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Chapter Three of Arctic Construction

Satoshi stands on the only snow permitted within the bare expanse of earth, her 'stage' of ice neatly occupying the side of the area directly across from the entrance pathway. The little bard watches the comings and goings of her mismatched workers, waiting for just the right moment. A moment that's growing nearer, as the traffic departing the construction site begins to dwindle, many quickly finding places to sit on ground, workbenches, and other makeshift seats alike. It's obvious something's about to happen as soon as all are settled.

Zelando had been, for some time now, admiring this plot of land with hollow eyesockets and a grin that could only be described as gruesome when paired up with his moldering features. In his hands were pen and parchment with which he had been occassionally jotting down personal little notes to himself to be organized and dealt with when he found the time proper. He seemed to disregard all others in the general vicenty as he circled the ribboned off perimeter, only stepping around others in his path out of sheer politeness. As it was, his mind was in business mode even if none here actually had any business with him as of yet...

Baalhu trundles up the path carrying a sizable leather sack thrown across her back. On her shoulder sat a wide eyed bluebird, its small feet propelling it back and fourth along her shoulder as she moved along. Eventually the figures of unfamiliar faces came into her view and quickly she attached herself to them like the urchin magnet she was. At the back of the crowd she idly adjusted the sack and ropes clinging to her neck.

Lucia :: High overhead, aloft in the bitter mountain air, soars the Cyrillian Flagship 'The Lady Dalmassies'. A gift, on loan from the Republic of the felines, the enormous airship floats placidly within a bubble of carefully controlled air. The captain, a rather tall-ish man with a patch over his eye and a penchant for dressing sharply, quietly made his way back to the door of his quarters and knocked upon it gingerly. "Knight General! We've reached your destination. What would you have us do now?" On the other side of the door, Lucia was busily buttoning up her plate-armored dress... and had to stop mid-button in order to formulate a reply. "Hold us in position over the village, Captain DeCroisse. I do not wish to cause a scene by landing just yet. It could be perceived as a threatening action. I will be out in a moment to assemble a landing party. We will take one of the smaller boats down to the surface. Would you be so kind as to arrange for their pilots while I get ready?" At this request, Dendrielle found himself nodding to the door. He wasn't entirely sure why he nodded at all, actually. "Aye, m'lady... that can be arranged. Anything for an ally of the Republic." Turning away, Captain DeCroisse looked over the upper deck with a frown. Who to select to pilot the Longboats... who indeed. "Finnielle, Rhendalle! You two will be taking the Lady Dameteise and her knights to the surface. Prep the boats to go ashore and grab a couple bottles of Tonic. Don't want your magic running out mid-flight! Madealle, Marielle... take their places until they return! We hold this position, and wait for further word."

Cerinii had been awake for a few hours, reading over some notes and such. She glanced up to Lucia, pointed ears perking with the noise of the ship. "You know they will assume this is an attack, nein matter what way you land. The Frost Giants are of that disposition." She grinned faintly, rubbing the back of her neck. "Ah, as the Herald, I'd better go down first.. Y'know. Make sure they know it isn't some attack." With that, she nodded to Lucia, opening the door and closing it behind her - should Lucia wish for some privacy or some such. She nodded politely to a few members of the crew, before jogging down half the length of the boat. She then broke out into a sprint, pushing off on her metallic leg and over the edge of the boat. She fell through the air, before snapping out her wings and banking hard to the left. She continued to bank left, forming a circle of constant descent. She landed with a 'thunk', in a crouching position no less. "Snow Maiden.. The ships above are nein threat, merely ein helping hand. You needn't worry." She smiled warmly, before rising to her feet.

Satoshi tries not to appear startled by the ship and Cerinii's subsequent appearance, something that's easily managed as she turns sharply on a heel and looks upward with a hurried, arcane call--not truly a shout, but still a sound that carries far into the air to reluctant ears. It's a near thing that prevents the airship being knocked from the skies as that call results in an abrupt change of course from the dragon plunging toward it out of the clouds above. Cryothain roars in fury at being called off her defensive attack, her serpentine tail whipping dangerously close to the strange ship's hull as she continues to drop toward the ground, landing behind the snowy stage and Satoshi with an earth-shaking thud. Wings flaring indignantly, the dragon settles, one reptilian eye fixed on the ship as Satoshi clears her throat and seemingly plays it all off as preplanned, with a wink for Cerinii. At least dropping a dragon in front of the crowd works well for silencing any further chatter. Pause for dramatics~.

