RP:To Catch a Rat

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Summary: A small group of adventurers make their way into the Larket sewers and return with a prize in hand.

Claws beat across the cobbled roads as the mass of fur and teeth made haste down the street, wild eyes glinted in the dim light as a mouth full of teeth gave way to a stench to remember. The foul smell of the creature was enough to exterminate a flock of buzzards around a manure cart, a grey boney scourge-like whip of a tail slapped against the ground, the tip beating up small clouds of dust, a gentle cackle emanating from the foul creature. The clicking of overgrown claws against stone slowed down, the beast standing at a crossroads, panting heavily, glancing in all directions. "Vent of darkness vent of chaos, bring me home my darling street-crack!" he hissed, laughing maniacally, raking his own claws through the fur on his head, before locking his eyes on an entrance to the cold claustrophobic embrace of home, the Larket sewers. The fermin bit his lip as a grin spread across his face, his cheeks puffing as he held back another laughing fit. He skittered over, before abruptly stopping, blinking, the entrance appeared to have a watcher, another fermin, about his size. Lamorak turned his head to the side, before scurrying over to his kin, a grin on his face. The other fermin turned to face him, just realizing his presence, it looked back at him, a nervous expression on its face, seeming unsure about the grinning rat. Before the other fermin could really grasp the situation, Lamorak's face darkened, before lashing out, his hands clinging to the face of the other ratman, his thumbs digging into the eyes of his foe, screams filled the air as the body of the emaciated creature whipped and writhed under Lamorak's firm blinding grip. The struggling fermin's claws raked across the crazed fermin's flesh, blood soaking his pestilent fur. Lamorak knocked his foe on their back, tensing up as he put his body into blinding the stranger, this carried on before a gleeful look returned to the mentally unstable fermin, before he turned his head, sinking his huge jagged teeth into the throat of his obstacle. Warm blood drenched his mouth, as the one he assaulted convulsed once, twice, thrice, and ceased moving. Lamorak pulled his teeth out, sitting up, taking in the taste of his kin's lifeblood, and the crisp night air. It was disgusting. The rat's attention returned to the sewer, taking one last glance about, he chuckled softly, before vanishing down into the vast underworld below.

She found her, all this time that she tried to escape, she found her. Well technically, she wasn't hiding. She would prefer not seeing her. It was that one time that she knew about her condition but instead of helping her, this woman wanted to exploit her curse. Not the best way to talk your way into someone's good side. Probably the worst time to choose said words. When she was moved to Sage, she felt the relief of freedom but clearly Artia has something else in mind. It was in the middle of the night, her condition has always changed when the sun finally settled and she started to roam, instead of filling her with spells that soon enough triggers her into obedience, clearly this time was different. The druid brought along a living tree, It could speak with her but unlike normal plants, the woman is controlling it, not allowing the dryad to move the thing for her own. Eventually she was captured, gagged and dragged all away across the map into Larket. The crazed marionette flails about, trying to scream through her gag as vines held her form in place. As soon as the woman jumped down into the sewer, the living tree soon followed, dragging along the vines and send her crashing down against the ladder railing before face planting onto the pavement.

Shishi is back in Larket with more mouse slaughter in mind. The vampire had given Kasyr a brief description of the situation with the Fermin here and apparently unleashed the Kensai, weakened and deafened, on the unfortunate rats. The so called Blue Demon arrives on the scene having missed a pair of ‘appointments’ with the revenant vampire due to unforeseen (Red) circumstances and is also half seeking that man out while he is here, though the true purpose of the trip remains Fermin murder. The same circumstances that had caused the hearing loss in the aforementioned vampire revenant did the same to Shishi. So it is without one of his five senses, for the most part, that he is here today and it is the sight of the Fermin on Fermin violence, not the sound, that has him moving towards the entrance to the underground. The arrival of those that drop into the sewers after the mad fermin has Shishi’s pace slowing as he approaches the felled rat and the hole the others just dropped down into. His desire is to chase down that wild rat and leave it in a condition similar to that of the unfortunate mouse man that lies dead near the vampire's feet, but he hesitates to go back down into the sewers where he had nearly lost his eternal life as a captive of those same rats some years before. The so called Blue Demon is unable to hear the horrid sounds of the struggle going on below ground which, if he could, would probably make his decision for him and have him turn back around and leave him to hope to find some other mice above ground. Instead the currently deaf assassin stands on the precipice of the underground, a pained look on his face as he peeks down into the darkness, and then all around him for some excuse to not descend to the Fermin’s domain.

