RP:Trial Period; Grand Idea

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Part of the Rise of Larket Arc

Summary: Sabrina is offered a position on the council, but instead, she suggests it to be on a trial period. Kelovath shares his idea with Sabrina.

Council Meeting Room

Kelovath stood within the decently sized room with the other council members. The door to the room was closed, but they were expecting someone. News of her approach had reached their ears quite some time ago, so the room was organized appropriately. The chairs were lined up, much like what you’d expect to see at a wedding. A path down the middle lead to the gather council members, who all stood talking amongst each other. The paladin stood in the center, eyes locked on the closed door, but ears were listening to most of the conversations being had around him. Kelovath was in his traditional armor, rarely seen without it, hands resting together in front of him, waiting patiently for Sabrina. This was a big moment for the paladin and could be as well for the healer, depending on how this meeting would go. He hoped it went how his previous meeting with the council ended up. It was a very positive moment for Kelovath and Larket.

Sabrina notices little change since her last entry to this very room. Pushing open the door a slight squeak announces her arrival, a soldier turns to look at her and she cringes, whispering an elvish apology for the interruption. She unnecessarily shows her proof of summons and he lets her pass. She enters in standard dress; past experience had shown her that Elven formal attire was generally a little sparse in comparison to the human standard so she hoped it wouldn’t compromise the understanding of the importance of this meeting despite not knowing what the context would be. She makes her way down the chair-lined path, feeling a little out of place and by the uniforms surrounding her likely underdressed in full leathers. She approaches Kelovath with silent footsteps and offers a perfect bow in place of the expected curtsey. She simply wasn’t that kind. “I am here, at your request.”

Kelovath widened his eyes as he saw the door move. And held back a laugh when the door squeaked. He made a mental note to get that fixed at some point. The other council members hushed their conversations, the paladin stepped forward, and allowed Sabrina to cover the rest of the distance. He bowed as well and nodded. “Yes. And I thank you for coming.” He motioned toward the rest of the council with his armored hands. “We all thank you. But it is much more than simply arriving here.” The paladin stepped away from the council members and closer to Sabrina. With a smile, he spoke yet again. “We have decided to offer you a position on this council.” It was to the point, without any flare behind it, expect maybe his smile. He kept silent for a moment or two, allowing the offer to be understood. “I have been deemed the leader of this council,” once again giving a slight motion to those behind him. “by their choice. I have accepted this position and would like you to join as well. You time and patience spent within Larket has not gone unnoticed. This offer, along with continuing your aid to Larket, is the reward.” He’d end his little speech there and simply watched her reaction and waited for a response.

Sabrina is oddly silent for a full minute, peering around Kelovath to the others staring at her from behind him. “I…don’t….” She started in Elvish, reminding herself the rudeness of that point and switches to a very broken common as she uprights herself and looks up at the armored male. “What position could I fill that would benefit Larket, I am a healer only. Politics are very confusing to me.” Position or not, her devotion in making Larket her primary residence would not change, her care for the people was due to a calling and not up for collection of any reward. Her cheeks are red and she pushes a stubborn ebon strand behind pointed ear. If she was of no real use she would have to think of a proper way to decline without offense.

Kelovath understood the hesitation of Sabrina and did his best to explain. “A healer is exactly what Larket needs. Your position on the council allows you to speak for those who cannot. You heal the injured, the weak, and the ones who need it. But we need ideas or suggestions to best prevent injuries. And to find the best supplies for those injured.” The man continued to smile, even offering a laugh now. “I am also a healer, but when it comes to potions or salves or anything like that, I am useless.” The paladin did his best to calm his emotions, speaking in a softer manner now. “Larket and her people need your expertise. To find the best medicines we can find and create. The council and I have agreed on his matter.”

Sabrina nods to all his points, relaxing somewhat due to his informality. “I think I may have an answer to better serve you. The apothecary, Artia, is in my ranks. I have it in my power to appoint her to Larket. While she is young she is eager to learn and her love for Larket is unmatched. Does this suit you well, or do you require a stronger guild presence? Understand, sitting me on your council does not give you priority. The Guild, while under my guidance will always answer to those in need, be it enemy of Larket or ally. We must remain neutral for the preservation of life. To all. Has your council considered this position with all thoughts concerning our neutrality?” She peers around him again, eyes narrowing at the few whispers of discontent already filling keen ears. This was likely not the correct answer, but healing always comes first.

Kelovath kept his voice low, disregarding the members behind them as they start to whisper. A single hand is lifted into the air and the whispers slowly stop. The man is newly appointed, so an immediate reaction wouldn’t happen. Not yet. They trusted Kelovath, but there was some uncertainty now. In a way. “I know of Artia. In fact, she has already accepted a position on this council. Her knowledge of nature is why we sought her out. As well as her courageous actions during the fermin attacks. Her neutral stance regarding the Healer’s Guild has been noted, as it has been with you. We seek you, for healing. For the wellbeing of Larket and her people. Guild or no, we are interested in you, Sabrina.”

Sabrina had a good eye for observation, the interaction between the newly appointed and the unfaithful few that started to infect the group as a whole. Thin brows come together, pursed lips noting she is deep in thought. “With the understanding in place, it is appropriate that I accept. I am not without a certain measure of caution. Circumstances may change your minds.” She still wasn’t convinced he understood her dedication to her calling. “We are reasonable people. I suggest a period of trial, if the council sees me as a proper fit in due time then, and only then, will I take an official placement. I simply do not wish the council to regret any decisions.” She looks up sternly, finding his eyes with brilliant blue-green gems of her own. Her intent was for him not to lose face, if his selection somehow backfired it was a clean break and he could wash his hands of her.

