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Nicknames: Izzy

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Gender: Female

Age: 19 years old

Height: 5 foot

Weight: 90 lbs

Body Build: Slender

Hair: Long blond

Markings: A strange birth mark on the bottom of her left foot. A runic scar expanding the whole of her forehead.

Pictures coming soon


I had a decent life as a young child. My parents loved me and my brother even though they had little money. A few weeks after I had turned seven years old, a war band attacked our home town. My brother and I hid in the woods nearby after being separated from our parents. After a few days, we ventured back into the now quiet village. The war party had gone, but they left no one alive in the village. All around was death and debris. Valiantly the two of us searched for our family, but deep down we both knew they where gone. The last visages of our hope was shattered when mother and father where found dead behind our little torn apart house. Father lay over mother as if, even in death, he was protecting the woman he loved. With tears falling down our cheeks, we leave knowing nothing was left there for them.

We came upon a town called Larket and took up a live of urchins. For a few year we struggled more than the rest of the street dwellers, but we always had one another to lean on. Then a plague came upon the city, originating from little rat men called Fermin. The illness took my brothers life and with it, the last of my heart and trust.

Now at the age of 19, I have grown tired of always just scraping by. Just enough not to starve to death. I meet a woman who gives me a bit of food and drink, then a jeweled dagger that would summon her if I was in need. Afterward, I see a note posted in a tavern and travel to Frostmaw to find out more. There I meet a strange woman with fox like ears and many fox like tails. There are also Frost Giants with her and they speak of constructing a bank in their land. Hearing the reason in which I came to this frozen land, I gather the courage to approach the lady and ask if more workers where needed. Our conversation is not long, but in the end I am hired and given an advance so I may buy better clothes than the rags I wear. Then I am dismissed into the services of a Giant known as Tharn. We have a mini adventure of sorts and got me outfitted in new, warmer, cloths. Then he showed me where the work was taking place and escorted me safely back to the tavern.

Since then, I have gained a pet Dwarf Hamster who I found munching on my spare food in my room at the Tavern. It never strays to far. I think it is because I feed him. I ventured back down into Kelay and saw that someone was looking to take on a student of the arcane. I can do some simple things like levitate small objects every now and then, so I know I possess some talent. I will have to wait to meet this person before I know if I can learn more.