RP:Rebuilding the Council

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Part of the Rise of Larket Arc

Summary: Artia is offered a position on the Larket council. She accepts. Kelovath is offered as well, which he also accepts.

Council Meeting Room

Kelovath stood outside of the meeting room, looking rather nervous. He received a letter from the council asking for him to come here. He dressed as he always did, in armor. Formal to him, probably not to the council. For the paladin, that didn’t matter. The importance appeared to be on the other side of the door, leading to the meeting room. His armored hands were resting together behind his back, patiently waiting to be allowed inside. The days since returning to Larket had been spent gathering information about Mihael and making sure everything remained quiet within the city limits. So far, everything was well. Maybe a time of peace was truly on its way. It was needed, given the recent events of Larket. The armored man sighed loudly and shook his head. “This waiting is…” His head shook again, Kelo now turning and starting to pace back and forth in front of the door.

The apothecary received a letter to her ranch early this morning, must been hard to find her as she had been traveling to different lands for study purposes. As soon as she received the letter the apothecary hurried over. Sporting dark colors, sleeveless gown but one shoulder had a frilled strap. The skirt is long and comes down to the floor, dragging a little bit behind her. Primarily black with a few grey stripes running into spirals down the length of the top, becoming straight vertical bands down along to the bottom of the skirt. Stitched in lace overlay of golden threads that light up organically all over the dress. Her hair is up in an elegant bun with black rose buds placed throughout, large cyan eyes scanned the area she walked into. A smile formed on her ruby lips, "Sir Kelovath, did you receive a letter too?" Her face flushed and her stomach swirling as she was very nervous as to what the council wanted. Her hands clenching together in front of her hips, occasionally rubbing her hands together.

Kelovath was tired of waiting. Just as he was about to open the door to the council room, he heard someone approaching. They weren’t coming from the room. It was behind him. Turning, he spotted Artia and offered a smile to the woman. With a nod, “Ah. Yes, Artia. I did. I feel like I’ve been waiting here forever.” He laughed, motioning toward the door. “I can’t hear anything either, so it’s very unnerving, ya know?” The paladin started to make his way closer to the apothecary, when a small noise came from the council room. But that was it. His attention locked on the door. And after a few seconds, nothing happened. He sighed once again, then took in a deep breath, attempting to calm himself down. “I should be more patient than this. Heh.” Again, his brown gaze shifted to Artia, shrugging soon after. “How are you?”

A nervous chuckle escaped Artia, she knew the feeling. Her stomach was in knots now, "I am fine, had a rather interesting run in with Mihael in sage actually, I will tell you and the council about it when we get inside. My healer’s guild leader, Sabrina told us to stay neutral and I plan too. Unless, this mess comes into Larket, then I will have to break my vow to the healer’s guild. Also, if you ever need a healer can count on me." She winked her left eye at him that still had the scar over it from when her father tried to kill her as a toddler. "How are you? I haven't seen you lately, we really should change up how often we see each other. I had hoped to see you at the candle vigil, but it was also disrupted by a young fermin, she didn't have a very well control on her magic." Holding up her hand, "But don't worry, she isn't like those that attacked Larket." Then Artia moved to stand beside, Kelovath looking at the doors as well. "They are being so quiet, I hope this isn't a trap to be honest. Never know too well anymore."

Kelovath became rather curious when Mihael was mentioned, but that would be discussed later. “I’m well. Things have been…Not busy, exactly, but time consuming. I’m sorry I missed the candle vigil. A certain matter pulled me away from Larket a few days before and I was unable to get back in time. Sounds like you were able to handle the situation though. Which I’m thankful for.” A quick smile, then this time, another noise was heard from behind the closed door…And the knob to the door turned. “Finally.” The armored man whispered, stepping toward the now opening door to the council meeting room. A guard appeared, who bowed to both Kelovath and Artia, before motioning them inside. Once entering, the chairs that are normally placed at random throughout the room were organized, but empty. Just for show, really. At the end of the room, were the remaining council members. Isiln Huldom, Freiah Blasco, Justahl Gibar, Vi Laracal, Virdo Dosman, and Elmut Silpal. All of them standing, waiting for Artia and Kelovath to approach. There was nothing special about the room itself. Nothing new, anyway. The chairs seemed to be what caused the small delay. Once standing in front of the council, Kelovath bowed, and waited for someone to speak first. Elmut Silpal stepped forward and addressed Artia first. “Lady Artia. Apothecary of Larket. You have been selected to become part of this council. Your time spent and actions within Larket have earned you this privilege and title, should you accept it.” Kelovath couldn’t help himself and began grinning. He was happy for the woman and her new title. It was an honor. And a rare one, at that. Although he did feel somewhat disappointed, wondering if he would be addressed next.

