RP:Death of a Councilwoman

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Part of the Rise of Larket Arc

Summary: Artia and Kelovath stumble upon something shocking in the council meeting room. A battle takes place, leaving a council member dead and another deemed a traitor.

Council Meeting Room

Kelovath explained the information he’d gotten from Lamorak to Artia as they made their way into the Fort of Larket. The last time seeing Artia was his first time back in Hollow and Larket, during one of the first fermin attacks. Things have grown rather hectic since then. Lots of traveling and fighting, as well as information gathering. The paladin was tired. His age starting to creep up on him. But he’d continue doing what was needed, which for now, included speaking to the council. Once getting to the entrance of the council meeting room, Kelovath noticed there were no guards outside the door. Could be a shift change, of course, but it was rare to see the council room unprotected. Thinking little else about it, the paladin pushed open the door and what he saw inside was shocking, to say the least. Throughout the room, there were a total of 10 fermin, all armed with swords and leather armor. The swords that are held by the fermin were clearly Larket weapons, so it appears that the rats killed the guards who were supposed to be guarding the door. In the center of the room was Macon and Andurla. Macon held a jagged dagger at the throat of Andurla, who was on her knees, facing the entrance to the room. Upon seeing the paladin and druid, Macon was sent into a panic. Unfortunately, the panic resulted in the blade being dragged across the exposed flesh of Andurla’s throat. Blood shot from the opened wound, gurgling sounds escaping from the council woman’s blood filled mouth. With a smirk, Macon dropped the dying woman onto the tiled floor, as well as the dagger, and made a single motion toward Kelovath and Artia. The fermin obeyed the unspoken order and attacked. Kelovath, still in shock at the sight he just witnessed, couldn’t move. The fermin, however, went right for Artia and the paladin. Macon, however, was gone in a puff of black magical smoke, leaving the fermin behind to hopefully deal with the two intruders.

The witch listened closely to what Kelovath had to say, as always she would. She favored Kelovath above everyone in these lands, almost more then her sister. To her he was one of the best people you could ever meet, "So, Lammy said a person from the fermin council gave him the artifact? I wish I was there Kelovath, I could had read his aura and told you if he was speaking madness or-" Artia stopped speaking, the guards were not here. "Kelovath, I don't think the shift changes for at least another hour...something isn't right." At that the door opening her eyes went wide, she could not believe what she saw. Macon! What in the world was he doing to her? Why? Then the fermin in armor and weapons, it all came together. Then the female was sliced at the arrival of them completely unannounced. Lifting her hand and extending it towards Macon, her serpent bracelet came to life slithering down to her hand becoming the Black-Scarab Engraved Wand. Shooting out a stream of purple magic towards the now puff of smoke where the traitor had just left. With a growl of frustration Artia turned her optics to see the fermin following the order that had not needn't of being spoken, "Kelovath, get ready!" She looked over to him as the witch blew out a spell to her hand, casting a spell to her nails turning them into 9 inch retractable-pernicious tektite-nails. At least the hand with the wand had dark-steel clawed-gauntlets just incase it came to a point where the fermin came on too much to use the wand. Looking back to Kelovath, why hadn't he pulled free his sword. "Kelovath, blink out of it!" She raised her leg and kicked him in the shin not enough to harm him but enough to help him shake out of it. With that, she prayed to the dark mother Delisha and the father of nature hind to guide her in this. She took the five to the side, charging forward, raising her wand again. Sending the same purple stream towards one fermin, once it hit its target the fermin would be wrapped into a cloud of what seemed to be shadows. Which began to combust into flames, sliding to a stop using her nails she aimed them to claw along another one's neck in hopes to make it drown in its own blood as there leader had done to the council women.

Kelovath stood there in silence until Artia had kicked him. At that point, it was too late to unsheathe his sword, so instead the paladin built up his magic. Stepping forward, he punched one of fermin right in the face, sending it backwards and into another of his kin. Feeling his magic at the point it needed to be, he unleashed it onto one of the charging fermin. The small ball of holy magic connect with its intended target and engulfed the rat in flames. Having enough time now, Kelovath was able to get his sword out of its case and into his armored hands. Anger flooded into the man and with a couple of swing of his weapon, yet another fermin was killed. The fermin that had landed on the floor now stood, as did the one that had been crashed into. Getting into a better fighting stance, the paladin gripped his sword with both hands, waiting for the fermin to show an opening. Three against one, now. Kelovath liked the odds. They were fermin after all. With whispered words, a prayer was said and the paladin produced his reliable golden aura to surround himself. He smirked, eyes lingering on the three fermin, who were about to attack.

