Arc:Rest in Pieces: Vailkrin!

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In Character

With Vailkrin's throne still empty after Kasyr's abdication, unrest appears to have fallen over the City of the Dead. The Houses are in turmoil, engrossed in a covert war that is fought only in the shadows as they vie for control of the city. Most notable is the strain that has arisen between House Nasar and the much younger House Dragana.

House Nasar isn't the only House in Vailkrin nobility at risk, though. Others are targeted too, their falls an imminent danger. Will Vailkrin's current aristocracy last? Or will it be overthrown?

Out of Character

If you wish to get involved with this arc, contact Larewen, Langley, or Iintahquohae by hmail or tell.

It should be noted that while Trajek will be playing a majority of the NPCs, we welcome any aid in doing so. If you wish to NPC, contact us.

The Story Thus Far

Prologue: To Deal with Devils

Summary: Larewen and Langley gather allies who share a common interest in the future of Vailkrin, largely for personal gain and the return of the City of the Damned to its former glory.

  1. Aristocratic Diplomacy
  2. The Druid's Request
  3. A Bolt from the Blue
  4. Turning Forever Twenty-Eight
  5. Bound in Blood
  6. Business as Usual
  7. A Mother's Love
  8. The Reluctant Witch and the Eager Assassin
  9. The Fallen King's Return
  10. An Eye for Bargains
  11. House Dragana Presents: Aerlithe
  12. The Devil's Advocate
  13. The Game Begins

Chapter One: To Quell a Storm

  1. The Grand Re-Opening of Vailkrin's Slave Market
  2. A Tipping of Scales
  3. A Daughter Scorned
  4. Once Upon a Midnight Dreary
  5. It's a Very, Very Mad World
  6. Death of a Vampire, Birth of a Queen
  7. Death Becomes Her
  8. Her Majesty's Ruin
  9. Behind Blue Lies
  10. Evil Comes a-Knockin'
  11. To Court the Enemy
  12. The Assassination of Lady Larewen Dragana
  13. Made Of Scars
  14. The Cost of Death
  15. For Enemies and Nuptials
  16. The End of the Line

Chapter Two: To Forge a Bond (However Weak it May Be)

  1. Missing RP. Trajek helps Larewen separate from her body, enabling her to become a banshee.
  2. Naga Coro'NO'tion
  3. A Pilar Crumbles
  4. To Spark An Idea
  5. The Witch's Devotion
  6. Desiccation Suits You, M'Dear
  7. A Not-So-Humble Request
  8. Caution and Threats
  9. Playing Nice
  10. A New Daughter and a New Admirer?
  11. The Return of the Elder, Part 1
  12. The Return of the Elder, Part 2

Chapter Three: To Free a Body

  1. Halloween Horror Bash
  2. Jagged Lace
  3. Third Time's a Charm

Chapter Four: To Wage a War

  1. Picking Up the Pieces
  2. Awakened by a Kiss
  3. A Declaration of War
  4. History Always Repeats Itself
  5. Civility? What's That?
  6. Planning an Ultimatum
  7. An Unlikely Ally
  8. The Lady Returns

Chapter Five: To Find an Heir

  1. Vailkrin Politics 101
  2. An Ally Among Lesser Nobility
  3. To Court an Enemy

Chapter Six: To Renew the Assault

  1. Wolf Heads Wolf Heads Rolly Polly Wolf Heads
  2. A Dragon's Loyalty
  3. A Vampires Beginning
  4. House Nasar Attacks
  5. Elioyahazer v Larewen
  6. House Nasar Contacts a Fledgling
  7. An Alliance Reaffirmed
  8. Culling the Herd
  9. Raising an Army
  10. Chastisement
  11. The Looming Threat
  12. A Warning Delivered
  13. Severed Heads and Secret Letters

Players Involved