War Games:Larket vs Cenril 2023

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Tensions between Larket and Cenril have finally reached a boil. The bells have tolled and the time for war has arrived.

Winning Team: Cenril

Final Scores

Cenril VS Larket
28 -- 23


The relationship between Cenril and Larket has been teetering on a delicate precipice for some time now, marred by a series of unsettling events. It began with what some view as horrific, others justified, witch hunts that culminated in Larket's burning of Valrae at the stake. This act left a deep scar on the collective memory of Cenril. The tensions escalated further when former Mayor Uma Abelin was connected to Valrae's unexpected return to life, casting shadows of suspicion and distrust for many Larketians. Matters took a darker turn when Valrae was elected as Mayor, further straining the already fragile relations.

However, it was during a world leaders summit that the realm was rocked by a shocking revelation—an alliance between Larket and Vailkrin was unveiled, sending shockwaves of unease across Lithrydel. Accusations regarding the mysterious vanishing of Mayor Valrae, last reported near the border, only fueled the fires of suspicion at the second gathering of world leaders. The breaking point arrived when Cenril's Captain of the Guard, Jaxson Ravencroft, was discovered within Larket's borders, launching either a frantic search for the missing Mayor or an unprovoked act of war. This is the final tipping point that plunges Cenril and Larket into an all-out war with consequences that remain uncertain.

  1. Zero Sum(mit)
  2. Exposition
  3. A clue! A clue!
  4. Kingdom of Enchantment World Leader Gathering
  5. Storm Warning

Part One - Equaius

With Acting Mayor Hector Cyprian at the helm of Cenril and the efforts of those closest to the Mayor and those in the shadows coming to fruition, Valrae is returned to Cenril. Although official documents from the seaside republic refrain from explicitly pointing fingers at Larket for her mysterious disappearance, the released papers bear heavy implications.

Tensions between Cenril and Vailkrin return to near hostility in light of their seeming alliance with Larket at the World Leader’s summit.

Amidst these developments, Larket successfully defends its stables against sabotage attempts orchestrated by Mahri. In a retaliatory strike, a lone infiltrating mage inflicts fatal food poisoning on several members of the Cenrili guard. Additionally, Larket manages to secure valuable information concerning upcoming battle strategies.

  1. Presage
  2. Waking
  3. Unbidden
  4. Gates Closed
  5. Snake In the Grass

Part Two - Veilora

A hired agent of Cenril manages to infiltrate Larket and successfully sets a trap that later allows victory at the bridge between Larket and Kelay, securing Cenril’s first victories and dealing an impressive blow to Larket.

A small group of Cenrili and Cenril supporters manage to take the water supply to Larket hostage, as well as polluting it to further weaken the kingdom.

There is a small commotion at the gates of Cenril and a small, seemingly harmless turtle manages to steal away part of the secrets that make the gates secure.

Cenrili hired mercenaries, led by Mathollak, manage to break into Larkets labor camp and free the prisoners and witches there despite Rava’s best efforts, earning another victory and further strengthening his leg of the Cenril army.

Ina manages to sneak into the sewer system of Cenril and cause both property and morale damage.

Mahri thwarts Lita’s attempt at releasing Larketian prisoners of war from Cenril’s prisons.

Meri leads an impressive and successful defense of Cenril’s shores, sending the Larket’s navy and its general to a watery grave.

Cresente and Khitti battle in the streets of Larket, with Cresente successfully defending the city and securing another win for the Hard City.

  1. Cats Got Your Tongue
  2. Friendly Fire
  3. Girls Night Out
  4. Lady Luck and Lady Luv
  5. The Enemy of My Enemy
  6. Shift Work
  7. Love and War
  8. Blood In the Water
  9. Urban Warfare

Part Three - Selevann

After the events within Cenril’s sewers, the successfully laid sabotage by Ina comes to fruition. Larket manages to land a blow to Cenril’s sewers and morale. Reports of alligators terrorizing Cenrilians within the city’s sewer begin to circulate.

With Cenril’s earlier winning streak collecting dust amidst a surge in Larket’s repeat victories, morale sinks further. Larket releases a paper touting their wins and mocking Cenril’s losses.

Mathollak leads his band of mercenaries to a battle on open land between Cenril and Larket. Rava’s quick defense and impressive military command win the day and while Mathollak is taken as a prisoner of war, Larket shows no mercy and slaughters all who remain.

  1. IBS
  2. Take One Prisoner

The End - Mouringfrost

  1. All Roads Lead To Sage
  2. The Siege of Larket

Skirmish Bracket

Name VS Name Date Judges Victor Points Earned
Valrae VS Macon December 2, 2023 Meri, Karasu, Kasyr Valrae Cenril + 5
Mathollak VS Rava November 18, 2023 Daisy, Rumiko, Orikahn Rava Larket +5
Jaxson VS Ina November 10, 2023 Daisy, Mesdoram, Rumiko Ina Larket +5
Meri VS Mesdoram October 22, 2023 Rumiko, Daisy, Iintahquohae Meri Cenril + 5
Khitti VS Cresente October 31, 2023 Rumiko, Daisy, Mesdoram Cresente Larket + 5
Lefty VS Joan October 7, 2023 Daisy, Clovelia, Jorix Lefty Cenril + 5
Mahri VS Lita October 19, 2023 Miya, Meri, Kasyr Mahri Cenril + 5

Gambit Games

Name VS Name Date Victor Points Earned
Mahri VS Greg September 29, 2023 Greg Larket + 2
Hawkwood VS Kaaname September 30, 2023 Kaaname Larket + 2
Lefty VS Joan October 7, 2023 Lefty Cenril + 2
Meri, Valrae, Khitti VS Crescente, Lita October 8, 2023 Meri, Valrae, Khitti Cenril + 2
Daisy VS Arlyeon October 10, 2023 Tie Cenril & Larket + 2
Mathollak VS Quintessa October 11, 2023 Mathollak Cenril + 2
Jaxson VS Arlyeon October 11, 2023 Arlyeon Larket + 2

NPCs for Use in Larket

NPCs for Use in Cenril


  1. Arlyeon
  2. Cresente
  3. Lefty
  4. Macon Eliminated
  5. Mahri
  6. Mathollak Eliminated
  7. Meri
  8. Mesdoram Eliminated
  9. Jaxson Eliminated
  10. Joan Eliminated
  11. Khitti Eliminated
  12. Lita Eliminated
  13. Quintessa
  14. Valrae

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Skirmish Duels:

  • Completion Prize: 10,000 gold if you complete your duel, regardless of if you win or lose.
  • Victor Prize: An additional 100,000 gold for winning and a +15 custom.

Gambit Games:

  • Completion Prize: 5,000 gold gold if you complete a gambit, regardless of if you win or lose.
  • Victor Prize: An additional 5,000 gold for winning.
  • Bonus Prize: The first person to complete 5 gambits, win or lose, will be rewarded a +15 custom.