Arc:Two If By Sea

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OOC Note: This is an ongoing arc and anyone is welcome to participate. In order to facilitate this story, 
some characters will be NPCs and will need to be directed by characters, so if you are interested in helping 
with these NPCs, please get in touch with Tristram, Hildegarde or Zirael. 

If you have ideas for the arc, please get in touch! Characters are needed to facilitate the arc, so if you are considering an alt for this arc please get in touch with the administrative team.


It's been years since there's been even so much as a mermaid sighting in the waters off Rynvale Island. Recently, the remains of a ship hidden beneath the ocean for centuries has been located by the clan, The Compass, and plans are underway to excavate the site and discover her secrets. Surely, it certainly has very little to do with The Seref, a passenger and cargo ferry that's recently washed ashore in Cenril. The hole in her hull might be explained by a summer squall, or a miscalculation coming into port, but it wouldn't explain why her bilge has been practically torn away...

Chapter One: Raising The Selene's Fortune

Summary: Crisien and her adventuring clan set out to raise a ship, the Selene's Fortune, they've discovered sunken long ago in the waters off Cenril. Once they locate the site, they return to the Cenrilian harbor and make preparations to raise the ship from the depths. A selkie named Moire overhears the intention to raise the ship and warns the humans against such an act, informing them the consequences for their city will be dire. On the day Crisien sets out to reverse-jettison the Selene's Fortune, they find another ship, the Nautilus, has made similar preparations, intending to claim the wreckage as their own. Together, they race to the site, each attempting to be the first to reach it so they can officially file a claim with the Port Authority. Crisien manages to edge out the Nautilus and begins the process of raising it from the deep while a storm begins to rage. The seaborn end up taking many lives, but they lose that which they have sought to protect for centuries now -- the Selene's Fortune, and everything she holds.

  1. Adventure Prone
  2. Sail
  3. A Warning
  4. To Race and Raise
  5. Treasure Hunting Compass

Chapter Two: Babes, Boats and Booty (The Treasure Kind of Booty)

Summary: Sargaso, Hudson and Ansel make for an intrepid trio as they explore The Selene's Fortune in search of some fabled booty they might pawn (someone has to pay the rent for that tiny shack they call home!). Although sometimes distracted by booze - and babes - their quest is a noble one, as they intend to buy a "mermaid siren" which would warn fishermen and land-dwellers alike of any nearby mermaids who might be prowling for some manflesh...

  1. Worst Party Ever
  2. Booze and Babes -- A Plan Is Hatched
  3. Serenity Now!
  4. Oh-oh, Here She Comes (She's A Maneater)

Chapter Three: The Sirens Sing Revenge

Ongoing: Zirael, a mermaid, has convinced Krystan to work for her and help her plot the downfall of the Cenrili people. She intends to drown the city and wipe them all out, but just how is the question. For now, she has set Krystan to work and promised him that many will die at their hands.

  1. A Promise of Blood
  2. Said the Spider to the Fly
  3. To Catch a Rogue
  4. To Punch an Ice Genasi
  5. My Soul For a Queen
  6. Cursed to Walk the Lands
  7. To Free A Kraken
  8. Harpoon
  9. Sushi
  10. You Can't Swim With Us!
  11. Hook,Line, and Sink It!
  12. Before the Storm
  13. Pound The Alarm
  14. What All This Noise Has Woken
  15. Priceless
  16. Snatch

NPCs & Ships


  • Morrigan, Captain of the Nautilus
  • Smitty, an old smuggler
  • Lorca, a fisherman (dead)


  • The Seref - shipwrecked ferry on Cenril's port
  • The Nautilus - seaborn poaching freighter
  • The Virago - a sunken ship off the Rynvalian coves
  • The Selene's Fortune - haunted shipwreck; was at the bottom of the sea, now raised and moored off the Rynvalian coast; holy to the seaborn and crucial in what has sparked their anger

Quest Information

The Quest is now live! Completion of the quest will result in many rewards. Speak to Zirael for some IC clues to get you started or look at these two helpful hints below.

  • Per the last Hollow update, you can now speak to NPCs as well as give them things. This information might prove vital to your success in the quest.
  • The quest begins in the wreckage of the Seraph.

Admin disclaimer: Do not share information about this Quest; if you are discovered as having found out information from another player about any of the steps, you both may be stripped of any items gained during the Quest. You may complete the Quest using one character only. Do not complete the Quest again with your alt, as there is a limited number of prizes and this is unfair to other players.