Zelando nary noticed the airships above whatsoever as he continued circling the perimeter of the landlot, his meticulous admiration of the general area waning very little if at all as his hand deftly scribbled down notes regarding the location, size, and even smell in a few instances. Were it not for the fact that his eyeholes did not have eyeballs, Zelando's eyes would have been seen frantaclly scanning the area within the ribboned off territory, making note of the floorplans etched into the everlasting ice therein. Thoughts on the layout of this future establishment was also written down on his parchment as he continued his personal surveying of the land

Lucia :: The Lady Dalmassies and her protective pocket of air only shook ever-so-slightly for the efforts of the dragon... but the shadow of the saurian creature was so massive that it cast the entirety of the ship in darkness for the entire split-second that it was visible from above the clouds. This was what had brought Lucia's attention up from her papers... and was perhaps what hurried along her intent to depart from the vessel. Once again on-deck, the Knight General called out the names of the knights who would be accompanying her, directed them to one of the two designated Longboats, and gave the order to disembark.

Cecilnezuto , having made it to the jobsite, he spotted Satoshi and would nod, removing his cloak, he'd flex and grab some equipment. He was ready to work. As he went to aid the others in their endeavor, grinning at the dragon's impact on the crowd.

Baalhu heralded the arrival of the haughty, arrogant ship with barley a glance upwards. Baalhu held no concern for the wasted metals floating seamlessly above the future bank site. The Ancients did no believe in frivolous displays which could only come from the secret pit of vanity held in most. Her attention had been paid in full on the descending Bird she'd met earlier. So much interest was there that Baalhu pushed forward between several milling workers to gain better access to the larger bird's face. Ihkahrii gave an alarming cry in her ear but she heeded it not. Snuggling against her neck the bluebird fell silent for the time being. To Cerinii she gave no formal greeting save for the stare directed toward her wings. Alternately umber eyes widened to where Satoshi stood.

Cerinii smiled softly to Baalhu, "Good day, young Frau." She gave her a nod, before turning to Satoshi. She bent at the waist, wings flaring in a respectful display before the wink was returned. She dusted off her waistcoat before moving closer to Satoshi, "I have an idea, for your plan!" She grinned widely, "See, I had not considered it before, but now it makes sense." She tapped her head with a metallic digit.

Satoshi flashes Cerinii a delighted grin, and Baalhu one of curiosity if for nothing more than her unusual choice of clothing for northern climes, before clearing her throat and stepping forward. "Just a moment, Ceri-dove~," the Frost Singer explains as her amber-flecked gaze turns toward the gathered people, words delaying just long enough for Lucia and her knights to descend. "Ladies, Gentlemen, Bird-Folk, and..." a raised brow look goes to the scribbling Zelando before she continues, "Ambling Corpses~! I thank you all for coming out here today as we take our first step into revitalizing Frostmaw. Of course, your help will be rewarded. Workers, don't forget to sign in with the foreman. That'll ensure proper pay, along with the free room and board Drargon is offering at the tavern for all helpers~. He'll also assign you to your tasks each day. And thus... I'm not one for elaborate words, so I'll get straight to the point: let's dig out the vaults and lay the foundation!" A clattering as shovels and pick-axes are hurriedly gathered follows, many of the workers eager to begin the task of excavation into the permafrost.

Cecilnezuto moved over to where Satoshi and another were in conversation and bowed politely, "Hullo Satoshi, and Milady, I don't mean to interrupt ye, but may I ask where the best location for myself to start would be? Or perchance there be some plans I may assist in?" He'd then rise and look at both of them, his crimson orbs shining as he both waited for a response and pondered over various plans. Still holding the equipment in hand, he was ready for anything that was to be decided upon, stretching his wings out, his white one glistening from the frosty sun of high in Frostmaw's sky. He was preparing body and mind better for this project he'd signed up for and wondered at what all lay buried beneath the everfrost.

Satoshi said to Cecilnezuto, "Hullo to you too, White-wing." The foxkin grins slightly with a nod. "That big patch of earth over there needs to be dug up. We've much to move today if we wish to see below ground soon~."

Lucia gestured the knights who had descended in the second Longboat towards the shovel-wielding workmen. Her own plated boots carry her towards Satoshi, the woman whom it could only be presumed was in charge. Offering a polite bow of her head, the Knight General waited somewhere behind Cerinii... content to be addressed when it was most convenient.

