RP:The Hiring of Izzy

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Part of the Arctic Construction Arc


  • Satoshi.
    • Kit-vampire, frost singer.

Chapter One of Arctic Construction

Illanuss walked in shivering with her arms crossed tightly against her chest as if it would provide a barrier to the cold outside. No wonder the young, dingy woman was slightly blue lipped with cold. All she had on was a worn dress and rags, that where once clothes, tied around her arm, legs and feet. Illanuss had been searching for anyone who knew about this job of clearing land, for a building she thinks. The harsh weather drove her to seek shelter and was lucky to happen upon this tavern. It held no fire place, but at least it keep the wind and snow off her. Shuffling over to a corner, she sits down and wraps padded arms around her equally padded knees. Long blond hair and bangs hiding her green eyes, but allowing her to see through. With luck, the tavern owner wouldn't drive her off for sitting here to warm up with out buying anything. She just didn't have the coin to spare, that was why she was hoping to get the job here.

Satoshi sits at the head of a massive table--or rather, a series of tables pulled together to form a single entity-- surrounded by unrolled parchments and a team of Frost Giants, all with heads bent together in discussion. Dragorn, the barkeep, is the only one to notice the slight girl's entrance and, being remarkably kindly beneath his harsh exterior, sends a waitress her way with a steaming bowl of snow-rabbit stew and a hot mug of cider. Visitors half-frozen and in need of shelter are a common sight in his tavern, and he doubts his queen will object to keeping new arrivals from death. As if sensing his thoughts, Satoshi's vulpine ears flick and she glances toward Drargon, even as she continues to speak to the other giants, "The site's been picked. What we need is diggers. I'm not bringing in soldiers for this. They're warriors, not builders." The foxkin's voice is low and tone dulcent, but it carries a certain note that pierces through other conversations, carrying clearly throughout the large room.

Illanuss smelled the food before taking notice that a woman woman was standing before her. She had been listening to what the woman with strange ears and the giants talked of. It seems they where somehow involved with that she was seeking, but the way the woman spoke gave her pause. Illanuss quietly accepts the stew and drink from the waitress, holding first the bowl, then the cup beneath her nose for a sniff. They did not smell of alcohol or drugs, but she still took a tentative sip of both. A child didn't live long on the streets when they where not cautious. Her sight settles on the long table and its inhabitants, hesitating on whether she should interrupt what was obviously a meeting or not.

Satoshi settles back into her chair with a sigh as one of the giants voices an objection, her eyes watching him with a careful patience and a half smirk, as if she's been expecting this. "You'd trust outsiders to build this for us? They're not our own. They can't be relied upon!" and similar remarks come from the frost giant until he's spoken all he can, staring with a wary defiance at the queen. Satoshi merely widens her smirk as she straightens, chin rest on folded hands before she speaks, words chilling, slow, and clipped. "One. I'm an outsider. Yet you rely upon me. Two. Our people aren't builders. They are warriors and hunters. Let the specialists do the task. It will let them see our marvelous city, and open potential trade." The original outspeaker opens his mouth to object further, only to be stopped by a sharp glance from the petite minstrel-queen. "Trade brings change, yes. But change will keep this land from growing stagnant. We need change, as much as we need our traditions. Simple fact, Selketh. Now then," flashing a grin at the rest of the team, Satoshi's voice shifts subtly into a more open tone, "aside from the silver dragon et Rynvale's lumberjack, have we found any others to help us in building our bank?" She looks none too happy by the following silence.

Illanuss :: A few minutes pass and no ill effects befall her, so Illanuss begins drink the warm soup. She only pauses when a chunk of rabbit meat or vegetable falls into her mouth, and only long enough to chew it to a manageable swallowing size. When one of the giants voiced his hard opinion about outsiders, the young woman almost left. Fear of being hunted down and shoot through with an arrow, or worse playing out in her mind. It was only the strange woman's reply that keep her there. Maybe she should take a chance. Gathering what bit of nerve remained and holding it close, Illanuss gains her feet. The empty bowl is left behind, but the drink was still in her hands as she walked with trepidation over to the long table. Clearing her throat a little so as it wouldn't crack with fear, she addresses the woman who seemed to be in charge of the meeting. "Um... I couldn't but over hear that you be looking for workers to hire. If you be needing another pair of hands, I can offer mine. They be small, but know hard work and I can run to fetch supplies if needed. I'm very fast." Her eyes had only flickered up once to look the other woman in the eyes before they dropped to stare sightless at the drink in her cup. Rag covered foot scuffing the floor of the tavern.

Satoshi meets the stranger's eyes with an amber-flecked gaze devoid of any emotion save simple curiosity. All conversation had ceased upon the girl's arrival, most likely out of surprise that something so small and apparently meek had spoken up before a table of frost giants. Satoshi breaks the silence after a moment, eyes still locked on Illanuss with an unwavering, calculating stare while she speaks with words soft and musical, almost coaxing. "Did you travel all the way here in such clothing? Tell me, brave one, what's your name?" A fanged smile is flashed after this, the frost singer obviously amused along with intrigued. "I can't properly employ you without knowing that, now can I?"

