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Rumiko Zara Y'deth'rae Race: Nymph Class: Dark Druid Height: 5’1” Weight: 113lbs Hair: Crimson Eyes: Verdant Skin: Pale Marital: Married to Diiroehn

‘Well you think that you know what I am but you don't. 'Cause I say what you can't and I do what you won't. I like it loud, wear it proud, like a crown upon my head. I'll always be this way 'till the day that I'm dead…’

  • Noticables*

Wears a black and crimson ring around her left ring finger. Always Regardless of the type of clothing she is wearing, there is always a visible Death's Head insignia, usually over her left breast. A silver chain with a small, silver skull pendant- often carressed when in deep thought.