Baalhu found a few other people clapping at the words of Satoshi. Mirroring the other people she too began clapping slowly and softly as if unsure as to why.

Cerinii 's pointed ears perked, as Satoshi addressed her and then the man. She hung her head, as they spoke. She glanced over her soulder, spotting Lucia. She looked away quickly, maybe too quickly. She gestured behind her, "Snow Maiden, this is Lucia." She then gestured to Satoshi, "This is the Snow Maiden, as I'm sure you know, Lucia.." She paused, looking to Satoshi. "I think you'll really like this idea." She grinned wryly. But Cerinii was sure Satoshi liked all of her ideas. Seeing as she had made that wonderful ring for her, what could Satoshi hate that Cerinii had made?

Satoshi's attention is quickly becoming divided by the various people requiring something of her, from words to a new worker, to a signature on paperwork, to Cerinii introducing the strange new arrival. The former two are dealt with swiftly as the vulpine glances over Lucia, brows raised curiously. "You make an interesting entrance, y'know. Frosty doesn't take kindly to other big beasties occupying her airspace." A nod toward the dragon, still sulkily watching the airship, follows as Satoshi continues, "Anyway. It es a pleasure, Lucia. What brings you here? Et does it have to do with my Herald's plans~?" Cerinii gets herself another wink, the little foxkin a-quiver with curiosity at her newest creation.

Satoshi's ears flicker at the sounds of overseers calling directions to digging crews, and the steady clink of metal against frozen earth. Dig, dig~.

Lucia chuckled lightly and shook her head, offering Satoshi yet another polite bow before speaking. "Truth-be-told... I have come here seeking aid. Whatever aid I can find. When I saw the posted notice indicating that Frostmaw required workers... I was compelled to offer whatever assistance my Knights and I can offer in the way of labor, in hope that the gesture might be returned when the work is done. Cenril is in a bad way... the bridge is still ruined... the Guard is still decimated... and now, thanks to the Council ruling over the city, Mercenaries have the run of the place... taking whatever they want from whoever they want. It is ugly... and I only have enough hands to deal with two problems at a time." Stepping back, the knight smiled politely and motioned towards the men she had assigned to help. "There is, of course, no obligation. My aid here is pledged whether you can help me in return or not. But I am compelled to get word of Cenril's plight out to whatever ears might both hear and listen."

Zelando had, at some point, simply invited himself onto the grounds where the construction was being down, taking great care to avoid the digspots so as not to sully his good clothes as he traversed the terrain. After a bit of dodging clods of frozen earth, he'd eventually have placed himself behind the curator of this entire even, gracing her shoulder with a light tap and a ginger "excuse me, ma'am." From there, Zelando would simply wait until Satoshi had the time to give him the attention that he was currently requesting of her.

Cerinii frowned at the mention of Cenril Bridge, glancing down at her boot. After all, she had a hand in its destruction. It was only destroyed in an attempt to kill her, after all. She murmured quietly, "I'll also be helping in the repairs.." She would then fall silent, allowing Satoshi to chat and wait until she was free.

Satoshi listens to Lucia's words closely, careful not to miss anything over the noise of energetic workers. Nodding, the foxkin rocks back on her heels, thoughtful a moment. "It'll have to discussed properly in privacy later, but I don't see why we can't offer some assistance." The simultaneous tap at her shoulder and trumpet of a mammoth--one from Allanon's logging team, bearing a load of newly downed trees--makes the Frost Singer jump, uttering an undignified squeak of alarm as she turns to face the nearest source: Zelando. "Erm. Oui. Yes. What? What is it?" Once her initial surprise settles, she can't help staring a bit more closely at the zombie, most especially his pristine clothing. Something at the back of her mind awakens, vague memories of rumors trying to connect the stranger with her unanswered board post weeks ago.

Cecilnezuto smiles softly and nods. He would head to the patch she had indicated. He then proceeded to dig, huge clumps of dirt flying rapidly as he started, trying to meet the deadline and get as much done as he could.

Baalhu watched as Zelando made his presence known with a tap on the shoulder. Baalhu could surely do that without too much fanfare, right? Breaking free from the idle bystanders to the ground breaking she approached the backside of Zelando and stood behind him.

