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Name: Ayras Drathir
Race: Vampiric elf
Class: Death Knight
Eyes: Silver irises with black sclera
Hair: Ruby red
Height: 6'2
Weight: 213 lbs
Other appearance notes: Left arm is a complete metal prosthetic. Fond of piercings; two in left eyebrow, seven in left ear, five in right ear, one lip.
Other general notes: Enjoys feline blood. Former Knight-Captain of Frostmaw. Comes and goes like the wind. Has been nicknamed 'Hamlet' by Satoshi. While originally a male, shenanigans occurred while held captive by the dragon, Raiez, and Ayras is now a female. Of late, Ayras has taken to spending her time in Vailkrin, seeking out knowledge on a particular dark deity, and has also become affiliated with the Necromancer's Guild. Currently without her arcane lightning magics. She was gifted a set of adamantite armor and great sword by the vampire Drevyn.

"He is big and scary and will eat the crap out of you. And then drop your dead body next to somebody that is scared of him." Daisy, about Ayras.