Illanuss was a little surprised to be called brave let alone asked such a question about her clothes, but was able to hide the slight widening of her eyes behind the grimy length of her hair. No one called her brave. Thief, street rat, and many other more colorful unkind words. They where true, for she had done those things to keep alive, but brave she could not claim to be. Illanuss hesitates, not only to regain a since of her former fortitude, but to pick one of her street names to give. You hear things living in dark alleys. One such thing was that a persons name can be used to control them if another with the knowledge found it out. A quick glance to the side showed her that none of the giants had moved towards her, so she answered, eyes resting once more on her drink. "Yes and I be known as Izzy."

Satoshi leans back into her chair without taking her eyes off Izzy, her expression relatively nonexistent and if anything thoughtful. "So, Izzy, you're interested in helping us build, are you? It'll be hard work. I can't promise your safety. There are many dangers to be had in this. We've much to build in a short time. But if you're strong et determined... there will be gold aplenty for you. Still interested?" The giant standing behind her, obviously a guard and not a planner in all this, raises a brow at the light Satoshi places the job in, wondering at her game.

Illanuss back straightens and her muscles tense, not for attack, but in reaction to the woman's words. "I can look after me self. Have been since I was seven winters old. Many a fermin took the lesson to their grave, and hard work doesn't scare me though unskilled I be. Learn fast too. So yes, I still want the job if you still offering." There was a funny feeling in her gut, one that said there was likely more to the job than what was told, but so long as she didn't have to degrade her body for the gold, then she would do it. Pickings on the street where becoming to scarce, evident to her near malnourished body.

Satoshi allows another of her crooked grins to flash across her features. "Excellent. Determination is what we need~. This here es Tharn," a gloved hand gestures to the giant ever lurking behind her. "He'll get you set up in your quarters, and see to meals. All workers get room and board in the tavern." A pause comes as amber-bespecked eyes survey Izzy's attire. "And Tharn, make sure she's properly outfitted too, hm? Don't need the kitten freezing to death." A short nod is given as response from Tharn as he steps around his queen and toward the girl, offering her a formal bow and gentle smile when he reaches her. "If you'll come with me, young one, we can get you settled." The jangle of coin hitting wood is heard as a small bag skids to a stop before Illanuss, Satoshi's voice following it. "Consider it a small advance. I expect to see you here in four days' time. Adieu~." The threat for taking the money, food, and clothes without working for them goes unspoken, but the gleam in Satoshi's icy eyes is all that's really needed for that. It's obvious this little predator doesn't tolerate theft.

Illanuss took a step back when the large body of Tharn moves near her, but other wise holds her ground. The manners he showed did little to alleviate her fears at such an imposing figure. A nervous swallow and her slightly shaking hand takes hold of the sack before her, clutching it to her chest as if the woman would change her mind. Quite silly really, seeing as if her boss really wanted it back, there wasn't much she could do about it. Their eyes meet for a moment, an unsaid thanks and acknowledgment to the implied threat. Seeing that she was now dismissed into the temporary care of the giant. Her gaze now moves to him in silent wait to be instructed. "I think proper clothes are in order. Come I know just the man to buy from." Then Tharn heads out of the tavern, Illanuss following like a shadow, but staying out of arms reach... just in case.

Satoshi simply watches the pair leave, remaining silently a moment after the tavern door closes before abruptly plunging back into the work of planning with the rest of her team.

Illanuss' and Tharn's Trip

Illanuss found traveling through the snow much easier when one so large was clearing a path with his large steps. Still, there where a few times when the young woman had to literal wade through snow. At one point, Illanuss thought she saw a pile of snow moving out of the corner of her eyes, but when she went to look, nothing was moving. Embarrassment was her price to pay for such distraction, for she soon found herself sunk up to her arm pits in the cold powdery snow. Each time she made an attempt to wiggle free, the snow only packed closer until she could hardly move anything lower than her chest. Not only that, but it was cold! The snow melted through her threadbare bundle of rags by her body heat. Somehow, Tharn knew she was no longer following and turned around.

A smile light up his face, looming high above the half buried teen. Illanuss shot him one of her most angry glares, filled with warning not to laugh. Little did she know that it looked like a bright ray of sunshine compared to others he had received in the past. Tharn tried to hold it in, honestly he did, but when Illanuss sunk down another few inches from her valiant struggles, it burst forth. One thunderous laugh rolling over into another. "It not be funny." She spoke surly with a sullen, almost seen, pout. Her pale cheeks colored a faint rose with mortification. Deciding to let the girl save some face, he reaches down and plucks her out with no more effort than if he was pulling up a weed out of damp earth. "You should be more careful and not stray from my steps. There are crevices hidden beneath the snow one can not see without having grown up here." Haven taken a few steps back, once set upon her own feet, Illanuss brushes as much snow from her garb as possible.

