Arc:A Dream of Tyranny

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OOC Note: This is an ongoing arc and anyone is welcome to participate. If you are interested in getting involved, 
contact Desparrow for more details.


With his hometown under threat by the mysterious Zirael and her seaborn cronies, Desparrow has elected to return to Cenril in an effort to defend it. But the lycanthrope has aspirations for the city; aspirations that are tyrannical and maniacal just like the lycanthrope himself! Only time will tell what the wicked warlock has in store for Cenril.

Chapter One

  1. Desparrow Meets Ynhaldei
  2. Magic Mutation Experiment 01: Xzavior
  3. Discussion With Linn
  4. Vakko is Sired
  5. Emilia's Safe Haven in Cenril
  6. Des Finds an Assassin
  7. A Potential Ally
  8. Collusion for a Castle in Cenril
  9. Do You Want To See My Work?
  10. Xzavior's Progress
  11. Desparrow Plans With Ynhaldei
  12. Assassination Of A Mayor
  13. Birth of the Fledglings
  14. An Interrupted Exchange
  15. Desparrow Hosts a Tea Party
  16. Apology to Xzavior
  17. Asraphael Meets Desparrow
  18. Meeting in the park
  19. Surprise introduction
  20. Lycan Secret Weapon
  21. Ynhaldei Meets With Gevurah
  22. Ynhaldei meets with Linn
  23. A visit from Linn
  24. Desparrow's Mad Proclamation
  25. Rushed Recruitment
  26. Night of the Blood Moon
  27. Back to the manor
  28. Outmatched, Beaten
  29. A lucky break
  30. Crazed Assassin, Close Call
  31. First Recorded Mutation
  32. Diryon's Mercy
  33. Alvina Abducted!
  34. Placeholder for RP
  35. Placeholder for Duel

Chapter Two

  1. Who Let the Dog Out?
  2. Desparrow Takes Shelter in D'Artes