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    OOC editor of the Regional Newspapers

  • Race: Half-elf
  • Class: Bard, non-combat; healer, non-magic
  • Age: 28 (birthday March 22nd; send lavish gifts)
  • Hometown: Xalious
  • Current Residence: Larket
  • Title(s): Queen Consort of Larket, Thane of Frostmaw
  • Wife of Macon
  • Daughter of Kyl'oriel

Josleen Today (out of date)

Josleen has always known how to wear a mask. From a young age the half-elf understood what was expected of her gender, and for a while she wielded that knowledge as a tool to further her ambitions. In a floral dress, with a demure smile, over ceramic tea sets, she manages to insert herself in wars and adventures, rescuing paladins alongside dragons and mages, exploring enchanted graveyards and prairies, not once subverting gender roles, but always playing that hand, which fate dealt her and she has accepted to her advantage.

Having served as a battle medic in three wars, and war strategist and peace broker in a fourth, her character has hardened. These experiences have emboldened her and given her authority which she wields without hesitation. A good thing too, for she is now Thane of Frostmaw and Queen Consort of Larket.

RP History

Larketian Fault Lines

King Macon and Queen Josleen open an investigation into the earthquake. Was it a natural disaster or man made? Clues point to witches and King Macon cracks down on the witch epidemic in Larket. Witches and pro-witch sympathizers led by Valrae, Tychus and Pilar lead a rebellion against the crown. The crown's allies rally in their support as well. Blood spills, flesh burns. Read the arc timeline to learn more.

Rise of Larket

Josleen moved to Larket with her new beau and Larketian Councilman Kelovath. The new couple quickly discovers that the city had turned on him and believe him at fault for a series of fermin attacks. Enter former Larketian Sheriff and Councilman, Macon, who Kelovath and Artia had witnessed killing [NPC] Councilwoman Andurla and subsequently run out of the city. Macon returns and claims that actually Kelovath killed Andurla, and is responsible for the fermin attacks, and even killed a priest of Cyris. Kelovath is arrested, but soon after is sprung by the Frostmawian Giant Hureig. Josleen and Kelovath hide in Cenril in Skylei's apartment. There Josleen hires mercenaries to gather hard evidence against Macon. During this time, Macon is crowned King of Larket. Soon after Josleen is captured by Thronnel, one of Macon's lackeys. Macon takes Josleen as his prisoner, but treats her like royalty. His plan is to convince Josleen of Kelovath's "guilt" (Macon's lies) and have her broker peace between Frostmaw and Larket. Josleen eventually cracks and is convinced by a Kelovath story too ludicrous to be true. Macon didn't plan to seduce and be seduced by Josleen, but nature had other plans. After one catastrophic battle between Larket and Frostmaw, Queen Hildegarde and King Macon negotiate for peace. Macon asks to marry Thane Josleen of Frostmaw as part of the peace treaty's terms. King Macon and Josleen wed, and just as Josleen is crowned Queen of Larket, an earthquake decimates the Hard City.

Thy Kingdom Come

Josleen served Hildegarde's army as medical director. During a critical shortage in supply, she teamed up with the pixie Kovl to infiltrate Frostmaw City and steal supplies. She was caught during the mission and nearly executed, until an unexpected twist of fate saved her in the nick of time. She survived the war,and went on to become Thane of Frostmaw.


Josleen and Linn investigate strange magical calamities afflicting Xalious Village. The Mage's Guild inadequate response provokes a very political response from Josleen.

The White Hunt

During her second stint as a volunteer nurse in Frostmaw during the drow-elf war, Josleen and Ansel discover that the Frostmaw wilds have grown more dangerous and haunted.

I Got 99 Problems, and a Congenital Defect is One

Josleen learns that she has a very atypical and bizarre vulnerability to a specific sub-category of magic: enchantment magic. Together with her friends, she sets about solving the mystery of her defect.