Kelovath had been in Larket for almost a week straight now. First, it was the council, then the battle at the bridge, and now he had just witnessed Chisel making her way toward the sewers. "What the...?" With a shrug, the paladin decided to follow and find out what was going on. He waited for the dryad to enter before making his way closer to the entrance. While walking toward the hole, he noticed a familiar face in the dark. It was…Damn, he never did his name. A vampire. Close enough. The paladin could hear the battle going on below and grew somewhat worried about the dryad that had just went down. Approaching the vampire, he smiled and pointed downward. “I bet I kill more than you do this time.” Kelovath obviously had no idea that Shishi was mostly deaf, but he still didn’t even give the vampire a chance to speak. The armored man dropped down into the sewer and with a splash and an uncomfortable grunt, landed on his feet. The noise was louder now, but still more than clear as to what was happening down here. Narrowing his gaze, the paladin lifted an armored hand and shot a blast of holy magic down one of the many tunnels, illuminating a large enough portion to see what was happening. Blood flying through the air, bones crunching in sickening force, and hisses and howling coming from all directions. Like many of Kelovath’s previous battles, he started them the same way. A prayer first, blood next.

Gilwen had been in Larket’s territory all day, scouting the Eternal Forest and surrounding areas for future use as well as signs of potential danger; if the wood elves did need to relocate, safety was top priority, especially with the Fermin plaguing the town. She had been meandering along the Vibrance River, enjoying the silence and the lack of need she typically dealt with on a day-to-day basis, when the pained scream echoed over Larket. Immediately, the elf’s strides grew into a sprint, and she flew down Fair Lane to land on the main road cutting through the town- however, she had missed the sight of the murder of the rat, or Chisel’s descent into the sewers. Gilwen did managed to catch Kelovath’s quick words to Shishi before he climbed down the manhole, and soon after, the elf was beside the vampire. “What are you waiting for? Let’s go.” Given the last time she was in Larket and rats were involved, children died, and given the commotion that rose from the entrance to the sewers, she didn’t care to take chances. She grabbed at his wrist to drag him along behind her.

Lamorak weaved through the mass of wet bodies, swimming through them as if they were a pond of mud, sucking him down into the abyss of writhing jaws and overgrown talons, though with much precision, he stepped on the right heads to get by. "S'cuse me! Pardon!" he repeated, balancing his foot on the head of one rat, pinning it's face in the open-sternum of another fermin, coughing and sputtering erupted beneath his foot as blood coated the more scurrying rats below them. Lamorak turned around, watching the entrance to the sewer he took, and low and behold! Something followed! "Goodness me!" he called out, placing the back of his hand on his forehead, before he seemed to get an idea, and stuck a finger into the air, before reaching into the tatters of his coat, caked with the scabs he had inherited on his journey to the sewers. He pulled out a circle made of some dusty-black material, looking at it as if it was off, he blew on it, casting dust down the dark slick rataway around him. He then plunged a hand into the center, revealing it was really just a crumpled top hat. "Aha!" he called out, his leg shaking with the effort of keeping balance on his drowning kinsman. Lamorak placed the piece of garb on his head, and inhaled another breath of air, taking in the sickening stench of the sewers, the filth of the flayed rats, the new smell of the sewage mixing with liters of blood, oh it was magical. "Alright my buck-toothed buddies!" he pointed eastward, shaking on top of the pile, some of the rats noticing him for who he was. "Matron dens are this way! Come on, let's get dicey!" he cackled as he fell onto his knees, sliding through the slick wet backs of fermin, coating himself in the filth and grime collecting in their fur. The rat found himself in a bare patch of sewer, several feet lacking fermin killing each other, how odd. A select few fermin began moving eastward, the direction he was pointing, making way towards the matrons dens. Though for himself, he had other plans. The top-hat wearing rat found himself a nice corner, hiding his headgear under his coat once more, he made his best effort to blend in, making sure no one came in after him specifically. Clever Rat.