Kelovath wasn’t aware of what Sabrina was doing for him. He was happy she accepted, even if there was a certain condition she wanted. A few nods were offered, the man then turning to the council and addressing them. “As you heard, Sabrina is now a member of this council. I believe a trial period is acceptable, yes?” Enough of the council agreed, and so it shall be. Seeing the decision being made, they all clapped a couple of times, some more than others, then began leaving the room. Elmut Silpal, a long time council member approached Sabrina and gave her a wink. “Nice one.” He said in a hushed manner. He was clearly able to see what the healer did to help Kelovath, but his two words were all that he said. He too, left a few minutes later. Kelovath didn’t hear Elmut, so he continued to be oblivious to the matter. Finally, he spoke to Sabrina. “Trial period. Good idea, should you not enjoy the position. Now that all of that is taken care of, I do have an idea, should you be interested?” He motioned toward the same door the healer had previously entered from, suggesting they leave the meeting room.

Sabrina blushed a little at the direct acknowledgement to something she was sure nobody else picked up on. She gives him a shied bow of head, pushing back once more that stubborn strand. She is a little surprised when Kelovath spoke to her again, redirecting her attention to him as Elmut blends with the rest of the dispersed gathering. “Of course.” She took his direction, though she would falter to a half step behind his own before they would hit the door. A customary upbringing made it difficult to recognize old habits and break them. “If I can help, I will.”

Kelovath opened the door when they reached it, allowing Sabrina to pass through first before making his way through the doorway. Walking through the commons of the Fort, he spoke. “Even though your position is still not complete, at least in the way I’d want it, I do have an idea to benefit Larket and her people. I’d like to set up a place, probably on the outskirts of the city, as a place to house the injured. Much like your House or Ara, but larger. I want this place, a building, to be well known throughout Hollow. If someone gets hurt, I want Larket to be the place they seek help. (ooc: Basically, a hospital, but without calling it that.) This can be both as a member of the council and the leader of the Healer’s Guild work. Having this place of safety and complete neutrality could be something of interest for the guild, if you’re interested. And there is a piece of land that I do have in mind for such a thing. We don’t need to travel there now, but if you’d be interested in such a thing, I’d like to see to it personally that it happens.” It felt difficult for the paladin to explain this, without sounding like Larket was at the forefront of his words. Larket truly was the most important thing, but as a paladin, there was a certain obligation he wanted to fulfill. This could be the start of that.

Sabrina steps through the doorway, dipping past him with a short elvish thank you. Manners. Again she would wait for him to gain that half-step lead and with perfect posture, hands secured behind her back she still had to lean slightly up to give him her full attention. “And if someone becomes injured in Rynvale, what good is a central building of healing this deep into the mainland?” He probably already had in mind a port-smith to design some safe passage, but it was worth giving his mind something to whirl around. Such big changes in such a short amount of time. She appreciated his ambition, especially since it spelled out favor to her Guild since, likely, the structure would be run by the guilded and many training opportunities would arise for up and coming healers. “Candidates far and wide would recognize Larket as the center for learning the trade.” She smiled at that thought, though she still had reservations if this big plan would ever come to pass. She stops, canting her head to the side in a sarcastic fashion. “Are you already trying to sell me my permanent spot?”

Kelovath took note of the woman’s manners. He appreciated that. Not because it made him feel superior, which in his perspective it didn’t, but because she was polite. Courteous. A good quality in a person, as far as he was concerned. “My idea is not without its flaws, I assure you.” Even the thought of Rynvale brought back horrible memories, but he’d not discuss them now. “And it is questions like that, that brought you to our attention.” His gaze shifted to the healer, a smile on his face once again. When seeing that she stopped and presented her question, the man laughed. “Saw right through that, huh?” His laughter grew, causing his armor to click and clank together. “You were my choice for this, Sabrina. The council position and the medical building. I believe a trial period is a well thought idea and I have no doubts about your ability to prove your place.” They were almost outside, the place they’d stopped near the door leading to the courtyard. “I want to make Hollow a better place. This, I strongly believe, is the first step to something much larger.” His attention was fully on Sabrina, his eyes showing the truth behind his words. “Think about it, okay?” No decision needed to be made today. “It’s only an idea. One that needs fleshed out, I admit.” A smirk, this time instead of a smile, the man recognizing his own flaw for the idea.

Sabrina did not laugh, she was not known to be as jovial as most oftentimes it made her appear as though she thought herself above it. This was not the case. She smiles back at him, it wasn’t an upretty smile, just well-rehearsed. “I believe you are on to something very good for Larket, very good for Hollow. I will do what I can to see that your dream is realized. But, babysteps. Yes?” She focused on his eyes, almost gazing into them but her observation was not to be confused with some sensual intrigue. She was studying him, right down to the flux in pupillary reaction. “I will.” She continues on without him, the first step leading west toward Ara, but her body twists slightly to give him a parting nod. A single exhale of amusement is accompanied with a real smile; pearly whites peeking through parted lips. “It has been a pleasure Master Kelovath. I look forward to working with you.” She is soon distracted by a young girl in her path, one she has to crouch down to make herself at eye level. She manufactures a look of awe at a story she couldn’t begin to understand with the enthusiasm the girl had at telling it. Anything Kelovath had left to say would be lost as her attention is wholly stolen by a smallish human youngling, pointing at a vivid red mar along her elbow to which Sabrina quickly sees to.