Zelando graced the cat with as charming a smile as his decomposed face would allow, though he only managed to look altogether fearsome in his rotted visage. Despite this, he spoke with a tone of voice expected of one with quite the charming upbringing. "It is my understanding that it was you whom left word at your inn for me. Allow me to promptly apologize in my delay as I have been very busy making various arrangments to ensure that my interests elsewhere are firmly established." It was at this point that he reached into his coat pocket and produced what at first appeared to be a playing card. But as he handed it to Satoshi, it became apparent that it was something else. This card held an artistic rendition of Zelando's face and shoulders with text next to it that read 'Zelando Alexios Townsend, Accountant, entrapeneur, and colator.' After only a moment's pause, he spoke again. "As I am sure that you are busy I will cut right to the chase in saying that I am quite interested in running your bank."

Lucia :: Knight Initiate Brodham, Knight Specialist Tersewood, and Knight Captain Ahmemusil the Rockeater dug hastily. Brodham and Tersewood were, all by themselves, big... burly soldiers... but compared to them, Captain Rockeater was a beast. Half-ogre though he was, nothing about the massive knight's demeanor or motions were half-witted. In fact, he barked out orders and derided any worker who lagged behind almost as clearly and vehemently as any one of the Overseers. To make matters all the worse, he dug with his bare hands... ripping massive chuncks of dirt out of the ground and lumbering over to make a nice deep pile. The ice did not slow him. The cold did not slow him. His plot of the land could not have been dug more efficiently, even if one tried to replace him with a dwarven machine. It was truly quite a sight to see... and Lucia rather shockedly watched it, her jaw slightly agape. "Uh... um... aye. A moment or two in private, later, would... would be... would... erm... be wonderful. Thank you."

Cecilnezuto as he continued his digging, he was thankful for having his dragon blood with his elven, since it gave him the strength needed to dig at such a rapid pace for long periods of time. Whenever he encountered any buried items, he merely would toss them aside in a pile, there was always time to search through them later. He was starting to make progress, he was a little around shoulder deep in the dirt. He was determined to finish what he could today, rhe chill air biting his body, but giving him reprieve from overheating.

Satoshi notices she seems to be forming a line of people with Baalhu's addition behind Zelando. But first things first, lest the fox become overwhelmed and lose her cool. Lucia's given an appreciative nod, namely for the digging-behemoth of a knight she's brought along. "We can speak later at the tavern. Free room and board for you and yours, should you need it." Now, back to the smiling corpse addressing her so politely. Accepting the card gingerly, Satoshi inspects it with an altogether intrigued air. "You're good with numbers, hm? I'd heard as much, along with no complaints about manners. But how good are you at getting employees to do their work swiftly et properly? I want to see that, then we can discuss bank management." Did Satoshi just give Zelando a probationary role as an overseer? The gleam in her eye as she glances toward an idle worker suggests as much. And last but not least, Baalhu and her little bluebird are met with that amber-bespecked blue gaze. "What can I help you with? Not freezing to death, I hope? We've cider, stew, and cloaks for that."

Zelando offered a glance over his shoulder in the direction that satoshi graced with her own eyes. He then returned his face to Satoshi and with a shrug, spoke once again. "Ah, I tend to find that working in a supervisory position with my own kind garners the more prefered result but I do have my own methods for inspiring the unkindled worker." And with that simple statement, Zelando wandered off towards the grouping of wayward workers. He would be seen offering them a bow as he stated his name and passed out business cards. A humble handshake would be offered to them but accepted by few and then Zelando would make a following statement that he augmented by gnashing his teeth to imitate vicious bitings. Whatever he had told them inspired fear enough to force the men back into heavy labor. He would stand there for a while more, arms crossed and frowning at the no longer lazy men.

Baalhu waits with utmost patience as Satoshi speaks with the other people gathered. Baalhu certainly had no rights here with what she presumed was the queen and her entourage of willing bodies. In the time it took the woman to speak with her she browsed the diggers hauling up the earth with their shovels. "I am not for that little Ihkahrii." As her turn finally came she switched her attention from the laborers and into the face of the stranger. "No thank you to the offer. I am not cold unless you ask me to be cold." Unfamiliar with proper protocol she lifted Ihkahrii from her shoulder and set it before the face of the snow queen, beak touching beak momentarily. "We are here to help you make a structure." Placing the bluebird back on her shoulder she looked to Satoshi for further instruction.