As the Artia's floral colossus came into a clash to protect itself and its master. The vines that holds her down seems to weaken a bit. Chisel is unaware of this of course, It is in the middle of the night and whenever sunlight do not shine onto her, she becomes feral at most, caring about the simplest of things was not something that would even bother her. However her struggling seems starts to pay off. The vines soon enough snaps, allowing the marionette to finally stand and escape her prison. With a deafening scream that escaped her opened mouth, she reached for her weapon and scanned her surroundings. She has been here before, Though at her state she would have not remember that, it could be of instincts or mere sense of déjà vu as she is one of the first assaults against the fermin in this very sewer. Though last time she followed someone.. not dragged into it. Glaring at the rat like creatures before her eyes, she has the familiar feeling of this place. Taking her first steps forward, ignoring the people around her as she stared upon her prey. The grin on her face was of excitement. Wanting to hear these creatures scream again as she plan to cut them down with her ax. Her weapon strapped on her back. She probably has not realized it as clearly her transformation does lack intelligence all together. Maybe for the best. What would an innocent person do if they found out that in their sleep, they murder people for fun and somehow remember every gruesome step? She was selecting her prey, about to charge into the prey when she heard someone shouting through the chaos. The sewer's mostly cylindrical shaped allowed her to map out easily where the voice is coming from, the east apparently. She screams once again as vines started to grow out of her shoulders and into her forearm. Coating them with thick vines, enough to finally form into lance like weapons. Charging through the sewers as she began the onslaught against the fermin. She did not care if they are crazed or not, blood is blood. It does not matter to the hunter which is which as long as the spike of adrenaline is satisfied. Some easily starts to take notice of the group, especially with the crazed marionette on its lead. Some tried to claw onto her but her body is made out of reinforced treated wood, merely scratching its surface.

Shishi raises a brow at the Paladin that strolls up to his side challenges him to a body count competition. Him! The Blue Demon! What audacity. Of course the assassin hears none of it and only sees the gesture downward, what was probably an arrogant grin, and the man finally dropping down into the tunnels before Blue is able to tell him something like ‘I can't hear you, Shining Knight.’ “Well, that was a vote for going down there.” the vampire thinks to himself aloud, louder than he is usually found muttering to himself, clearly unable to moderate the volume of his voice in his current state. Gilwen is the next to arrive and try to talk to him. After a brief, unsuccessful attempt to read lips the vampiric father shakes his head and starts to say, “I can't hear anything, Gil-” and then he is pulled down, final vote 2-1 in favor of reentering the Larket sewers for the first time in years. It is dark down here, which given the nature of his family's curse one would think that to be to his advantage, but as of the moment he drops into the shallow, dirty water beside the elf woman his eyes are still their normal shade of oceanic blue and the darkness of the underground is allowed to remain in place while brief flashes of light clue The Blue Demon in on the carnage. His nose twitches at the smell of the gruesome cauldron the sewers had become. The combination of blood and Larket sewage and the rats themselves does not make for a pleasant odor and for a moment Shishi wishes the kensai had blown out his sense of smell instead of his eardrums, but how would he have even managed that? With a shake of his head the vampire realizes that breathing isn't particularly necessary for his kind and will do his best to abstain from the reflex of drawing breath left over from his time as a living human. The sight of the crazed dryad that had dropped down before anyone that the assassin knew charging into the wild fray has the still blue-eyed vampire doing something uncharacteristic and, given the height difference, ineffective; essentially hiding behind the red-headed elf that has dragged him down here. He should be joining that wooden creature in the slaughter, and laughing like a maniac while he does so, but instead he retreats a step backwards, afraid. How is he going to kill more Fermin than Kelo like this?

