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Under new reign, Frostmaw is being led into a new age. While many of the traditions remain the same, much of the land is changing. There will be sturdier homes, buildings of business, monuments, and even a renovation to the old fortress and ruined castle in the west. We're opening the gates of Frostmaw, at long last, to all the people of Hollow.

Current & Planned Renovations

  • Frostmaw Bank - Complete
  • Western and Eastern Gates - In Progress

Frostmaw Bank Progress

  • Location has been selected and ground is being prepared for the start of construction.
  1. Illanuss offers to help with the building and is hired. Satoshi's guard, Tharn, escorts Izzy around town to get her accustomed.
  2. Lumberjack Allanon and his crew arrive in Frostmaw, meet with Queen Satoshi, and prepare to begin their logging task in the Hunting Grounds.
  3. The digging has begun, with the help of Cecil, Baalhu, Zelando, Lucia, and Cerinii.
  4. Izzy joins the digging late, along with Syrus and a band of reanimated skeleton workers.
  5. Stage One of construction continues, with Baalhu and Cerinii aiding workers.
  6. Allanon's logging crew begin their own tasks.
  7. Allanon's crew fell the first tree of the job.
  8. (Chapter Eight is a current WIP)
  9. Allanon's crew hit a few snags with their tools and Frostmaw's frigid climate.
  10. Allanon's work is interrupted by an unexpected visitor.
  11. Satoshi meets and hires the expert digger, Diggson.
  12. Diggson, while surveying the site, attempts to stop a cave-in of one of the vault rooms.