Artia sighed, "It was almost bad, and people were freaking out and running. I had to calm them, and then double check the fermin. I want to meet with her again and ask her some questions before I completely write her off as a threat. Just too sure, especially with all Larket has gone through." Her eyes watered slightly, she had lost loved ones during the war as well. Looking back up as soon as the door opened, standing close to Kelovath as she got even more nervous, and lacing her arms about her friend's. Which made her able to hear his whisper, with all her might she fought not to chuckle at him. She walked close to Kelovath, as he bowed she would unlace her arm. Grip her dress, flare it out and bow down deep to the council. Once they began to speak she released her dress standing up straight before them, listening closely as they began to speak her. Each member got a nod, and bright smile from the Apothecary. When Elmut Silpal stepped towards her, she felt her face growing warm. Staying silent as he spoke, when he announced what the council had selected from her, her mouth hung open only slightly. Her right hand lifting and rested upon her heart as it felt like it would leap out of her chest. Once again the female curtsied before Elmut Silpal, "With most hope I will continue to make you all proud, I accept." She glanced at Kelovath, taking his hand giving it a squeeze, she hoped they would do something for Kelovath.

Kelovath kept the grin on his face when hearing that Artia accepted the position. He returned her squeeze of the hand, but quickly stood back at attention when Elmut Silpal began to speak. Still to Artia, “I have no doubts about you making us proud. Welcome, Artia, to the council of Larket.” He motioned toward the other council members, who all nodded to the woman. Elmut spoke again, “Please, join them, Lady Artia.” He waited for the newly appointed councilwoman to take her place with the other members, before addressing the paladin. Stepping in front of the man, Elmut lifted his hand on dropped it softly onto Kelovath’s armored shoulder. “My friend. You have done much for the city of Larket. And for her people. Time and time again, you’ve spilled blood for us. Protected us. Even lead us, for a short time.” The councilman winked to the paladin, pulling his hand away and taking a few steps back. “We…” He motioned once again to the members. “…have decided to offer you a place on the council, Sir Kelovath. You have be a steward to Larket in the past, and although we are unable to offer that to you now, we do want you to lead the council. You’ve lead Larket into this now bright future, with the aid of Lady Artia and others.” Kelovath looked to Artia and smiled. He mouthed the word ‘thank you’ to the new councilwoman and then looked back to Elmut. Humbly, the paladin nodded his head, then spoke. “Thank you, Councilman Elmut. Councilmembers.” A nod was given to each of them, Artia included. “I accept. I will do my best to lead us into a better future. I look forward to working with all of you.” The smile, grin really, from before was back and maybe even a few tears within his amber gaze. It was a wonderful moment for the paladin. And probably Artia as well, with everything she has put into Larket. The time of peace, for Larket, seemed to be in full force.

Artia pulled her hand from Kelovath, her dearest friend at that. Listening to Elmut, she nodded and made her way to stand with the other council members. Looking to Elmut and Kelovath, her hands holding each other tightly to point her knuckles were white. She teared up at hearing Elmut speak to Kelovath in such a way. He was right, Kelovath had always done amazing for Larket. When Elmut smiled and mouthed the word 'thank you' she bowed just her head to him, offering a smile to him in return. This moment was so surreal! She never thought she would make such a position, but here she was. Hearing that Kelovath was selected to lead the council, she gasped. Her hands dropped to her side, "Perfect." She caught herself speaking, and stopped. As she knew it was Kelovath's turn for the light, and she couldn't be happier for him!