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Frostmaw Giant

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This page is an UNOFFICIAL RACE page.

It contains important info about this race.

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Frost Giant Profile

Life Expectancy: 800-1200 
Homeland: Frostmaw
Average Height: 8ft-20ft
Average Weight: 1200-10,000 lbs (calculator)
Preferred Classes: Warrior, Paladin
Classes this race can be: Warrior, Knight, Monk, Paladin, Death Knight
Alignment: Usually some form of Neutral
Preferred Weapons: Club, Axe, Spear
Aggression Level: Less aggressive than their Gualon counterparts, but by no means peaceful
Intelligence Level: Far higher than the Gualon giants, which is much needed for their political world.
Magic Rating: None. Their chosen god, Aramoth, often grants them divine favor, but it is not magical.
Strength Rating: Very High
Weak Against: Psychological Attack, Fire
Strong Against: Physical Attack, Ice/Cold
Related Races: Giant
Allied Races: None, officially
Enemy Races: Dragon, Dwarf, Human, Centaur


Frostmaw giants are large, simply put. Although they are on average the same height as their Gualon cousins, they are often bulkier, due to the frigid weather in their homeland. They are quick of mind, but not by body, in any way, suited better to political scheming, riddle contests, and tests of strength rather than footraces.


Honor, bravery, and a drive to fight dominate the minds of most Frostmaw citizens. They hold honor highest, and will do anything to gain and maintain it. If they feel as if their honor has been insulted, they will fight, even to the death, to assuage said insult. Those that do not are usually lacking the the second aforementioned trait, bravery. The Frostmaw giants' usual way of gaining honor is by physical prowess, as well as by attaching themselves to respected political figures.


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Giant Sub Species

There are Gualon giants as well.


Frost giants follow Aramoth, almost exclusively. In the war god they find all things pertaining to their nature: aggression, war, neutrality, and mercilessness. In their temples and shrines, they sacrifice to him, and the finest of their warriors belong to Aramoth's Chosen, a league of holy warriors that the war god favors. These giants offer the blood and lives of their foes to the god, and in the end, their own lives, for they seldom die peacefully.

Giant History

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Famous Frost Giants

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