Kelovath was sure that a massive fight would be heading his way after shooting his blast of light. But instead, it seemed the fermin were making their way toward the east. Strange. And even stranger, was that the fermin started that way after being directed to do so by another fermin. At this point, the paladin thought it was purely chaos between the rats, but apparently there was some leadership involved after all. Although he wanted nothing more than to kill some of these damn rats, it looked like a different direction was needed for this fight. He did stay back some though, watching the dryad go into a berserk state was unnerving. No point in stepping into that mess right now. As far as Kelovath was concerned, all the fermin were crazy and needed to be put down. Plus, they reproduced so fast, several dead fermin would not throw anything out of balance. The armored man did what he could to keep the speaking fermin in his sights, which included sending yet another blast directly at Lamorak. Making a mental note of any specific characteristics from Lamorak, the top hat for starters, the man decided to pursue the rat. On his way closer to Lamorak, a different fermin emerged from out of nowhere, but was quickly killed with a swing of the paladin’s sword. Blood spraying all over Kelovath as the fermin body fell to the liquidly ground.

Gilwen released Shishi the moment the pair had completely descended into the sewers to immediately cover the lower half of her face beneath the neck of her shirt; it wasn’t a solution to the stench, but the slight floral perfume that hung on her clothes would help until her olfactory grew used to the combination of smells. Before she could step further into the fray, the sound of steps behind her drew her attention back to Shishi and his evident discomfort. “Seriously? You’re –scared-?” Was she unnerved? Absolutely. She wouldn’t give the vampire time to climb back out of the sewers, and once more grabbed his arm to drag him further down death filled tunnels. The closer they stuck to Kelovath, the safer they might be. The crazed dryad that continued after the rats would be actively avoided, but the tree that came with her- that might be utilized at a later date if so needed.

Lamorak pulled his coat tighter, laughing as one after another, strangers entered his home turf. The rat took a step back, placing his hat back on his head, making sure it looked nice and pristine for his visitors. Lamorak looked over the pile of convulsing bodies, catching glimpse of some kind of wooden murder-beast, nothing out of the ordinary. There also appeared to be two people hanging back, always good in a war of attrition, and then there was a guy wearing shiny armor, and he was getting clo- The fermin's train of thought was cut off, jumping to the side, pulling another fermin off of the body pile, hoisting them up as a sort of shield. When he found it was a method of illumination, he dropped the rat, stomping on the back of their head to incapacitate them, leaving their mouth open in the gushing filth of the sewer, they would probably drown, nothing out of the ordinary. "Ladies and gentlemen, disgusting guttertrodders of all ages!" he pointed at Kelovath, a smug expression emerging on his face, rats looking over each others corpses to see the paladin. The air itself changed as about a dozen rats emerged from the greasy flayed mounds, crawling over, desperately yearning for a chance at the paladin. Lamorak tipped his hat at the paladin, bowing, before bolting off deeper into the hallway, making some distance between himself and the most immediate threat. "Later Sirrah!" he called out, cackling.

Chisel luckily lack lungs to enjoy the scent these people are currently experiencing. She may have a sense of smell but such is merely optional. She breathes through her skin and as long as there nutrients upon the air, she would does not need to be bothered with its scent. Growling and trying to cleave through the fermins as most are already trying to push eastward. Leaving the ones present before her is either crazed or the rear-guard of the retreating fermins. Retreating? Most probably charging someplace else. Her clothes tattered even further, exposing more of her joints and wooden frame. Metal hinges, bolts and screws riddled her skin as she continued to fight the fermin, trying to drop as much of them as she can, her arms covered with blood, the once lances has been converted into claws, giving her easier grip and causing more damage. She was soon struck against the chest making her slide a few inches backwards only to charge back in, laughing maniacally. It was futile, She is a tree in the first place. Trying to sword stab, shoot with an arrow, claw, bite or any other similarly easy methods of attacks doesn't work with her because of the fact that she is a tree. Even though she could feel pain, the damage she is taking can be simply neglected especially if her enemy lacks the proper tools to combat her. Like an axe or fire. Though of course prolonged combat will eventually cause her to take damage that will immobilize her which she can repair in a few hours given that she has some sort of plant life to feed on. Some of them suddenly stopped fighting, she could still hear a voice and if she needs to kill through all of these fermins, she'd do it. Not that she actually can... she would be more than happy to do so. Their moment of silence to turn their head toward Kelovath, gives her an opportunity to draw out her ax, cleaving upward, against someone's chin and watch it fall onto the floor with a pile of blood. Kelovath is in danger, not that she cares about him but her prey is moving toward him, trying to converge on to Kelovath's side of tunnel. Something she would not prefer to happen as it would be more fun fighting these things, She takes a stance and with a weird reeling noise, the vines inside her body worked like a rubber hand, slingshoting her across the tunnel to cross the gap, her arm outstretched, trying to claw upon anyone unlucky enough to be close to her. Before finally crashing into the enemy line, disrupting their charge.

