Frost Giant Guard

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Frost Giant Guard - (Pet)
Creator: none
Last Known Owner: Satoshi

Tharn was a blue-eyed, golden-haired young Frost Giant warrior serving as Satoshi's personal guard. Standing at 15'6" feet, he was not small by giant standards, and carried himself with a pride that added an illusory height to his appearance. Even without counting his naturally durable skin, Tharn was well defended from physical harm. He was decked head to toe in armor of a polished, Black Ice metal, trimmed in thick white fur. His specialty with fighting included dual hand-axes and close combat.


Set to serve and protect Frostmaw's queen, Tharn was deeply dedicated to his task. Satoshi made the job difficult for him, however, often slipping away from him and disappearing for long periods of time, leaving Tharn searching for her in a near frantic state. In the past three years that Tharn has served as Satoshi's personal guard, the two had grown close. Satoshi was less prone to giving Tharn the slip, and the giant in return had learned how to outwit his queen in most cases. There was a playfully antagonistic quality to their interactions, both taking a degree of enjoyment in giving the other grief. However, during the outbreak of the Ice Plague, Tharn went missing, only to return weeks later as a reanimated corpse under the control of an unknown necromancer. He was tasked with assassinating Satoshi, but his loyalty to his queen helped him fight the command long enough for Hildegarde to kill him permanently.

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