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Appearance. Hudson "Huds" "Mr. Buzzed Foamstache" Landon is about 6’, in his late 20s, and resembles the picture to the right. On occasion he wears glasses, when he’s been lazy about having the correcting enchantment on his vision renewed.

Bio. His upbringing was upper-middle class and uneventful. An only child, Huds still lives with mummy in Cenril. He never knew his father. Mum - E.L. Landon - is a highly successful romance novelist who became famous for a trilogy of erotic novels about a young woman who fell in love with a wealthy but brooding centaur.

Work. He trained to be a bard, but the reality is he much more fancies himself an alchemist, albeit a very poor one. In certain circles, Huds is known for producing reliably acceptable wine out of water. With this limited skill, Huds tries to make a living taking catering jobs. (Unfortunately, he cannot transmute lead into gold, or do much alchemy that is actually useful.)

Leisure. Huds is partial to putting off his studies in alchemy and having a pint whenever the opportunity presents itself. He has a self-deprecating sense of humor. He loves karaoke. He plays kickball in an adult recreation league (second base, if you must know).