The witch would lie if she wasn't impressed by his holy magic that he sent forth, and relieved that he was knocked out of it. She had that mere second of glance to Kelovath, and she used it to see how he was doing, not that he couldn’t handle himself but just wanted to make sure he was fine. Of course he was, both her attacks to two of the fermin were fatal and landed her as well with only three. Oh yes, this was fun fighting at Kelovath's side again. But this time the wand grew into a large stake, and with the witch tossed it towards the fermin that ran over to check on the one she had cut open throat. With true aim, from her practice in the woods with the naiad the stake ran through the fermin heart landing it on back on top the dead fermin. A smirk ran along the druidic witch's lips as she noticed she was making a nice pile. Two fermin left, one had made its way to move behind her. The other moved in front of her, but gave away its comrade from Artia watching its eyes look behind her. With a spinning kick to the one behind her, the witch knocked the other on the floor. A pounce was aimed to the one in front of her, which landed the creature below her. The sword it held grazed her knee cap, raging the witch on for a brutal death. Ripping a vine from the necklace she wore, holding it below the Fermin now. Speaking in her witchy way, the vine began to twist and grow. Growing up and up the nostril of the fermin, soon the root was not visible as the root was busy piercing the brain from within. Standing up, the fermin laid on side growling at Artia.

Kelovath charged toward the remaining three fermin like a man on a mission. Knowing the aura would protect him, he became somewhat careless. Using both hands, the paladin lifted his sword back and swung it right at the middle fermin. The attack was blocked, but because he was able to get so close, the fur from the fermin was now within the holy aura surrounding Kelovath. The other two fermin both attempted to swing their weapons toward the armored man, but one of the attacks connected with the now somewhat burning fermin. The blade smashed into the head and back of the fermin, causing the rat to completely drop his guard, which forced Kelovath blade down and into the tiled floor. Unable to do anything about the last attack, the paladin took the slicing of the sword to his armored back. Although it did not connect with any flesh, the blow was enough to send the paladin down onto one knee. Realizing now that the fermin had a true advantage, Kelovath unleashed more of his own magic, making the golden aura expand outward, engulfing the fermin that had killed his own. Kelovath kept his magic in check as best he could, but should some of the holy flame escape his grasp, there was little he could do about it. With there now only being one fermin left, who was regaining his balance from the slightly deflected attack, the paladin stayed down on one knee and swung an armored leg out, did a small spin, and brought the rat down onto the tiled floor when his kick connected. Standing upright, Kelovath held his sword in both hands yet again, then forcefully brought it down into the skull of the over-grown rat, killing it instantly. When this small battle was over, his attention was brought to Artia, making sure her own battle was going well.

Artia didn't have the time to check on Kelovath again, the fermin on the floor got up. She noted the color of his fur as the fermin began chanting, he was a mage. With a cocky grin, she was ready, having a few tricks up her sleeve still. Before the fermin even got to cast out its elemental magic, Artia had dropped to all fours. Screaming out a very fast incantation, the floor boards began to quake as she called forth one of her favorite family members. Feeling the flora coming forth, she stood up. Running over to the council women body, placing her hand on the throat trying to help the wound as the spiked root pierced the fermin mage. Looking down to the female, Artia looked back up to Kelovath shaking her head. "Kelovath, her spirit has moved on to the mother. I am sorry, I know you were close to the council."