Already her lips where white with cold. Too much longer and they would be turning blue. Tharn, gentle of soul giant that he was known to be on occasion, unclasped his cloak and wrapped it about Illanuss. Its shear size engulfed her. Making her look like a small child wearing their dad's cloak, but oh was it warm! That was truly all that mattered to the teen, but her guilty conscience began to prod at her mind, yet still felt the need to justify her blunder. "I thought I saw something move out there." She pointed roughly where she had seen the movement. "Won't you be cold?" Tharn was still smiling at the sight Illanuss made in the cloak, made for his fifteen-foot plus height. "Not so much as you. I have thicker skin. Plus I grew up here, so I'm used to it." He looked to where she pointed, spotting the white wolf that was moving low to the snow and with the wind. To untrained eyes, it would look like a puff of snow was drifting over the settled snow. It blended in so well. "It is nothing more than a lone scout. Searching for food for its pack. Nothing to worry about young one. It dare not take on me by its self." This only gave Illanuss a small measure of faith. "Lets be on our way. I want to be able to show you the construction site and get back to the tavern before dusk. It gets far colder then and more dangerous too." The rest of the way to the shop was uneventful and spent in quiet.

The first thing Illanuss noticed was the huge statue looking as if it was about to attack. It captured her attention and over to it she went. Seeing it closer, she could tell it was made of stone and the large person seemed to be of the same race as her guide. The icicles and snow upon it made it look all that more impressive. Tharn had followed her over and let the teen take in the artwork for a few minutes before politely clearing his throat and saying, "This way. The man here sales clothes, but you would be best off buying the warmer furs." He leads Illanuss over to the man who takes the teen in, measuring size with only his eyes. Then he turns around and rummages through his wears until a set of fur-lined clothes are gathered. "Here try these." Were his only spoken words while passing them off to the girl. Illanuss just stares at him for a few moments, and then looks around for somewhere to change. He was daffy if he thought she was changing in front of them! Tharn took notice and spoke up. "Maybe for a few extra silver she could change inside your house? She has no other warm clothes." The trader nods, but grimly. Once he was paid for clothes and use of a room, he let Illanuss pass by.

It took her longer than it normally should take anyone simply for the fact that she had never worn anything so nice, even before living on the streets, and hesitated putting it on against her dirty skin. In the end she put the clothes on and made a silent promise to use some of her new acquired coin to buy a bath when they returned to the tavern. Once she came out of the room and out into the cold day, she noticed the chill was hardly noticeable. The clothes fit well also, not to tight and not baggy either. She handed back the giants cloak with a soft thanks, wincing slightly as if it had hurt. In a way it did. Illanuss had always taken care of herself since she was fairly young and to receive kindness that held no hidden strings, well it hurt her pride a bit. "Come. I will show you how to get to the construction site, then take you back to the tavern in time for supper." Tharn then began to lead the way, cloak refastened about his shoulders. This time Illanuss made sure to stay in the snow rut that he made so as not to fall through and get stuck again in the snow.

They walk for quite a way before they reach an area that had marks scored into the ground and bright red ribbons tying off sections. Off to the side of it all was a pile of various tools, most likely there for the workers to use. "Here is where the work is to be done. Starts on Monday and you can come work anytime of day you find works best. Just earn your coins and don't be lazy and you won't have any problems from the queen." Illanuss nods a little, showing her understanding. "Can I take a quick look around?" Tharn shrugged a little, "Sure, just don't mess with any of the marks. Those are for the building plans." Illanuss makes a little sound of agreement and starts to walk about the area. She had helped on a few house builds, but nothing of this scale before, so was surprised to see she recognized many of the marks. It would certainly make things run a bit smoother and would also give her an idea on where to start. Foundation. Always start at the foundation. A bit of knowledge gained from overhearing things on her last house. Another look around and she noticed that there didn't seem to be any blocks of stone or stacks of lumber. Another task which would have to be done right away. Satisfied for the time being, Illanuss went back to Tharn and they headed back to the tavern.

"I'll leave you in Drargon's care now. He will set you up a room and get you your meals each day. Good day young one." The giant left then, leaving Illanuss to the retired warrior. "This way lass. The rooms are through that door there." He points to the only other door besides the one leading outside. "Yours will be the last on the right." Illanuss followed his instructions and pushed the door open. A small room was on the other side, just big enough to fit a human sized cot, small two-door dresser table and a candle lantern. It was wonderful! Better by far than the streets. It was then she promised herself to do the best she could on building that bank for the queen. Maybe if she did a good enough job, she could get more jobs with her or through recommendations. She set her rag bundle off to the side, but keeps the coin bag on her. It was far to precious to leave out of sight where itchy hands might grab it. Entering back into the tavern, she finds a bowl of stew, a chunk of bread, and a cup of drink waiting for her. Not wasting anytime, Illanuss claims the seat before the items and begins to eat hungrily. Only once the last of the soup had been soaked into the last bite of bread, chased down with the last swallow of cider, did the teen pause. A contented sigh sounds from her, followed by a question to Drargon. "Could I get a few buckets of water and a soap for a bath?" "Sure. I'll bring them to your room when your done. Only a silver coin charge for the soap." Happy to finely get a real bath in moons, Illanuss slips off the chair and heads to her room to wait in anticipation.