RP:Ever Get a Gift Like This?

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Part of the Rise of Larket Arc

Summary: Hureig the merchant giant offers a gift to Kelovath(and Josleen) to help with an unusual situation at his home. The gift is also unusual.

Kyla's Eatery

Mouth water smells were not the only thing that were catching the attention of travelers! A Frost Giant's deep and rumbling belly laughs that were as loud as thunder peeled from behind the Eatery's closed door. To some it was infections, bringing smiles and smaller chuckles, though those were mainly foreigners. To the more traditional Larketians, they were at best deplorable and at worst a very good reason to call for Knights. But Hureig gave all of those who walked into the door, sour faced or shocked expression, a hearty greeting and a coin in their palms that paid for a free meal. "Hello! Welcome! Lowlanders, little humans, and those from the dark and the deep. Behold and rejoice in...What do you call it? Sugar!"

Kelovath went to Kyla’s quite often for lunch. He knew Kyla and her family and was the parson of Larket when her sister was murdered. Sad times, but from the laughter coming from the establishment, it was clear those memories were long forgotten. In his councilman attire(simple, long sleeved shirt and pants), the man stepped through the entrance of the eatery and right away was met by Hureig. Before the giant had a chance, Kelovath was smiling and lifting a hand to wave in a greeting. “Hello there, my friend!” Said with a laugh and genuinely meant. “Seems you’re enjoying yourself here!” Clearly, since most of the loud laughter heard earlier came from the giant.

Hureig laughed all the louder when Kelovath passed through the door, and his coin to the palm was hard enough to throw a man off balance and the slap to his back, though friendly and well meaning, was of enough strength to throw a normal man forward. His assault of a greeting was heralded, or more like warned of, by a loud, 'Little human!' "My friend, my friend! Have you heard of this grain called sugar? Sugar!" He threw a fist in the air as though sugar was the special word of the day; none returned his exuberant yell. "I have tasted its magic in many things, but I never knew its name....Sugar!" Again, there was no returned hollar. The giant paid it little mind, though. Perhaps it was the fabled substance, good food and rest, or some other means, but the once hollowed and craggy giant had weight on his body, a fullness to his face, and strength in his limbs. There were still shadows and promises of more vitality to come, but war wreaks havoc on minds and bodies for quite some time. "Ah! Yes! I have a gift for you and your mate. Something that will help you with...your house."

Kelovath was indeed thrown off balance and knocked forward some. The paladin laughed it off, as he had experienced it before. “Sugar?” Less of a questioning statement and more of a, ‘You’re just now learning about this?’ kind of thing. He looked around the room as giant threw his fist into the air and noticed how annoyed most of the patrons were looking. Doubtful they’d do anything about Hureig. Kelo didn’t really understand the excitement the giant was putting off, but in an attempt to calm the large guy, “A gift, huh? Well, let’s see it, yeah? Is it outside or…?” For the others within the building, Kelo hoped it was outside, but if not…Well, he tried.

Hureig had grown solemn when he practically yelled 'there's something wrong with your house!' to the crowd. With as quickly as his mood changed, and to any of the gathered who cared enough to notice it, there was obviously something -very- wrong with that abode. "Yes, yes. We should probably go outside. Ghouls can spoil an appetite," Though he was quieter, though he tried to be more cautious, his voice was still deep and the eatery not so large. "Most of it is outside. Come! Come." And out the door they went, and when Kelovath was position before the alleyway between Kyla's and the neighboring building, the Knight Merchant darted into the dark. "Now, some will call me a fool. Some will call this just an old giant's tale. But do not believe them!" Rustles and conversation came from the alley, but before long the giant had returned and he held upright like a spear a...? "When I am going into the wastes where ghosts and ghouls are about, I always bring one of these with me...and I have not had a haunting yet! This is the power of a bull mammoth. This is its core. This is where his greatest strength comes from! This is its...well...breeding tusk!" Did Kelovath have the nerve to look above where Hureig's hand rested? The defining features would be unmistakable. "This is the breeding tusk of one of the mammoth's of old. It's hard as a rock, but I assure you it will keep you and Thane Josleen safe from any ghosts."