Shishi blinks at the elf while she questions him and shrugs once at his inability to hear her before she grabs hold of his arm at the wrist again and pulls him towards Kelovath, who has a mass of Fermin approaching him from the opposite direction. Without hearing the top hatted rat’s commands it is difficult for the vampire to pick him out as any kind of leader so chasing Lamorak down is not given any priority. Even if he had heard Gilwen’s question it would be difficult for the assassin to give a convincing answer to the contrary. He was still afraid of this place, but he would just stop and think… He doesn't have The White Empath down here with him to worry about and The Anti-Mage isn't here this time either to hinder the violence he can perpetrate via his family's curse. Shishi doesn't contemplate those differences between his trips down into the sewers, but the oncoming rats finally spur him into action in the wake of the corrupted tree wreaking havoc on the mice men. Azure eyes are allowed to proceed through their accursed color change, settling on that glowing crimson hue that illuminates The Blue Demon's face in the darkness. The entire tunnel system pulses once as life is breathed into the shadows surrounding the Fermin and the intruding party, and very suddenly one of the Fermin stopped by Chisel is yanked by the tail down into the shallow water… and then another, and another. They flail as the rest of the attackers trample over them. Beneath the filthy waters darkness has coalesced into the form of several slithering serpentine shapes that are seeking rat tails to coil around and pull before wrapping the rest of their dark forms around the vermin and constrict with shadowy muscle until spines snap. Even with calling the shade of the sewers to action Shishi still more or less cowers behind Gilwen, his body at least, useless still for the time being.

Kelovath turned slightly and noticed Gilwen and the vampire now behind him. When he was just about to call out to the pair, he instead was hearing the main objective speak. Soon after, the paladin could feel the change within the air, then noticed more of the fermin heading his way. Realizing what was going on, the paladin yelled, “That one! He is controlling them!” The paladin pointed at the top-hat wearing rodent, hoping that Gilwen and the vampire could hear him and see which rat he was actually pointing at. There wasn’t enough time to turn and see for sure, as the fermin were now closing in with dangerous intent. Just as they were about to reach the paladin, a flying (uh…) tree came between the fermin and Kelovath, crashing into most of the rats. “Erm…” Not much else could be said, really. Common thing, it is not. And then seeing the fermin be just pulled down into the water by shadows really got the paladin reeling. But thanks to that acrobatic tree and shadows, the armored man basically had a straight shot at the fermin in command. Once again, the paladin built up a ball of magic, but this one was much more than something to light up the tunnel. It would light it up, of course, but should it connect with anyone or anything, it would also engulf them in a holy flame. The ball of magic would be once again, thrown at Lamorak. Regardless of the magic hitting its intended target, Kelovath would rush toward Lamorak, doing whatever he could to close the distance.

Gilwen, still unsure the reason behind the descent into the sewers, focuses her attention on the herd of rats moving eastward as she closes the distance between herself, Shishi and Kelovath. However, the sudden swarm of fermin turning back toward the paladin arrests her interest, as well as the belated realization of what had actually been said, and she releases the vampire’s arm to unsheathe the dagger settled on her left hip. Kelovath’s advancement on Lamorak was followed, and she sloshed through the shallow waters of the sewer, leaving behind Shishi to his work with the shadows. Between the paladin’s holy smiting, the drowning shadows, and the dryad’s frenzied attack, Gilwen has had no reason to slaughter any fermin; they simply haven’t gotten close enough!