Kelovath saw that the fermin had finally been dealt with. Releasing a deep sigh, the paladin turned and looked to the council woman. Sadness flooded his features. The weapon was put back in its sheath and the man moved closer, kneeling down beside the dead woman. Carefully, the paladin lifted Andurla's head and placed it on his lap. His head bowed and right away, the paladin began praying. His eyes closed, a few tears forming at the corner of his eyes. Breathing deeply, the prayer finished, Kelovath lowered Andurla back down to the tiled floor, softly cupping the side of her cheek. He nodded a single time and spoke. "I can't believe this happened...Macon..." The paladin grew angry, but now was not the time. This was the time for mourning. In a hurry, the armored man lifted his gaze and rushed out a thought, “The other council members! We must…” Before he was even able to finish his words, there was a soft click and a door opened. The rest of the council emerged from the entrance to the meeting room. There was obvious shock on their features and who knows how many other thoughts going about in their own minds. The paladin stood to address them. “We did all we could…Macon killed Andurla…” Saying it aloud caused Kelovath to grimace slightly, unable to believe the words he had just spoken. Ignoring the council for now, he turned to Artia, “Now what…?”

Artia felt bad for Kelovath, it was horrible the way the other council had to find out. When they came inside the room, she was worried they would accuse them of something they were innocent for. "Kelovath," She stood and moved behind him, wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug to try to comfort the male. Even the hug felt awkward, but it seemed her friend needed it. Looking up to the other council members she was the first to speak, "We need to issue a warning out to the lands that there is an artifact that is making fermin lose their conscious state of mind. These fermin need to be took out, each fermin took out, a gold reward shall be given. Next I believe the newspaper needs to print off a statement of and description of the corrupt councilman, let the lands know he is a traitor. He should be captured alive and help accountable in Larket court."

Kelovath almost started to pull away from the druid during her hug, but he couldn’t actually make himself do that. He looked to the council as Artia spoke and most of them were nodding their heads. Direct action would be required and the paladin agreed. “Only the crazed fermin, mind you. There are still fermin out there who can be trusted.” This thoughts shifted back to Lamorak, still locked away in his cell. The rat, in his own way, told Kelovath the truth. “Macon Jauzon should be deemed a traitor in the eyes of Larket. Any person or persons giving him safe passage should be detained upon learning of this information. He possesses some kind of magic. Dark, I’d assume, based on how it turns the fermin into true animals.” The paladin stepped forward, out of Artia’s grasp now and addressed the council a bit more professionally. “I know this event has come as a shock to you all, but Larket needs your leadership now more than ever. The people are scared and the news of Andurla’s death…” He had to pause, still coming to terms with saying that out loud. “And Macon’s traitorous action will instill a deep fear within them. As pillars of this city, we all must stand firm.” His gaze shifted to each council member, to Artia, and to the few guards who happened to wander in during his small speech. Motioning toward the guards now, Kelovath continued. “Remove the fermin bodies. Burn them outside of Larket. Inform the families of the deceased guard.” Those few guards saluted the paladin and began their task. Kelovath turned away from the council and kneeled beside Andurla once again, lowering his head in prayer.

Artia was a bit taken back that Kelovath accepted the hug, still she couldn’t help feel relief when he broke away. The druidic witch had lost much of the willingness of affection, who could blame her? But when the council agreed with her, she gave a proud smile. Standing up tall, waiting for Kelovath to finish speech. "Agreed, only attack if a fermin attacks you. I had a fermin tell me that not all fermin are this crazed upon feeding and killing everything. Yes, they love to battle but, the one I interrogated was telling me it is worse then normal for them. I thought it was a lie, and well...you know how some interrogations can go. I will continue in testing the blood of the fermin if you believe is nessacary. If not, Kelovath and I will move forward with giving out warning and posting signs for all this information. But we need to have a burial for Andurla, a proper one. If we can, I would like to ask for a candle light vigil in her honor. I can set up the time and day." She looked to Kelovath, her friend and the reason she was in Larket. "If Kelovath can help me of course. Also, I strongly encourage burying the ashed of the fermin too. I am not sure if the ashes will have any effect on Larketians." Artia stayed standing up, watching Kelovath as she figured the paladin was praying again. "I can be off if need, and start making the announcement."

Kelovath stopped his praying and nodded to Artia. “I will help you. For the moment, I would like to remain here. I’ll find you later on and we can get to planning.” Normally, the paladin would have smiled, but that wasn’t going to happen. Not today. Kelo returned to his prayer staying near his departed friend.

Artia bowed her head to the paladin, "Aye, I am easy to find as you know i never rarely leave Larket, I will begin posting notes about the bounty on the fermin. Till then, be careful and keep a watchful eye open. No clue what he will do next, or who to target." At that the witch turned and left the castle.