Kelovath knew rumors would probably flood throughout Larket regarding his new home, but eh. Not a top priority for the paladin. When the giant went to the ally, the paladin turned slightly and smiled to…Well, nobody really, but kind of everyone too. A shrug soon after and then the man left the eatery. He waited patiently, scratched at his head some as the giant went digging for something. One of the patrons from the eatery followed Kelovath out and a few parting words were exchanged. Kelo turned his gaze back to Hureig and the…Breeding tusk held within his grasp. The paladin knew –exactly- what that was and instantly wanted nothing to do with it. It all seemed like some weird joke, but he could tell that the giant was serious. And of course, never to be the rude one, Kelo smiled and nodded. “I see…Um. Is there something…” He just couldn’t figure out the words. Eventually, after clearing his throat a couple times, “Are we supposed to do something…With it? To it? Or…?” Kelo was highly embarrassed, but did his best to not show it.

Hureig positively beamed! It was a great showing of friendship and honor to give such a weighty gift to someone! Not to mention how Hureig handled it with such grace and reverence. Perhaps it was a family trinket passed from father to son throughout the generations! The Merchant Knight kept mum on such details and only smiled as Kelovath seemed to falter with coughs and his words. "Yes, it is something of great importance. I see by your reaction will take very good care of it." With his shoulders back and his head high, he leaned it over for the paladin to take. "I do not know how its magic works, but I have always tied it to one of my mammoth's backs, so I would say put it in the main room. That room seems to be the most possessed. Mount it to the wall, and I assure you there will be no more troubles."

Kelovath did not think his trip to Kyla’s Eatery would have brought him to this moment. He didn’t want this. There’s no way Jos would want this in the main room of their home. Ghosts or not, how do you explain something like this to guests? A mammoths –thing- hanging on the wall you’ll be spending most of your time in! That’s just not a normal conversation starter. Regardless of how strange and increasingly awkward this all was, Kelovath accepted the…Gift from Hureig, with both hands of course, and smiled to the giant. “Thank you, Hureig. Josleen and I will take good care of it.”

Hureig made sure Kelovath had a good hold on the treasured icon before he let it go, so powerful was it in his mind! But when Kelovath held it like the warrior he was, like the guardian of the beloved Thane he was, Hureig ran a finger beneath his eyes. Yes, the frost giant was crying. How could one not make an item that brought tears to a frost giant the center piece of their main room! "I will make a proper mount for it. The next time I bring a load of furniture for Thane Josleen, we all can put it in a dignified position."

Kelovath held onto the ‘breeding tusk’ in a somewhat awkward way. Definitely did not want this thing to get too close to his face. He nodded to the giant, “I’d appreciate the help. Getting this,” It was lifted up somewhat, like the giant might mistake what he was talking about, “onto the wall will be difficult.” He wondered if Josleen had already ordered more furniture, but whether she did or not wasn’t all that important. “When do you think you’ll be by again?” If not anytime soon, he’d have to probably hide this thing somewhere until Hureig could assist with the mounting process.

Hureig smiled a sheepish smile when Kelovath asked when he would be by next. "Well, to be truthful, I had no plans to ever come to your home again. Mammoths spook too easy. Mammoths get too fearful when there are ghosts and ghoulies about. Mammoths..." The way he said the creature's name, the way he repeated it, the way he shook his head each time he mentioned anything that could possess furniture and glue it to the ceiling, even the blind would be able to say he was talking about himself so poorly did he hide it. "But since you'll have my breeding tusk in your home, I can come by at any time. Do you need my help with something, little human?"

Kelovath shook his head and offered a reassuring smile. “Nothing right now, my friend.” It was clear the giant was terrified of ghosts and the like. But Hureig was a good person. It’d be nice to have him around more often. “I should probably get this,” Another gesture of the mammoth’s ghost prevention tool, “Home.” Which will lead to the most awkward walk home ever. “I’ll let Josleen know about your gift, Hureig. Again, thank you so much. I’m sure it’ll help.” A deep breath was taken in and the paladin steeled himself for his journey through Larket, mentally trying to find the fastest, most discreet way home. “Come by soon though, my friend. You’ll always be welcomed.” Now, onto this little adventure.

Hureig wished Kelovath the fondest farewells with a smile, a bowed head, and a raised hand. He would most assuredly visit his breeding tusk and friends soon, but what was more pressing was what boomed in an echo through Larket. "Sugar!"