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Name: Syrus Dracton

Nick Names: Syrus the Silver, Sy Sy, Teacher, Sy, Pappa

Race: Spirit Dragon

Dragon Type: Silver

Class: Necrocarnate Apostle of Peace [though trained in elementary wizardry, telepathy, telekinesis, and illusionary magic]

Occupations: Teach, Magic Item Crafting, Librarian, Artifact Collector [It is known that the dragon will work/take orders on requests related to his jobs/hobbies upon request.]

Religion: Necromancy [However, he shows respect to the greater deities]

Age: Time has felt different since he has died, so he is truly unable to tell anymore.[was one hundred and thirty seven thousand and eleven when died]

Alignment: True Neutral

Marital Status: It is complicated...

Gender: Male

Clan: Apostles of Peace

Position in Clan: Co-Leader [Chief Peace Bringer]

Family (Past Life): The Delavians [killed them all to keep their evil from spreading]

Family (Currently): Has been accepted into the Dracton family by his adopted mother Miya He also has older members of the Delavian family who have changed their ways, Tanya [Niece] , Hikoro [Adopted Daughter] , Damimian [Nephew]

Companions: Moonlight Sky [Friend and Advisor], Charlotte [Friend], Athxess [Undead Creation and Friend]

Places of Interest: Hill of Peace [Place of Death], Odd Office [Private Office] , Library of Rynvale [Place of Work]

Short Bio Syrus has been around Hollow for quite some time. The dragon was cursed with vampirism during the avian war, and did not wake until the time of the Seals Conquest. He was made a slave by the Delavians, and then set free after learning how to use necromancy. Myall from The Temple cured his curse, and showed him there was still good in Hollow. Syrus then returned to the Delavians to kill them... and did. How this was done is a mystery , but he died doing so. Upon returning from the grave, the spirit learned that the world had changed. So with his new view on life, he went out to balance the struggle between 'good' and 'evil'. Finding some of his old companions, as well as his adopted mother Miya, the now necrocarnate joined with Moonlight to form the secret organization known only as The Apostles of Peace.

Class Description: Necrocarnate Apostle of Peace

Necrocarnate A necrocarnate is a necromancer who has gone far beyond simple spells, and now learn to control the very essence of death itself. Followers of this prestige have learned that there are three parts to the ‘dark arts’, negative energy, necrotic energy, and spirit energy. The holy healers of the land use positive energy to heal their comrades, but negative energy is the yang of this ying, and is used to destroy living cells rather than repairing them. Necrotic energy is the equivalent to a living creature’s life force [the bonds that hold the conscious to a form], however it is used for the undead instead. This magical force is strengthened [not healed], by negative energy. The final aspect of this class is the spirit magic. This is the power least known about by those of the necromancer group. The shamans of the south have mastered this craft, and are far stronger at it. However, a necrocarnate is able to harness the power within his or her soul so to control its form and traits. It is said that a master of this skill is even able to remove his or her own spirit from the body, and then enter a form lacking a soul.

Apostle of Peace The Apostle of Peace is a title given to those who have become one with the power of peace. Like the aspects of chaos, these select few are imbued with the power of tranquility, down to their very soul. Giving off a calm and soothing aura at all times, ones who are part of this class are granted some abilities so to combat chaos. Some of the powers are the removal of rage, force that combats that of chaos, and the curing of chaos poison. Little is truly known of their kind for they are quite rare to find in this day and age.

Magical Trinkets Many items have been created by Syrus, but most of them have been stored away or lost. This is good for some of them were quite dangerous, while others were rather…amusing for the time at hand.

The Neccasalmor Madagtija This giant dragon sized tome it the pinnacle of Syrus’ work during his days as a living creature. After several years of studying and practicing the art of necromancy, Syrus compiled a single volume that contained every spell ever uttered by a dark wizard. However, such an item did not come with out a price. Upon binding the several hundred thousand pages together, the book grew a personality of its own! The book holds the wish to absorb and destroy any magical creature placed near it. This intelligent item was the cause of Lowan’s creation and ultimately the death of Syrus the Silver. The current location of the book is unknown, though wizards of higher power say that an item of such power is not very far from its master…

The Amulet of the Trinity This necklace holds a ruby the size of a human fist that is placed in a slab of silver. By the looks of it, one would guess that the gem was cut, polished and then dropped atop a melting bar of silver. The gorgeous pendent hangs from a golden chain that shimmers like the scales of a gold dragon. Indeed it is a sight to behold. This spectacular piece of jewelry was created by both Syrus and Lowan during their quest to destroy the Delavian house from within its numbers. Syrus wanted something that would protect him from the powerful spell casters that he would have to battle to show is worth, and Lowan wanted something that would keep her from being removed from Syrus [thus allowing her to have a better chance of taking over his body and mind]. The two entities worked day and night until the magical item was finished. The concept was simple, create an item that would make spells useless against them. The practical application however, was not at all easy. What the two ended up doing was creating a three foot aura around the bearer that caused any magical spells that passed to be broken down to their rudimentary components. In short, it causes all spells to turn into magical force upon entering. Now this wouldn’t seem that great of an item at first glance because getting stuck with a bolt of lightning and a bolt of magical energy are not at all different when comparing pain, but when a hex is placed upon the wearer it becomes a magical bolt of force. Syrus currently dons this amulet to honor the ones who have died to the evil of the Delavian family.

The Top-Hat of Silence This oddly shaped garment of clothing was brought from the depths of the Neccasalmor Madagtija by the dracolich Lowan. The tall black head ornament was a part of what she called a “suit”, and it kept her from going crazy and killing everyone. It came to be learned that this article of odd clothing was crafted so that the screams from the dead didn’t overwhelm the mind of the creature and drive her crazy. Though there is some debate that she was never quite all there to begin with. The top-hat was enchanted to nullify any mental communication or manipulation. Though this silences telepathic conversations, it does allow the bearer to have “a peaceful moment to think”. Upon Lowan’s death, it was granted to Lady Moonlight, for reasons that not even Syrus knows.

The Sword Mastermune This crimson blade was the greatest item brought about during the reign of Lowan. Created from the fires of Hell, [or so they say], this blade had one purpose, to control everything. Like the tome created by Syrus, Mastermune had a personality, however unlike the book, the sword was animalistic and savage. Anything its vial blade touched became enchanted by the blade. With the object animated, the sword would demand it to attack the warrior. An example of this was when Lowan was demonstrating her finesse with a blade, [or better put killing a Delavian because she could], her attack glanced over the shield of the spell blade and instantly the shield began to bite the arm of the elf. The fight ended with a strike to the chest plate which decided that the space between the back and the front aught to be about an inch apart rather than a good seven. When using it the dracolich had to wear a special ring that killed the wearer by destroying the flesh. This was effective due to her regeneration skill. The blade was disenchanted and rests atop the memorial of Syrus. It is fused with the statue that is part of the granite that holds up the hill. Some think that the sword is lost for ever…some think it is only a spell away from being returned to the world. Only Syrus and Lowan truly know.

The Spork of Truth This odd little item can be found upon the desk of the necromancer within a rather fancy glass box with gold supports. It is said that Syrus won it in a card game against a traveling sorcerer and his group. When questioned about it the dragon replied in a dark and evil sounding voice, “It is the Spork of Truth, it makes you angry.” The origin of this item is unknown.

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