Lamorak grinned a wide grin, and licked his lips, his shoulders bouncing as he chuckled, watching his kin be slaughtered before him. "Alright gents! Scram! Give the fellows deeper in the sewer the works!" The rat tipped his hat at the paladin, before his eyes widened, dropping to his stomach, his eyes going up as the ball of flame cleaved a "U" shape out of the rat's hat. "Argh! I just got that!" He tore the smoldering cap off, tossing it into the bloody muck, rolling his shoulders as he reached into a pile of dead vermin, pulling what appeared to be a stray piece of wood out of it. Lamorak grinned, twirling it in his hand, even as his comrades sank around him, or were torn to shreds by an angry tree, he was ready. The rats scurried in mass to the east and south, vanishing from view, spare for the wounded and deceased. Thousands of tapping noises were audible, rats in the hundreds crawling over the corpses of their fellow kind, leaving grand red smears across the walls, the floor an opaque red and brown, the filth lapping at the brick walls. "Alright breeze breathers, I'm gonna say it loud and clear, and I'm gonna say it once. The first one who..." he ground his teeth together, his eyes twitching. "Comes near me, is going to feel my BIG BROWN BUTTERMOTHS!" the rat shouted, leaning on his club, slouching, his head twitching violently, his eyes set on the paladin.

Chisel scrambles to stand up. It was not pride of anger that fueled her attack... It was mere instinct that her prey is escaping. Though she did started roaring in anger as some of her preys are escaping... she thinks. She was about to ax someone when it suddenly fell into the abyss. Roaring in anger and confusion before switching to the next fermin. Ending their miserable lives while taking most damage herself. Maybe it is because of her apathy or any attempt to self preservation... that's probably it. The damage upon her surface is now very visible. The vines wrapping itself around her body in an attempt to protect the wounds from further damage, it was the plant itself that was doing this, not Chisel. As nature only works to help and protect forest spirits such as herself, it was doing its best to keep her alive and clearly the marionette doesn't give two cents about it. Another barrage of claws and teeth from the fermins till finally her forearm got torn off its elbow socket. Losing her claws merely caused her to stop for a few seconds before deciding on her next weapon. Without the finger joints of her hands, she cannot use the claws once again, Her enemies seems to cheer when they realize they can defeat her, though they stopped to watch her as she has never 'stopped killing' since that point which worried them. They knew her capabilities when it comes to murder and seeing her stop makes it alot more menacing. The vines soon starts converged from her elbow and began to grow into a lance once again. As soon as her weapon took shape she maniacally grinned toward the nearest one before charging in. Distracting the enemy as if giving the rest of the group a chance to catch their prey.

Kelovath almost had to smirk at the sight of the fermin running away. The battle had barely started and already the leader was willing to stand up and fight. Admirable, but foolish. Sword still in hand, the paladin whispered yet another prayer and asked for assistance from Arkhen. So far, the magic, had been all Kelovath. Here lately, he had been using it more and more, the power seemingly getting stronger as well. With no other obstacles in his way, the armored man started toward the commanding rat, ignoring his threats. Feeling his prayer answered, the paladin’s sword began to glow rather brightly, enough to light up the tunnel even more. Close enough to Lamorak now, Kelovath takes a swing at the fermin with both hands, aiming to remove the head and burn the flesh, should the attack connect. Whether it does or not, the paladin is quick to also let go of his weapon with one armored hand and using the momentum of his swing, to send a single punch out toward the fermin as well. Not a holy punch, though, just a normal one. One that, if it would make contact, would probably hurt a lot and possibly send the rat into the air.