  • Phase 1 - Enchantment: Josleen, Skylei, Kovl, and Lydrain embark on a dangerous 3-day mission to deliver Josleen to Trith, the pixie elder and Guardian of the Cocoon. There, they will plead for Trith to allow Josleen to enter the cocoon to have her natural resistance to enchantment magic repaired. On the way, they face challenges such as accursed runes, shadow gnomes and their bone dragon golem, terramancing and carnivorous stone salamanders, ... (on going, ish).


Josleen entertains Ezekiel with horror stories, unaware that her stories have attracted another audience who wishes to conceive the fictional stories in reality. (Incomplete)


Anann, an officer in Chartsend’s army, arrested Josleen in Chartsend's army commander's headquarters on charges of espionage. Josleen was on trial, to be hung if convicted of the crimes levied against her. During the trial Commander Collin Eliason, badly injured, arrived and put an end to the trial, calling it a farce and reminding the spectators of the romantic relationship between himself and Josleen. Anann, outraged that the trial did not conclude, defected from the army and a sizable portion of the rangers sub-unit joined her. Later, when Anann was collecting tolls on the Xalious road and enforcing the toll by force,Josleen and Ezekiel paid a visit to Archmage Tiphareth to ask for his aid in stopping Anann. Tiphareth reinforced the number of Xalious guards patrolling the area.

The Ice Plague Cometh

Josleen accidentally fell behind enemy lines in the subterranean ice caves during a skirmish against Ice Devils. She was freed as bait to lure and corrupt a more useful ally to Frostmaw, the mage Ezekiel. Freed and guilty over what happened to Ezekiel, Josleen sat with Svilfon and Hildegarde and formulated a plan in which Hildegarde, along with the illusionist Kovl, would infiltrate enemy lines on a reconnaissance mission with Josleen magically disguised as a Frost Giantess and Hildegarde taken as her prisoner. However, before the mission took place, Eliason, then-officer in Chartsend’s army, allied to Frostmaw, was taken as a prisoner of war. Ezekiel, now cured of his corruption, joined Hildegarde, Kovl, and Josleen on a successful rescue and reconnaissance mission. Josleen then volunteers as a nurse for Frostmaw. During the final spate of Frostmaw's battles, Josleen rescues Eliason from the battlefield.

Other Notable Engagements

  • Tyler's evil reincarnation Revan haunts, torments, and curses Josleen. She nearly loses her mind, but is saved by both the good Paladin of Arkhen Kelovath and, in a surprise twist, Tyler himself.
  • Josleen makes enemies of the witches Talyara and Lanara. Josleen, in retribution for Skylei's abduction, demands that Laezila, Talyara's best friend, be tried by combat. Lanara, also Talyara's sister, is infuriated by the turbulent affair between Josleen and Ansel (whom Lanara loves) and confronts Josleen to the frustration of both women. Talyara hexes the bard to look like a stereotypical hag as a lesson in humility.
  • Along with Ansel, Josleen dives deep underground to source umbrastone, a powerful mineral that may help wake Skylei out of her coma. The pair travel guides by little more than hand-sketched maps and a poor translation of long dead Dwarven bard's epic poem.
  • Bastion, a monk and friend to Josleen, possesses the dual powers of Love and Fear. In a freak accident, both powers are unleashed and Josleen is the casualty of this error. She doesn't walk away, and nearly dies. It takes her months to recuperate, with her jaw and lungs taking the longest to heal.
  • Josleen and Ezekiel are trapped in a magical plane created by the ghost of a girl who died young of a terrible disease. In this plane, they are forced to play 'house' and become dolls in order to escape.
  • Josleen and Eliason get lost in the labyrinth and laboratory of a lich. The experience leaves her spiritually tethered to Eliason for some time, until the necromancer Aildre breaks the connection.
  • Josleen was a refugee to Chartsend from Venturil during the monster raids. She was rescued by Eliason.

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