aira because of this connection. He is one of the few who remembers Cerinii, so she feels a kinship for this alone. Glad to see he didn't die in that trial by combat with Hildegarde.

    • Pilar She smiled to Alvina. "Really...Thank you. I'm glad you're part of my life."

    This plucky vampiress is responsible for saving Alvina's life along with boasting one of the two artificial limbs Alvina has created. Pilar and Alvina have had many heart-to-hearts about love and life. They lean on each other through struggles and sing their songs in tandem. Alvina considers her a sister and holds great love for her, even in their disagreements. She currently lives in Chartsend with her wife Yozenra. Alvina was a bridesmaid in the wedding. Alvina learned from Daermon that Pilar and Yozenra have both perished in their home in Chartsend after a fire. She could not be more crushed. Yozenra sent word that Pilar is missing and she has been missing for quite a while. 

    • Ranok: "I am just blunt. And bold. It is hardly my fault some people don't like my brand of honesty. So what are you afraid of? You know I would hold the moon up if it tried to come crashing down on you."

    Alvina's oldest living friend. They remember an older world together and find kinship in it. She often points out his old words and ways, the accent lost to Rynvale elven training and the garb that he's known for. Fast to anger and even faster to sling a blade, this man is her engineering and rune smith companion. They've completed many projects and shared even more secrets through the years. She can easily see past his rough exterior. She also credits him for showing her the best hidden gem of a bakery in Cenril. Where he creates weapons and war machines for the 'safety' of the realm, she balances out his wanton ways by making delicate rings or replacement limbs. He's obsessed with airships, an old technology no longer possible and his house is easily the biggest death trap one could stumble upon. Soft at his core, Ranok is a man of many words, most of which are garbled frustration at the state of things. Almost constantly. 

    • Talyara: " Quote "


    • Thamalys "Thank you, Alvina. For even considering to transform this hope of mine into reality. I spent so long in trying to bend the will of the Giants in vain… I must say, I was about to desist. And yet, is it not both a privilege and a duty of Bards such as yourself to bring some unexpected hope when the times are ripe?”

    Commissioner and Co-Creator of Stain. A fortuitous encounter lead to their meeting at the forge in Frostmaw and an impossible weapon's creation. Through trial and toil, very little time allowed for the trust required for the forging. The dangers of the Black, fringed even in the weapon itself, did not cause them to falter. Alvina is beyond grateful for his willingness to allow a near stranger to embark on the journey with him, with Elerium no less.

    • Tiber: " Quote "


    • Valrae:  "Please don't apologize to me." Her golden brow furrows in her discomfort. "I'm the last person on this earth that deserves that from you."  

    The witch responsible for treating Hudson's early wolf rage issues with specially crafted potions. She also provided charms and tonics to increase the chances of conception while Hudson and Alvina first started trying to have children. Unbeknownst to Alvina at the time, Valrae and Hudson had become tangled in a passionate affair, which ended Hudson and Alvina's original engagement. After which, as a self-imposed penance, Valrae took the blame for a murder Hudson committed. She was later mysteriously sprung from the Cenril jail. She lived on the outskirts of Larket in a beautifully refurbished cabin in the woods. Alvina caused her to lose her job at Hudson's witch run nail salon. The two women were uncomfortable in each other's presence, before her execution in Larket for crimes against the crown. Alvina offered Uma a map, with the location of the items of power used to summon Valrae back to this mortal coil. Alvina is under the impression that Valrae was turned over to the Larket crown after the barrier in Cenril has been repaired but Hudson doesn't always tell the truth when it comes to this particular witch.  Hudson confessed that Valrae was still alive during an argument.  Alvina saw  Valrae for herself when the reborn witch and  Hudson tortured Val's brother to death  for information (IC Secret).

    • Xiembantointh: " Quote "