Gilwen didn’t wait for Kelovath’s attack to end before hers began. As soon as that whisper litany left the paladin’s lips, the water accumulating along the walls, dripping from cracks in the ceiling, and the sewage water itself was called upon, forming hundreds of small beads that rose (or fell) to hang in the space between herself and Lamorak. The moment Kelovath swung his sword, the first group of water droplets, roughly twenty or so, shot forward. While beads of water weren’t harmful in a simple state, these projectiles contorted mid-flight, and grew thinner, sharper, to the point that contact, at such a high velocity, would puncture flesh. Think of a high powered pressure washer, just much more primitive with a larger spray. These weaponized droplets sought out the top-hatted Fermin’s face, to injury, incapacitate and/or distract so that Kelovath could effectively bring the pack leader down.

Lamorak saw as the blade began to glow, raising an eyebrow. "Oh, gettin all sparkly, can't beat lil' ol me fair and square?" He chuckled, holding his club, his tongue licking his buck teeth, squinting, getting prepared for the perfect strike. The bright glowing-blade aimed for his neck was met with a grandiose move, the rat flying through the air, in an intense parry that could be remembered for generations, alas, the blade went straight through his club, as well as shearing off most of his jacket as he fell, landing in the muck face-down. He sprung to his feet, dropping the hilt of his club, wiping the bloody-juices from his face, just as the fist collided with the side of his head, knocking him flat-out into the filth, gurgling every breath, trying to pull himself free of the disgusting liquid. Just as he managed to get high enough as to not fall over, he felt a sharp pain in his tail, looking over, he saw the skin peeled back over half of the length. He gasped, falling into the bloody sewage again scratching at anything, trying to escape his own misery.

A few moments later, Chisel's battered body landed in a pile few feet near the exit of the sewer. Her body could no longer take it. Though she never feels exhaustion due to lack of muscles in the first place, the vines inside her body needs to be reeled back and forth to mimic muscle activity and after countless fermins that has fallen before her feet, these vines has been stressed to its limits upto the point that she can no longer cover her own wounds and her interior cables cannot keep up with the damage that the stress against the vines is taking, snapping off causing her to lose control of her limbs and eventually fall defeated. With no proper plant life to take life energy from she was left on her own regeneration which would take hours to do. Even though unknown to her, she was the group's rear guard as they try to take out the boss. She just lie there on the ground, battered. Though luckily the fermins left her be, thinking that one of the group is the puppet master.

Kelovath truly did not think that punching a rat in the head would ever be so satisfying. But, it was. It helped that this particular rat was rather boastful in his ability, and the fact that the over-grown rat could very well be responsible for the dead child the paladin had to carry back to the grieving family. As those darker thoughts came to mind, the man grew angry and was about to kill the rat here and now. Now, Kelo didn’t know if it was the smell of the sewer just now hitting his nose or the noises this fermin was making, but the anger within him subsided. For now. Larket needed answers. This cocky rat may have those answers. With the pommel of his sword, Kelovath attempted to strike Lamorak in the back of his furry back, aiming to render him unconscious. Should that not work, then a few threats of holy flame would surely do the trick. The armored man would once again request, from Arkhen, the strength needed to lift and carry the rodent out of the sewer and back to the fort within Larket. On his way, a smile would be given to Gilwen, and a curious glance to the no-longer flying tree. It had saved it life, more than likely, but there was nothing he could do for it right now. “Gilwen, see if you can help it. It could be useful later, don’t-cha think?” The sewer was a dangerous, smelly place.

Gilwen's hold on the water of the sewer relinquished the moment Lamorak was effectively subdued, and immediately, she turned to look for Shishi and Chisel- however, the figure of the fallen dryad arrested her attention. Kelovath's suggestion was met with a nod, and the elder elf hurried back toward the strange creature to lift it to the best of her abilities and carry it up and out of the sewers. As small as Gilwen was, it was certainly a chore, but a successfully completed one, and the dryad was sat beneath the nearest tree to rest and recuperate.

Lamorak was slammed by the pommel of the paladin, having difficulty resisting it in his state. He could be carried out no problem. Fermin were heavier than they looked however, and Lamorak was no exception, not to mention the smell, and the sheer amount of festering diseases on his limp body.