Cecilnezuto stood as he heard someone approach him, hot cider in hand. It was another of many workers, "Good sir, we noticed you hard at work and thought to give you something to help quench your thirst and keep the chill from your bones." The worker offered out the cider and Cecil accepted it curteously. "Aye, I thank thee kindly. 'Tis hard work, but there is much to be done, so I will keep at it. Rest can always be achieved when the days work is done." He would smile at the worker and drink the cider, feeling it warm him nicely and invigorate him a bit. He wondered as he watched one digging bare-handed, if something was added to the cider to lend them strength for the job at hand. Grinning, he would drink his cider and watch the bare-handed one make increasing progress before ruturning to the job at hand himself, setting down tne empty mug and tearung at the earth with renewed vigor

Cerinii 's feathers rustled in the cold breeze, causing her to turn and approach the guardsmen. She would whisper something quietly in their ears, which received a nod in the affirmative. Her wings shuddered, as she approached Satoshi once more. Standing silently and watching the others.

Satoshi blinks at the bird held before her face. She's not entirely sure what to make of this woman and her feathered companion. Even the suited zombie with charming manners seems normal by comparison. But Satoshi quells her questions expertly, remaining in her role as queen for the time being. "Are you now? What skills do you have to offer? I assume it isn't digging, or you'd be up to your waist in earth now, am I right~? Perhaps you're one of the mages here to enchant and foritify the lands with magic~?"

Baalhu uses her thumb to rub the red breast of her bluebird ally as Satoshi continued on. Baalhu shook her head at both questions from the queen, "I can pick up rocks," was the eventual offer. Baalhu had no magic or strength for digging and fortifying. She did have hands and the stubbornness to help even if there wasn't a place for her. "Ihkahrii can eat the insects and get them away."

Cerinii raised her hand, "Ahh, why don't you keep me company hm? Provide the workers with warm cider und cloaks if they need." She smiled warmly to Baalhu, trying to give her something to do.

Satoshi points at Cerinii as she replies to Baalhu and her Bluebird. "The Herald's got just the job for you~."

Baalhu gives the two women equally broad grins and trades her stance before Satoshi to wait at Cerinii's side. "I can do that. Go to each worker and give them drink?" The bird on her shoulder arranged itself further against her neck. "Do we have a small cloak for a small bird?"

Zelando eventually would wander away from the workers to whom he had instilled a deep fear of being eaten in, making his way back towards Satoshi. Every so often though, he'd still stop to take notes here and there. This greatly delayed what would have otherwise been a rather short walk back to the queen...

Cerinii smiled, "Offer each worker one, some may not want some." She chuckled, "Complete your task in good time und you can stroke mein wing, if you wish." She paused, eyeing the small bird. "Err.." She rooted through her satchel, taking a clean napkin out. She poked a hole through the fabric with her thumb, before offering it to Baalhu. "This should do."

Satoshi watches Zelando's drawn out approach and deems she has enough time to talk to Cerinii about her idea. By means of prodding the avian's shoulder repeatedly, almost like an eager child. "What did you have in mind, hm~?"

Baalhu took the offered napkin with a gasp of excitement. Ihkahrii lifted his beady eyes from against warm flesh and hopped toward the end of her shoulder with a lovely call from deep within his throat. Carefully she fit the hole over his neck and smoothed it over his body. "Thank you large Bird." Scooping up a tray of cider and throwing a bundle of cloaks over her shoulder she moved on with the program. Halting by the side of Lucia she cleared her throat as not to cause surprise, "Would you like to drink some cider and wear a cloak?"

Cerinii did not feel the prodding in her shoulder, until her eyes fell upon the finger and registered feeling. She grinned widely, "Ahh, as for mein idea." She gestured to Zelando, "Well, if you have ein corpse working in your bank I doubt he will have the physical strength of your Frost Giants." She paused, "I also cannot picture your giants working in the bank, they are warriors not menial workers." She smiled, "So! I suggest, we make ein.. cart of sorts, with elerium. Making it as light as ein feather, to carry heavy loads of gold with the greatest of ease." She paused, asking more quietly, "What do you think?" She looked to Baalhu, grinning with approval.

Satoshi's eyes light up at the idea, or quite possibly the unspoken ideas of the additional fun such weightless, floating carts could be. Either way, the queen's nodding eagerly. "Yes~. I like it. Splendid~!" A huff from Cryothain catches Satoshi's attention then, the dragon sitting upright and staring toward the fortresses, with the occasional pointed glance going to the foxkin. "Erm. I do believe I'm being called away." Moving toward the waiting dragon, Satoshi pauses long enough by Zelando to hopefully quickly tend to whatever he has to say.

