RP:Widowed Husband Steps Down

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Part of the Rise of Larket Arc

Summary: Councilman Aldaren Palpuer surprises Kelovath with some news.

Council Meeting Room

Immediately following the death of Councilwoman Andurla Palpuer, Kelovath knew he would need to speak to her husband. Aldaren Palpuer was a rather simple man. He followed Andurla to Larket and together, were able to get two seats on the Larket council. The man deeply loved his wife and when the paladin finally found him within the very place his wife was killed, it was clear he was not taking it well. Stepping closer, Kelovath found it hard to speak. He was there. He saw the woman killed and her murdered flee. His mouth opened several times, but the words were not there at the moment. Armored hands stayed at his side and his gaze stayed low.

Aldaren was at the council meeting room for most of the day now. Things had become so routine until the fermin began attacking. In truth, the Councilman could not remember the last thing he said to his wife. Or the last time he saw her. Whether it was old age or because he was so busy, it didn’t really matter. She was gone. And he hated himself for that. He heard the clicking of armor behind him and only turned his head slightly, clearly able to see the gold reflecting and almost instantly knowing who was standing behind him. His back was kept to the paladin and a sigh escaped from his lips. Then words followed. “Why did this happen? Why was my wife taken from me? Why did Macon…?”

Kelovath startled when Aldaren began speaking. With his eyes lowered, he wasn’t able to see the man glance backwards, and the paladin was basically oblivious to the sound of his own armor clicking and clanking together. Lifting his gaze, the armored man stepped forward a single step and finally found the words. “I am sorry for your loss, Aldaren. She was…Andurla was my friend. And so much more to you, I know. I wish there was more I could have done. I…” The words escaped him. What could really be said in a situation like this? Vengeance wouldn’t bring Andurla back to life. Or any of the lives lost within Larket since the fermin attacks.

Aldaren was angry. And depressed. And wanted closure. He wanted Macon dead. Probably wanted to kill the traitor himself. But right now, he wanted his wife alive. Wanted to see her smile and laugh. Never again would that happen. Tears started at the edge of his eyes and the Councilman finally turned to face the paladin. “Find Macon, Kelovath. Whatever it takes. From what I’m told, he fled Larket. You must find him.” Although there were tears in his eyes, behind the tears was a murderous anger. It was more than clear as to the intent Aldaren had for Macon should he be within grasp.

Kelovath saw the tears before the anger. His focus stayed on the sadness within the councilman. A few quick nods were given in a response to the widow’s demand. “I plan too, Aldaren. But there are priorities that must be met first.” As much as he didn’t want to talk about it, arrangements were needed to be made. “A service for your wife. For Andurla. A place within the cemetery has been marked for her. It can be a small service or large, your choice. I can handle whatever requests you may have for the funeral, but these things must be done quickly.” He didn’t need to get into the more obvious details. Rotting corpse and all that. Such a thing wasn’t necessary to point out.

Aldaren desperately wanted justice for his wives murder, but also knew that certain things needed taken care of. Whether it was because he was mourning the death of his wife, or maybe even his age, the next words from his mouth would surely shock the paladin. “I am removing myself from the council. After the funeral.” He offered no other explanation and the tone of his voice made it definite. His aged eyes locked onto the paladin, continuing to show that his statement would happen. “A small service would be ideal. I know the details of what happened have surely spread throughout all of Hollow, so the fewer people the better.”

Kelovath wanted to step forward and knock some sense into the councilman. Larket needed Aldaren now more and even and he was just going to walk away from it all? The paladin’s own anger started to build up, but there was nothing to accomplish here. An argument over this is not what Andurla would have wanted. As Kelovath saw it, the council was quickly falling apart. Would Larket soon crumble in on itself? The members of the council were there to govern and organize everything that the city needed to survive. No council would lead to chaos eventually. But this man just had his wife taken from him. His mind was set. The paladin of Arkhen could only nod his head, not entirely sure of his next move. He turned away from the soon-to-be ex-councilmember and made his way out of the room. “Arkhen help me…” He whispered to himself. Then right after, “Arkhen help Larket…”

Aldaren stood there and watched the paladin of Arkhen leave the room, anger still obvious on his features. It didn’t take long for the councilman to finally breakdown and begin sobbing, wrapping his arms around himself in an embrace. He felt defeated. Little did either Aldaren or Kelovath know, was that in that room, in the shadows, Macon was there. Watching, listening, and smiling the entire time. Whatever he had planned, it would appear everything was as he wanted.