Cecilnezuto tears at the earth, the dirt piling faster than the workers can cart it away. He glanced at the pile of items stacking and wondered what treasures may lie in wait in the pile. Chuckling, he shook his head and kept digging, finding humor in the dragon-blood that flowed in his veins fueling the desire for "shiny treasure" and genearl like of artifacts. he paused at that moment as a large section of dirt fell into a fairly decent sized hole and pondered it for a moment before sending a worker to inform Satoshi of the find. As the worker ran up to her, he would stay bowed, "Lady Satoshi, Sir Cecil has found something of interest and requests your orders as to what he should do about it. He wonders if that particluar area should be sealed off until such time it can be fully examined." The worker would await her orders patiently, knowing her to be very busy

Zelando cleared his throat upon finally reaching the queen, offering her a curt nod of the head. "My apologies for the delay there but I found it pertinant to familiarize myself with the potential lay out of this place. As for your lacadaisical workers, I found that threats of consumption go a long way to inspire." He followed this up with a half-smile before pocketing the now rolled up parchment for later analyzation. "As it stands though, I would much prefer a staff of undead if a deal between us is made. I have more useful methods than fear for keeping my own kind under my sway."

Satoshi nods at Zelando's words hastily. "Of course. For now, keep up what you're currently doing. If you can work with the living well, then I'll have all the more reason to meet your request later when we discuss management for you." The runner bringing news gets a likewise swift reply, "Be wary, but don't cease digging. There's bound to be pockets et holes in the ground. Most of it is ice, after all. Anything further, Cerinii es in charge." The avian gets a wink as the leadership role is shifted to her before the foxkin makes her departure.

Cerinii inclined her head to Satoshi, "I'll begin work right away." She winked to the Queen, turning to the workers. "Right you lot. As the Snow Maiden said, we keep digging." She paused, adding, "Unless you require ein break, do you think it's time for ein break?"

Baalhu turns along the path with Ihkahrii fluttering beneath his new cloak. Balancing the cider atop her hands she moves careful to avoid spilling the warm liquid and burning herself in the process. Stopping at the side of Cecil she offers the same words she had before, "Would you like to drink some cider and wear a cloak?"

Merle would walk upon the site. Blining a bit in confusion, "What the-.." she would start to ask quietly. The young looking vampiress would make her way to look around the site, in hopes of not getting in anyone's way. Snow would fall on the vampiress slightl tanned skin, which a abit odd for a vampire to have. Searching around, she woud stop an Avain. "Excuse me..do you need any help?" she had put the pieces together.

Cerinii said to Merle, "Well, we can always do with more diggers. Pick up ein shovel und dig in the specified land."

Merle would nod to the avain and smiled very friendly like. "Alright.." The vampiress would make her way to the shovels, quickly picking one up she began to dig, keeping to herself mostly.

Cerinii watched the work quietly, wandering across the ground and in between the guards. She conversed with them quietly, before approaching Cecil. "Herr.." She said politely, before lowering her voice, "Let's move away from this one, ja? Go on, work on another spot." She smiled reassuringly. She really didn't want him working on that hole there. She smiled to Merle, "There are cloaks und warm cider available to the workers."

Merle said to Cerinii, "It's fine, I'm not cold. To be honest..I'm perfectly temperatured. But thanks."

Cerinii said to Merle, "Sehr gut, means you can work harder eh?" She chuckled, "Ah, also, the Frostmaw Tavern is offering free beds, for the workers."

Merle said to Cerinii, "Yeah" she would laugh at bit with the avian. "That's so nice of them.." she would nod and continue digging at a steady pace. "So, what's your name?"

Cerinii said to Merle, "I am Cerinii. Herald of the Snow Maiden, Senator of the Republic. Heh, mad scientist too. Und you?"

Merle said to Cerinii, "My Name is Merle..It's a pleasure to meet you Cerinii."

Cerinii nodded, "The pleasure is all mine." She glanced about, noting how most workers had decided to give up. The work environment too harsh. She paused, "Ah, you may as well stop here." She smiled, "Frostmaw has ein curfew.. und everyone else seems to have given up." She paused, considering something quietly. She shrugged her shoulder, "Ja, you'd best call it quits for the day. Und so soon! Heh, perhaps tomorrow, eh?"

Merle would nod, stabbing the shovel into the ground. "Sure, it's too bad that they decided to give up." she would nod and stretch a bit, her neck popping. "It was fun for a bit.." The vampiress would laugh a bit.

Cerinii grinned faintly, "If you have nein bed und board, head on over to the Tavern for ein place to stay." She paused, "Otherwise, enjoy your day." {{Region:Frostmaw|RPs}